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Acrylic Nail Fill Cost: How Much is It?

How much are nail fills for acrylic nails? The answer to this question is what everyone wants to know. All the manicurists and customers are looking for the appropriate answer to this question. 

But the answer is not as simple as the question. The acrylic nail fill cost depends on many factors like your location, your nail technician, your nail salon, acrylic nail type, length, type of nail polish, and more. 

Here in this article, we will get to know the cost of acrylic nails depending on these factors. So read till the end to know everything in detail about the acrylic nail fill-in costs and what can be best for your nails.

What is Acrylic Nail Fills?

Acrylic nail fills are a manicure done to fill in the gap caused between your nail bed and your acrylic nail because of your natural nail growth.

The cost of a nail fill is generally more than a new set of acrylic nails. But the good news here is that an acrylic nail fill costs less than getting a new set of acrylic nails for your entire hands. 

So acrylic nail fills are the best option for any emergency situation where you don’t have time to get a completely new set of acrylic nails. They are the best rescue as they offer a perfect quick fix to your nails.

What are the Advantages of Acrylic Nail Fills?

Acrylic nail fills offer several advantages. We have shared some of the acrylic nail fill advantages below:

  • It is super easy and convenient to apply an acrylic fill by yourself or by your nail technicians.
  • Acrylic nail fills last long, so you can wear them for weeks straight.
  • Natural nails keep breaking and chipping. This is not the case with acrylic nails.
  • Your nails get extra strength after acrylic nail fills.

 How Often Do I Need A Nail Fill?

The need for acrylic nail fill-in arises after one to two weeks of their application. When your nails grow beyond your fingertips, then is the right time to fill your acrylic nails.

You might start experiencing problems and damage if you don’t go for timely filling of your acrylic nails. There will be crushing of your natural nail bed, exposing your skin. 

When you go to fill your acrylic nails, only 25% of your acrylic nail gets removed, not the entire nail, as in the case of a new application.

If you want your nails to be perfect and healthy, then the ideal time to fill your acrylic nails is once every two weeks. Everyone has a different speed with which their nail grows, but this rule generally applies to all.

You will have to get your acrylic nails removed if you will wait any longer than this. After removing the acrylics and filing down your nails, a new nail set will be applied.

Here we have shared some reasons telling you why timely filling of your acrylic nails is so important:

  • Acrylic nails are applied to your natural nails and sometimes get quite harsh on them.
  • No matter whatever fake nails you apply, your natural nails will obviously keep growing.
  • The timely filing of your acrylic nails every week will help control this nail growth.

How Much is a Fill-in for Acrylic Nails?

The acrylic fill-in cost is somewhere between the range of $5 to $10. On the other hand, the cost of getting the entire new set of acrylic nails is somewhere between the range of $30 to $35.

So it is very much clear from here that getting a fill-in is way more affordable than getting an entirely new set of acrylic nails.

Does Acrylic fill-in cost more on long nails?

The longer the length of your acrylics, the more time your nail technician will have to spend working on them, so obviously, they will charge an additional amount for the acrylic nail fill.

Until now, you would have understood that the more the length of your acrylics, the more they will be prone to get damaged. As long nails have more chances of facing problems like getting stuck in different places, they are weaker.

So your manicurist will have to spend extra time to bring them back to their original form. The filling cost for longer acrylic nails is around 5 to 10 dollars higher than the usual acrylic nail cost. So be prepared for that.

Does Acrylic fill-in Cost more on specially shaped nails?

Nail shapes like a stiletto, almonds, and coffin need more time to work on them compared to the shapes like round, square and oval. So it is evident that these shapes will require more time to be given to bring them back to those original perfectly shaped nails. Isn’t it?

So in this situation also, you will have to end up paying around 5 to 10 dollars extra for your acrylic nail fill compared to what you would pay for the regular shapes.

Does Acrylic Refill Costs Higher With Additional Repair Work?

This is the case everywhere, not just with acrylics, isn’t it? The more work to be done, the more the service charges will be. Broken acrylic nails will require more time and effort to repair, leading to higher costs.

If a broken acrylic nail has to be repaired or replaced for a small sized and simple shape, the cost will be somewhere around 3 dollars.

With more than one nail, the repair cost will increase, and so on.

Trimming Overgrown Nails Cost Extra for Acrylic Fills

There will be an extra charge of additional 3 dollars for overgrown acrylic nails that need to be cut down or trimmed. 

If your natural nail growth is slow and you are a regular salon customer, your nail technician might do you a favor and do your overgrown acrylic nails for free. But usually, this is an add-on charge to your acrylic fill bill. Be prepared to pay for it.

Special Nail Polish Will Cost More on Acrylic Fills

If the customer is going for regular nail polish, then that cost is already added to the acrylic nail fill bill. But if you are planning to go for a better option, like if you want to have gel nails, then be prepared to pay more.

Gel nail polish offers a better shine and is more long-lasting than regular ones. Hence you might end up paying around 10 to 15 dollars more for them.

Nail Designs or Nail Art Will Add More to the Acrylic Fill Price

As discussed earlier, the more time and effort to be given to any particular service, the more its price will be. It is a basic thumb rule which cannot be ignored. 

So if you were planning to go for a french manicure or those white nail tips, then be prepared to pay extra for them. There might be an extra acrylic nail fill cost of almost 5 dollars.

Also, if you are planning to go for other nail art designs which are more complicated, then you might also have to pay 10 dollars extra for it.

What is the Annual Cost of Acrylic Fills?

As time passes, the cost of acrylic fills will keep increasing. The average price if you go for 30 acrylic fills in a year; then, you will have to spend at least 900 dollars. These 900 dollars will include the travel and service time, sales tax, and tips given to your nail tech.

How to Cut Down on Acrylic Nail Fill-in Cost

If you keep it simple and compromise a little on all the extra you want, you can get an acrylic fill and still save so much money. Let us know how.

  • Go for short acrylic nails.
  • Choose simple shapes
  • Don’t go for expensive nail arts every time. You can have them done once in a while on any special occasion.


Acrylic nail fills are for all women who want beautiful-looking nails and don’t want to go heavy on their pockets. They are also a good option for those women who are really busy and want a quick solution for pretty-looking nails. They don’t want to spend hours in the nail salons with their nail tech for their manicure. 

Nowadays, there are even options available in the market for applying acrylic nails by yourself at home. You can even do the fills yourself at home if you learn the proper procedure. What can be better than this? Isn’t it?

So we hope now, after reading this article, you are well aware of how much each fill will cost to you for your nails as per your nail situations and your personal desires. 

We wish you good luck, and we hope that you will now be able to make the perfect choice for your nails. All the best:)

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