Best Cheap Hair Straighteners Under $50 in your Budget

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We know that styling your hair every day is a really high maintenance concept. But what if I tell you that you can have straight silky hair all days a week, that too at a very affordable price? 

cheap but good flat irons under 50

Yes, you heard it right! It is 2021, and we have taken this issue very seriously. So brace yourself for the Ultimate list of budget friendly hair straighteners suitable for your hair type, ALL UNDER $50. Now you, too, can have the classic straight hair look every day without poking another deeper hole into your wallet.

So now stop searching for “The Perfect Straightener” because this list is going to solve all your problems. Here is an assortment of the best cheap hair straighteners to buy under $50 – suitable for all hair types!!

It’s time to head up ladies, and style your thick, coarse, frizzy, thin, or fine hair without spending an awful amount of money on expensive products and services. 

Best Cheap Hair Straighteners Under $50

1. HSI Professional Glider (Best For All Hair Types):

HSI Professional Glider is one of the best flat iron under $50. This professional-quality hair straightener works wonders on all kinds of hair. From Thick, coarse hair to Fine frizzy hair, HSI has the right temperature setting for everyone. 

With this professional glider, you can straighten your hair, give them beautiful waves or even dense curls effortlessly. The Tourmaline crystal ion plates are designed to give your hair a shiny, silky finish. And the ceramic will make sure the iron stays corrosion-free and lasts longer.

African – American women especially don’t find the suitable iron for salon-style straightening at home. However, HSI Professional Glider has a high-temperature setting that goes up to 450F, flattening thick, coarse hair in less than 20 minutes.

  • Ceramic and tourmaline crystal ion plates
  • Dual Voltage
  • 360 Degree Swivel cord
  • Temperature ranges from 140F to 450F (Making it suitable for all hair type)
  • Long-lasting anti-frizz straightening (works even in humid weathers)
  • Floating plates (Gives a closer treatment and resists pulling hair strands)
  • Includes additional accessories (Argan Oil Treatment Sample, Heat protectant glove, and Portable pouch)
  • Low-quality cord
  • Non Durable
  • High-temperature settings tend to burn fine-thin hair
  • Ceramic plates glide too fast
  • It shuts off automatically when in use

2. Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron (Best For Thick Curly Hair):

Conair’s Infiniti Pro is an excellent choice for women with thick curly hair, which is very tiring to style. It has a unique range of heat-up settings, which starts from 365F and goes up to 455F. This feature will always heat the ceramic plates high enough to straighten unruly thick hair. However, women with fine hair might feel like the iron is too hot and might fry their hair.

The Tourmaline ceramic plates will make your hair look shiny and smooth. You can not just straighten your hair but also add some waves effortlessly. The Infiniti Pro 2-inch plates heat up within 15 seconds and take about 15 minutes to style long-length thick hair while saving a lot of time. 

It is worth the deal to spend money on The Conair Infiniti Pro to get a salon-styled hair look by yourself at home. A go-to hair cheap straightener for ladies with thick hair.

Read our full Conair Infiniti Pro tourmaline ceramic flat iron review

  • Temperature setting from 365F to 455F (Good for thick hair)
  • Two inches wide plates
  • LCD Temperature Display
  • Auto Shut off after 1 hour. (In case you forget to remove the plug)
  • Heats up within 10 – 20 seconds
  • Works on both wet and dry hair
  • Pulls and Breaks Hair
  • No grip to hold the handle
  • Plates don’t clamp tight enough
  • Short Cord length
  • Bulky Design (Inconvenient to hold)
  • It takes a long time to cool down

3. LOVINA Titanium Digital LCD Flat Iron (Best For Fine / Thin Natural Hair):

The LOVANI Titanium flat iron is a professional quality hair straightener at a very affordable price. It is a perfect match for women with natural, thin/ fine hair types. The temperature setting ranges from 265F to 450F, but it doesn’t tend to heat up high as other straighteners do, making it slightly time-consuming for women with curly/thick hair to straighten their hair.

Besides that, LOVANI is offering quite a remarkable deal with its well thought Curvy Lightweight design. This flat iron is slim with 1-inch plates and is very convenient to carry around. The wand is curvy on the outside. So it will let you get a closer stroke around the roots of the hair. So you don’t need to worry about burning your scalp. The curves also help to get effortless waves and curls as good as salon style.

  • Temperature setting from 265F to 450F
  • LCD temperature display
  • Dual Volt
  • 360 Degree Swivel cord
  • Auto shut off after 1 Hour (In case you forget to unplug the cord)
  • Super lightweight and slim design
  • Curvy plates (Also helps in getting smooth finish curls in hair)
  • Includes additional accessories (Heat Proof portable pouch, Gloves, and Clips)
  • Keeps losing the heat while in use
  • Plates don’t clam entirely (snagging the hair)
  • Leaves a burning after- smell in the hair
  • It doesn’t heat up super strong
  • No heat protection on the holding wand

4. Remington Pearl Pro Ceramic Flat Iron (Best For Reducing Frizz):

The Remington Pearl Pro Flat Iron is a match made for women with frizzy out of control hair. The ceramic plates are induced with genuine crushed pearls, which help the iron glide through your hair very quickly. It also has floating plates, so you can ensure to get an even and closer straightening experience.

This flat iron heats up strongly and reaches up to 450F. So you are surely going to get extremely straight hair quicker than ever. However, due to the absence of titanium in the plates, your hair will not get a completely silky, shiny feel. 

Remington brings this model at a very affordable price of just under $50, with a modern, sleek design suitable for straightening and curling your hair.

  • Pearl Ceramic plates
  • Sleek 1 Inch Floating plates (Suitable for easy waves)
  • Has three temperature control settings ( 300F to 450F)
  • Has a beep reminder after it reaches the desired temperature
  • LCD Temperature display
  • Lightweight and portable
  • No Dual Volt
  • It makes hair static-y sometimes
  • It takes around 5 minutes to reach maximum temperature
  • Shuts off automatically after using for 2 – 4 minutes
  • It straightens the hair but gives no shine to them
  • Has no lock to clamp the plates when not in use

5. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron (For Short Hair + Travel)

The BaByliss PRO tops all the other brands in terms of design. This Mini straightener is super compact and ideal for traveling. It has a dual voltage facility and will disappear in your backpack, taking little to no space -a right travel partner, Indeed.

Besides being compact, this titanium flat iron is best suitable for women with thick short hair. The plates are not floating, making it inconvenient to style fine/ thin hair. Its mini design is highly time-consuming to style long hair. However, traveling is an exception, and this flat iron will do the job when you are backpacking. So we must say, this BaByliss PRO is an excellent choice for mobile hairstyling at a pocket-friendly price. 

It’s a good match for above shoulder, bob, or pixie haircuts, as the plate size is just about right to work on less hair and the root without burning your scalp.

  • Ceramic Titanium Plates
  • Dual Volt
  • Compact design (suitable for traveling)
  • Long cord (and not bulky)
  • Heats up fast and uses one glide to straighten a strand
  • It makes hair shiny and silky straight
  • No Floating plates
  • Plates don’t clam properly (Unsuitable for fine hair)
  • Handle heats up and causes inconvenience to hold
  • The plate opening is small
  • Super time consuming
  • Has only one heat setting

6. TYMO Hair Straightener Iron: (For All Hair Type)

Okay, first of all, what is that insanely cute sakura color to have on a hair straightener? It’s a total eye-catcher at first glance and a great deal to fit in your budget.

TYMO offers Nano Ceramic Titanium Plates in this model, which you might not find elsewhere in the same budget. These plates will not just heat up fast but are also designed to cool down even more quickly. So now, you don’t need to stress about finding a safe space to let it cool.

The unique feature which makes this flat iron stand out is the Gravity sensor. This sensor is designed to turn off the heat when there is no movement in the iron for 5 minutes. And when you pick it up again, the sensor notices movement and starts to heat the plates again. This feature has its pros and cons. It sure saves power and makes it safe to use. But it’s also going to slow down your speed if it keeps shutting on and off. You can avoid that by brushing and parting your hair strands in advance.

  • Nano Ceramic Titanium plates (Fast Heating and Fast Cooling)
  • Dual Voltage
  • Auto Switch ON/OFF
  • Includes additional accessories (Heat Proof portable pouch, Gloves, and Clips)
  • LED Temperature Display
  • Gravity Sensor (Auto Shut off after 5 minutes of no movement)
  • Sleek body designed for straightening and curling
  • When heated, this iron steams the room and makes screeching sounds
  • Non Durable
  • Needs 4 – 5 glides on root hair (time-consuming)
  • The temperature setting is on the inside of the wand

7. KIPOZI Pencil Flat Iron ( For Short Bob & Pixie Cuts):

KIPOZI Pencil flat iron is a pixie haircut’s best friend. The fine Pencil wand makes it very convenient to style those little strands of hair. The KIPOZI pencil straightening iron is barely 0.3 inches wide, so you can use a single iron to straighten and curl your short pixie hair.

The heat distribution is even, and the iron is compatible with all kinds of short hair including, fine, thick, curly, coarse, etc. It works just about right for all the Bob and Pixie haircuts.

It’s a good buy if you plan to keep your hair short for a long period. This flat iron serves its purpose only on short lengths of hair. So you might find this useless when your hair grows out. Otherwise, this is a total deal-breaker. 

Who would have thought that it is possible to style a pixie haircut at home without shedding a lot of money? 

  • Has five optional heat settings (temperature reaches up to 450F)
  • It makes a beep sound when it reaches the desired temperature
  • Quick Heat-up (within 20 seconds)
  • Super slim 0.3- inch plates (suitable for straightening and curling)
  • Easy-grip wand
  • LCD Temperature display
  • Outer plates heat up and tend to burn the scalp
  • This straightener can only work on smaller sections.BaByliss
  • Non Durable
  • Not efficient for longer hair


There are wide varieties of hair straighteners available in the market. One suitable for each hair type and length. And this is our list of the Best Hair straighteners to buy in 2021 – ALL UNDER $50. 

However, if we had to pick the best among these, it would be the HSI Professional Glider. This hair straightener stands out amongst all other competitors in the market for its diverse qualities and affordable price. 

The HSI flat iron is truly professional; it is compatible with all hair types. Thick, thin, coarse, frizzy, the HSI glider will flatten your hair like a pro. Its notable features like a 360Degree swivel cord, Dual Voltage, and humidity control iron plates make this flat iron suitable for traveling across places. To top that, you also get a portable pouch to store the flat iron. Now that is what we call a perfect deal.

Besides that, the other irons in this list are total grabber as well. We just hope that you recognize your hair and its needs, so our buying guide can come in handy to you in all conditions. 

Happy Styling!

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