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Searching for a flat iron with all the advanced features but still within your budget is challenging. But, it’s not impossible. Gladly, your search ends here. The Conair Flat irons provide professional salon-quality results at a comparatively low cost.

Conair is a well-known international brand established in 1959, Queens, New York, to design top-quality flat irons to solve all hair problems. They have covered innovative styling tools of to meet all the women’s requirements with varying hair types. We have written detailed reviews of the six best Conair hair straighteners.

Is Conair a good brand for hair straighteners?

Yes, Conair is an excellent brand for hair straighteners, according to its customers. Accumulating over 3000+ ratings and 1000+ ratings, Conair hair styling tools has got an average review of 4.6 out of 5, which tells you about the Conair brand’s preference and loyalty among consumers. Most customers love Conair hair straighteners as they meet the standard of professional results, making it one of the leading and most popular brands in the international market. Along with haircare tools, they have hair accessories, detangling brushes, hot rollers, innovative small appliances and a men and women Conair hair care line as well.

TOP 6 Best Conair Flat Irons – Reviews

1. Conair Double Ceramic 2 inch Flat Iron – Best Overall

Being the No 1 bestseller brand, this Conair double ceramic straightener is designed with a plate size of 2-inches suitable for long and thick hair. The double ceramic flat iron technology produces 2x more ceramic which helps in even heat distribution, frizz-free hair, and most importantly, reduces heat damage. The extra-long floating plates provide better contact with hair and eliminate gaps to minimize the styling time required.

Whether you wish to create pin straight styles, curling, or add volume to your hair, this product will do all. It can be stored conveniently using the handle lock feature which comes with this iron. If you are running out of time, this flat iron will shut itself off automatically in 60 minutes. If have thin, short hair and find the 2-inch plate size a little too big for you, it is available in plate sizes of 1 and 1.5 inches.

  • Rapid 30 seconds heat up
  • Settings up to 410°F for professional results
  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Provides extra shiny and smooth hair
  • Double ceramic flat iron technology
  • Cools down quickly after using it
  • Not travel-friendly
  • Doesn’t come with digital temperature reading technology
  • Shorter Cord Length

2. Conair INFINITI PRO 2 in 1 stainless flat iron – Runner-up

The Conair Infiniti Pro 2 in 1 ceramic straightener can effectively curl, wave, and straighten your hair. Unlike other standard hair styling tools, a separate barrel is included on the outside that heats up to get you curly hair. The 1-inch extra-long floating plates are designed to suit all hair types.

It makes a buzzing sound denoting the ionic technology used to protect your hair from frizz. If you are annoyed with your straightener’s handle getting hot while styling, let me tell you this one comes with a thermal glove for effortless styling.

The coated Ceramic plates help maintain optimum heat levels, thus leaving your hair smooth, shiny, and healthy. The 2 in 1 nature makes it a travel-friendly item as you don’t have to carry your curler separately. After using this, you will feel that your hair is smooth, shiny, and moisturized.

The outer barrel heats up to 265°F for easy curling. This hair styling tool comes with 5 LED heat settings ranging from 320 to 400F, which you can change with the +/- buttons given on the handle. You will never have to worry about electrical accidents as this model comes with an auto shut-off feature.

The only downside is that the heat settings and on/off button are easy-going, which can be pressed by mistake, causing it to change the temperature or shut off the straightener. It has the lowest temperature of 320, which is not suitable for thin/fine hair. So if you have healthy or medium thick hair, flat iron from Conair will be perfect for you.

  • All in one straightener, curler combo
  • 5 LED Heat settings
  • It helps to make very long-lasting curls
  • It comes with two silicone caps for cooling the flat iron down when you are not using it
  • It heats up in 30 seconds
  • 6 ft long professional swivel cord
  • It doesn’t have dual voltage
  • It takes you a little practice to use it as a curling iron

3. Conair INFINITI PRO Rainbow Titanium Flat Iron – Value for Money

If you are very attracted to pretty colors, then this straightener is perfect for you. As the plates of come in rainbow colors, making it captivating. The 1-inch extra-long floating titanium plates provide better contact with your hair helping style your hair very quickly while leaving your hair smooth, shiny, and frizz-free. 

Titanium flat irons plate get hot faster than ceramic plates, so if you have coarse or thicker hair, this styling iron is recommended for you. It glides through your hair like butter while styling and doesn’t pull your hair. It doesn’t burn or fry your hair unless you put your heat settings at a temperature your hair can’t handle.

It also counterattacks frizz very well and protects your hair from any further frizz throughout the day. It has digital heat settings, and you will also be able to straighten your hair using at a low heat temperature. This flat iron also has an auto shut-off feature when it is kept on for too long. If you are looking for a decent quality straightener that looks pretty and aesthetic in your vanity without breaking your bank account, you should go for this one.

  • Ionic generator for frizz-free hair
  • Six different digital heat settings
  • Uniform heat recovery technology for even heat distribution throughout your hair
  • It comes with a 6-foot professional swivel cord
  • Heats very quickly within 30 seconds
  • Maximum heat temperature of 455°F
  • It makes some strange sound while using it
  • The barrel gets too hot, so you can’t hold it comfortably while styling it

4. Conair Infiniti PRO Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron – Best in Budget

The advanced tourmaline ceramic flat iron technology in this Conair straightener helps to seal the moisture in your hair, reducing frizz and making your hair shinier as well as smooth. It also reduces hair damage to a considerable extent making it safe for your daily use. This Conair Infiniti Pro flat iron also comes in a pretty purple color. The 1-inch floating plates can straighten hair which are extraordinarily thick and coarse. It leaves your hair smooth, shiny, and silky without causing much heat damage. 

You won’t face problems like pulling or snagging as it glides very smoothly throughout your hair. The longer plate size allows you to do a wider hair strands while saving a lot of your time. 

It also comes with 30 different heat settings for different hair styling needs. It’s easy to hold this hair straightener while styling as it doesn’t get hot. It shuts itself off automatically if it is kept on for too long.

The styling iron is so much more cost-friendly than some other competitive brands as it retails only under $50, but it still has almost similar features to high-end flat irons. The cord is shorter than the standard size in most flat irons, but you have nothing to lose at this price. 

See our full Conair infiniti pro straightener review

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Heats up very quickly in only 30 seconds
  • It has a very long lifespan
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around while traveling
  • Heat settings up to 455°F
  • Reduces the occurrence of frizz by 70%
  • Tourmaline Ceramic flat iron makes your 5x stronger with less breakage
  • It does not show the temperature at which the flat iron is operating
  • The ceramic plates don’t close completely

5. Conair Ceramic Instant Heat flat iron – Best for Super Long Hair

The Conair ceramic instant heat straightener comes with a plate size of 2 inches and is extra wide, suitable for all hair types. You will be able to style your hair very quickly because of the extra-long plate size. Ceramic flat iron plates for ultra-smooth and healthier hair and even heat distribution throughout.

The straightener heats up in only 30 seconds with a turbo heat button, saving a lot of your time. It also comes with a turbo heat button which will set the temperature to the maximum possible heat level when you press it. 

You can style your hair as you desire as this styling iron can also curl or add beach waves to your hair. This flat iron’s curved handle makes it very efficient to hold it and reach the roots of your hair. The added safety of this product is that it shuts off automatically when it is not in use for time.

The heat indicator’s red light suggests you when your hair straightener is ready to use. It will work for an extended period and is also travel-friendly. This comes with a two-year warranty period. 

  • The only dual voltage Conair flat irons
  • It helps to control frizz
  • Extremely cost-friendly
  • These flat iron plates don’t leave any gap while styling
  • Maximum heat setting going as high as 400°F
  • This flat iron Provides Professional salon-quality styling with a ceramic heater
  • It consists of 25 different heat settings for all hair types
  • No screen to know which temperature you have set
  • It doesn’t get as hot as the temperature reading suggests

6. Conair Ultra Slim Instant Heat Ceramic Flat Iron – Most Cheapest

This under $20 Conair ultra slim model comes with a ceramic flat iron plate material for even distribution of heat and extra smooth, shiny, and damage-free hair. Coming with a plate size of 0.75 inches, it makes it suitable for thin to normal hair. The same hair straightener is also available for thick to coarse hair with a plate size of 2 inches.

60 seconds of heat up helps straighten your hair quickly while providing professional salon-type results. It has a slight curvy shape, making it more efficient to curl or wave your hair and straighten them. 

The turbo heat technology increases the temperature by 36 degrees more from the highest setting for faster styling results. If you are still getting familiar with your hair’s styling and are a beginner, you should go for this styling iron as it is very budget-friendly and has all the features of an expensive styling iron.

  • A dual voltage, which makes it travel-friendly
  • 25 variable heat settings up to 400°F
  • It comes along with a detachable comb for styling your hair
  • Comfortable grip
  • Long cord
  • Durable as it will last for years
  • It doesn’t come with digital temperature settings
  • It takes more time to cool down

Features of Conair Flat Irons


 Different hair texture need different sizes of flat irons for styling. Normal to short hair requires flat irons with a plate size of around 1-inches, and thick to coarse hair need flat irons of a plate size of about 2-inches. The Conair styling tools come with a plate length of both sizes mentioned above for consumers to choose from according to their hair.

Fast Heat, Adjustable temperature settings

The 30-second ultra-rapid heat-up speed is one of the fascinating features of Conair flat irons. The quick heat up speeds up your styling process and is very useful, especially when you are getting late. Some of the Conair flat irons come with a temperature setting that goes as high as 455.

Floating plates

The floating plates which come in the Conair flat irons help in the effortless styling of your hair. Due to the floating plates, the hair straightener glides very smoothly throughout your hair without pulling or snagging your hair, making your styling experience very convenient. But there are a few consumer complaints about floating plates of Conair flat irons as, according to them, they aren’t designed perfectly, which sometimes leads to more pulling and snagging of your hair.

Safety features

The Conair flat irons take comparatively more time to cool than the standard flat irons. Therefore, it can sometimes worry you as you can’t keep a scorching flat iron anywhere. So, for the same reason, the Conair Infiniti Pro flat iron comes with a heat shield to close the flat iron plates after use. The Conair flat irons also come with an auto shut-off feature, which can help on days you forget to shut off your flat irons before walking out of the house.


The Conair flat iron comes with a warranty period of 5 years which is extremely good for a flat iron retailing at that price. You can check your Conair flat iron warranty by entering the model number of your Conair flat iron on their official website and raising a complaint when you come across some issues with your Conair flat iron.

Conclusion and which Conair Flat Iron is the best?

You would be awed by the difference a tiny thing like a flat iron can make to your style. It is significant to choose the product correctly according to your hair type and, of course, within your budget. The Conair flat irons match all the criteria quite perfectly.

According to us, the Infiniti Pro 2 in 1 styler is the best Conair flat iron as it does both the job of straightening and curling your hair in a single product. It also has features like ionic and advanced ceramic technology, which protects your hair from frizz, suits all hair types, has ceramic flat iron plates, which help in even heat distribution. This flat iron comes with five different LED heat settings, has an auto shut-off feature, and heats up in mere 30 seconds. Also, the main part is it is very much under your budget. So, what are you waiting for? If you buy the Conair 2 in 1 flat iron, we can assure you won’t regret your decision.

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