6 Best Croc Flat Irons – Reviews & Buying Guide

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You would think how difficult it is to choose an excellent flat iron? After all, all of them do the same job of straightening your hair. But there are a lot of features that set the Croc flat irons apart from the rest. Started in 2005 in southern California, the Croc brand continues to design the most technologically advanced, ergonomic, and stylish flat irons.

They were the first brand to introduce infrared technology in their flat irons, which helps to detoxify and sanitize your hair, lowers the heat damage, eliminates odor, and provides better results in only one pass. In this article, we will review 6 best croc flat irons for you.

Is Croc a good brand for hair straighteners?- What do the customers say?

 Croc is one of the best brands in the market, as long as you know how to take proper care of your flat iron. It works efficiently at regular heat settings for even extraordinarily thick and coarse hair. It has titanium ceramic plates, which ensure a top-quality finished look to your hair. The one thing that stands out about the Croc flat irons is that they straighten even lumpy hair if you sleep with your wet hair.

Many customers prefer it over brands like Chi, Paul Michell, BaByliss, and Keratin flat irons as the Croc flat irons have worked better for their exceedingly thick and coarse hair. Customers globally have rated it very highly on Amazon and given above four stars out of 5 for most of Croc’s flat irons.

6 Best Croc Flat Irons – Reviews 2021

1 . CROC Classic Silver Titanium Flat Iron Best Overall

Designed with 1.5 inches titanium plates, this is the best croc flat iron suitable for all hair types, including coarse, oily, wavy, and normal. The negative charge ions in titanium plate flat iron give your hair a natural shine. This flat iron’s price can make you rethink your choice and compare it to the cheap ones available at Target or Walmart, but it is worth it. The digital temperature settings in it make it easy to operate. 

The flat iron is very lightweight, so your hand doesn’t pain while holding it for too long. It works like a miracle for you, even if you’re tired of your frizzy hair. The plates are supposed to glide smoothly through your hair and don’t pull your hair. If you use this flat iron to style your hair, it will take you half the time you used to use any other flat iron. With this flat iron, you can skip using any chemicals before straightening your hair.

This flat iron’s temperature is automatically decreased to 370 when it is attended while straightening your hair.  When you start using the flat iron again, the temperature will be automatically back to normal. You won’t have to worry about burning your house down with this flat iron as it comes with a 40 minutes automatic shut-off feature. This flat iron is known for its 60% more quick styling than the typical flat irons. It also comes with a one-year warranty period.

  • 9 feet long professional swivel cord
  • 17 custom fully digital temperature settings ranging from 280°F-450°F
  • Comfortable handle with thumb grip
  • Heats up extremely quickly
  • Do Not damage your hair and make them look shiny
  • Universal voltage
  • Straight, smooth, frizz-free hair in one pass
  • It makes a humming sound while using it
  • It doesn’t last for very long

2. CROC Classic flat iron – Runner-up

Are you a fan of fantastic hair and insanely long-lasting flat irons? Then, go for this Croc flat iron. Featuring 1.5-inch floating titanium plates, this flat iron works wonders for every hair type. Titanium plates are known to heat up very quickly, and also they distribute heat evenly throughout the hair allowing you to straighten your hair in fewer passes. The plate size is wide enough for you to straighten your hair very quickly if you have thick, long, or coarse hair. Even if you live in a humid climate, this flat iron does very well to keep your hair frizz-free until your next wash.

It will reduce your hair damage significantly as it straightens your hair in only one pass leading to a lot less heat damage. While straightening your hair using this flat iron, you won’t have to apply much hand pressure, even if you are straightening your hair single-handedly. The best thing about this flat iron is that it will remember your temperature settings once you set it. So you won’t have to worry about setting it every time you start straightening your hair all over again.

You can also curl your hair using this flat iron which is always a big plus. Also, even if you have thick or coarse, this flat iron allows you to get as close to your hair’s roots as possible.

Even though few people have complained that their Croc flat iron dies pretty quickly, there were many more positive reviews about the long life-span and how it has lasted years for the rest of them. To extend the life of your Croc flat irons, it is recommended to unplug them after using them even though it comes with a 30-minute auto shut-off feature, and it will shut itself off automatically. Also, many customers have rated this flat iron over their previous flat irons, including CHI, T3, and FHI. You don’t have to use this flat iron at the highest temperature, even if you have extremely coarse hair. It is a bit expensive, but you have to spend a little extra if you want a terrific product. 

  • Universal voltage
  • It has built-in ceramic heaters for instant heat recovery and even heat distribution
  • Temperature range of 280°F – 450°F
  • Nine feet swivel cord for convenient straightening
  • Extremely lightweight (1 pound)
  • Heats up extremely quickly
  • Automatically decreases the temperature to 370°F when not in use
  • This flat iron’s broad base doesn’t allow it to reach as close to your scalp as possible
  • The temperature range gets stuck after a while

3. Croc Premium Infrared 1.5 inch black flat iron – Best for Professional Salon Grade Results

This is a professional croc hair straightener mostly used by celebrity hairstylists. It has infrared technology, which uses less and gentler heat to retain your hair’s natural moisture without drying them out. It also helps to leave your hair smooth, silky, and of course, frizz-free after straightening them. If you have tight curls and frizz in your hair, you can trust this flat iron to straighten it effortlessly as it gets scorching. You can not only straighten your hair using it but also curl your hair if you like them. 

The floating plates in this flat iron improve your straightening experience as it will glide very smoothly throughout your hair, and you will also have snag-free styling. Also, if you straighten your hair using this flat iron, you can rest assured that it will last the whole day. Many customers have also praised this flat iron to the extent that it straightens your hair in half the time compared to the CHI flat irons. If you love to travel abroad, this flat iron can automatically adjust its voltage, enabling you to use your flat iron anywhere internationally. It has a safety feature that shuts off the flat iron automatically after 30 minutes of non-use. It also comes with a 9 feet long swivel cord, free from tangles while straightening your hair. The thumb grip which comes with this flat iron makes it easy to hold while straightening. The built-in ceramic heaters in this flat iron distribute even heat temperature and enable instant heat recovery.

  • Fast and uniform heating
  • It cools down quickly after using it
  • It comes with a ventilation system that releases excess heat to protect your hair
  • Fully digital temperature settings varying from 280°F-450°F
  • It comes with a slip-less comfortable grip
  • Suitable for color-treated hair
  • The design of this flat iron doesn’t make it convenient for short hair
  • Sometimes it pulls your hair a little while styling

4. Croc Hybrid Titanium flat iron – Best for Versatile styling from straightening to curls

The Croc hybrid titanium flat iron comes with a curved barrel, allowing you to straighten and curl your hair efficiently. The hybrid technology helps to straighten your hair smoothly without snagging or pulling of your hair. If you are a professional stylist, this flat iron is best for you as it heats up very quickly and is very consistent for your busy days. It will keep your hair smooth, shiny, and frizz-free even in the humid climate. This flat iron is suitable for all hair types as it will work exceptionally well even on thick, curly, or coarse hair.

The flat iron automatically switches between Celsius and Fahrenheit range depending upon the current-voltage. It has a plate size of 1.5 inches which may not be suitable for thin or short hair.  But the same flat iron also comes with a plate size of 1 inch, which is recommended for you if you have short, thin, to normal hair. The flat iron has 18 different digital heat settings, so once you find the perfect temperature for your hair, you can straighten your hair in no time. It produces negative ions, which helps to provide shin and moisture protection to your iron.

It also has a heat indicator that lets you know when your flat iron is ready to use once you start it. The best thing about modern flat irons is their automatic shut-off technology, as this flat iron shuts itself off after 30 minutes of non-use. The 9 feet long swivel cord helps you to style your hair easily without any tangles.

  • Heat settings from 280°F-450°F
  • Universal voltage
  • Lightweight (1 pound)
  • It comes with a safety cool tip
  • Floating plates for comfortable styling
  • It has an automatic temperature reserve, which helps to save energy while using it
  • A little high-budget
  • The minimum temperature is 280°F, which can sometimes be too much for fragile hair

5. Croc baby mini – Best for Travelling

Are you tired of carrying those big-fat flat iron with you while traveling? You have to take a flat iron while traveling because you can’t compromise on good vacation photos. Then this mini flat iron must be what you are looking for. While being travel-friendly, it is hugely under your budget compared to all other Croc’s flat iron. This flat iron size will suit you well if you have short hair or want a flat iron for your bangs. Not only on abroad trips, but you can carry this flat iron with you daily in your purse when you step out in case you need it somewhere. 

It also has a heat-protecting pad that allows you to store it immediately after using it and keep the flat iron on it while straightening your hair. The 3/4th inch plate size will make it a little difficult for you to style your incredibly thick, curly, or coarse hair. It does get extremely hot, which will help to style your hair pretty quickly. The universal voltage of this flat iron makes it a perfect travel companion for you. The flat iron doesn’t pull your hair and also straightens your hair very smoothly. It does get a little bit too hot with voltage and electricity in french, but that’s nothing too severe and harmful. The flat iron has stationary plates which don’t crush your hair but adjusts to your hair. This flat iron heats up quickly, but it’s not the quickest; it takes a minute to heat up, unlike some 30 seconds ultra-rapid heat-up flat irons. 

  • It comes with a red light which indicates whether the flat iron is on/off
  • It is tiny and lightweight so that you can pack it anywhere easily
  • You can straighten as well as curl your hair using this
  • The size helps you to reach as close as possible to the roots of your hair
  • Six different colors to choose from, including red, lime, pink, Fuschia, black, and white
  • Extremely lightweight (0.5 pounds)
  • Swivel cord keeps the cord free from tangles for a convenient straightening experience
  • It doesn’t come with different temperature settings (only a fixed temperature of 410°F)
  • Because of this flat iron’s small handle size, you have to be careful while holding it; otherwise, you can burn your fingers

6. Croc Plug Detachable – Perfect for quick touch-ups for short hair

This extremely budget-friendly flat iron comes with a detachable cord that can be extremely helpful when traveling. Also, it comes in petite size and can be adjusted anywhere easily. It doesn’t have an on/off button as the flat iron switch on automatically when you plug on this flat iron to your socket. It comes with a lock/unlock button to lock the flat iron plates when you are not using them. They also come out in cute colors like black & lime green, black & orange, white & pink, and white & blue. It has a maximum temperature setting of 410°F. 

While this flat iron cord is detachable, the plug only works when plugged in the socket. The flat iron is perfect for you if you have short hair or bangs. Also, it is straightforward to carry this flat iron around with you if you need quick touch-ups. It can also be used without any power connection if you place this flat iron on the port for the flat iron to heat up. It won’t be very comfortable if you have long and thick hairs as you will have to place the flat iron on the port very frequently. This flat iron ceramic coated plates help you straighten your hair very comfortably without pulling them. It also comes with a one-year warranty period.

  • One of the most lightweight irons available in the market, with a weight of 0.188 pounds
  • Stationary plates for straightening your hair smoothly
  • Universal voltage
  • Streamline design for holding it comfortably while straightening your hair
  • Very small, which can be kept anywhere while going out
  • You will have to wait for 5 minutes for the flat iron to heat up fully
  • It doesn’t have an auto shut-off feature

Features of Croc Flat Irons

Various size options for styling

It is a fact that differently textured hair needs a different size option of flat irons while styling. The Croc flat irons come in with a plate size of 1.5 inches for thick and coarse hair, 1 inch for normal hair, and even in mini, compact dimensions for short hair, which can also be used by people with all hair types while traveling out. People with short hairs can’t comfortably style their hair using oversized flat irons and, in the process, can burn their hair as well. So, everyone should choose their flat irons’ size according to their hair type.

Fast Heat, Adjustable digital temperature

The Croc flat irons (except the mini-sized travel-friendly ones) have titanium plates that heat up more quickly than the typical flat irons with ceramic plates. So you will never have to worry about getting late when you own Croc’s flat iron. Croc’s flat iron temperature settings are fully digital (again, except the last two flat irons in the article mentioned above) and adjustable. Croc flat irons’ heat settings range from 280°F (for thin to normal hair) to 450°F (for thick to coarse hair). As fragile-normal hair shouldn’t be straightened using very high-temperature settings, it is essential to have adjustable flat iron settings.

Floating plates

The Croc hair straighteners come with floating plates for effortlessly straightening your hair without any snags. Floating plates are supposed to be flexible and adjust themselves according to your hair. They adjust to the thickness of your hair’s strand, which helps it get as close to your hair as possible for efficient results.

Ergonomic design

The Croc flat irons have an ergonomic design so that the flat irons can work smoothly with your hair. An ergonomic design in flat irons helps the person straighten their hair with extreme comfort. Not only do the Croc flat irons are ergonomically designed, but they’re incredibly lightweight as well for comfortable use.

Safety features

Except for the Croc baby and the Croc plug detachable mini flat iron, all other above-mentioned Croc flat iron comes with automatic shut-off features of 30-40 minutes. As people often tend to forget to shut off their flat irons before walking out of their house. This safety feature has become a necessity in flat irons to prevent any electrical accidents. So, with this safety feature, you will never have to worry about your flat iron burning down your house while going anywhere.


The Croc brand provides a one-year warranty under which they are supposed to replace your flat iron with a new one. They also offer a total of an extended five-year warranty period, including the one-year unlimited warranty. If you want to avail of the rest of the 4-year warranty, you will have to register your product on their website. The warranty has become a vital part of any purchase as it shows brands loyalty to their products.

Conclusion: So which is the best Croc flat iron?

After reading all the above reviews, you must now be confused about which flat iron you should buy and is best for your hair . Well, if you would believe us, the Croc Classic Flat Iron should be the aptest choice for your hair. With many quality features, like floating plates, an innovative ventilation system for excess heat, ergonomic design, ceramic heaters for even heat distribution and instant heat recovery, thumb grip, automatic shut-off technology, and dual voltage, it is one of the best flat iron available in the market currently. Also, it has got 4.6 out of 5 ratings globally on Amazon, and about 84% of people have given it a 5 star. 

The Croc flat irons don’t retail at very pocket-friendly prices, but it is feasible to invest once in a good quality flat iron, then spending so much trying out different cheap flat irons and damaging your hair. So, the choice is always yours to make.

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