Best Flat Iron for Beach Waves to buy in 2021

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What if we tell you, you can get your favorite beach wave hairdo with a regular flat iron? And that too effortlessly!

Hard to believe, right?

But it is possible. And the results are no lesser than the one for which you pay hundreds of dollars at the salon! While it’s true that not all flat irons give you the flexibility to create beach waves, you still get a wide range of options to choose from.

Therefore, in this article, we have compiled a list of the best flat iron for beach waves. And to make it even easier for you to choose the most suitable one for your hair, there’s a buying guide too! So with no further delay, let’s dive in!

What are Beach Waves?

Beach waves, or say tousled curls are not like the normal tight curls you get with a curling iron. Instead, they are loose curls that look more like natural curls and give you a messy hair look.

Regardless of your hair’s length, short, medium, or long, beach waves always give you a glamorous look. They add up the volume to the hair and turn even the thinnest hair strands to look bouncy and voluminous. They are great for any occasion, be it a dinner party, office meeting, or even a trip!

Top 7 Best Flat Irons for Beach Waves Reviewed

1. BaByliss PRO Ionic – Best Overall Hair Straightener for Beach Waves – Favorite Pick

BaByliss is the most favorite brand of most professionals when it comes to hair styling tools. The brand is well known for producing high-quality tools, keeping the user’s satisfaction in mind.

This BaByliss Pro Ionic Flat Iron features Nano Titanium Ionic plates that smoothly glide through the strands, leaving the hair shiny, smooth, and frizz-free.

Especially for those who’ve got thick hair, there can be no better match for this tool. Its 1-inch plates come with High-Density Dual Ceramic Heaters. This heats the flat iron to your desired temperature 20% faster. 

Again, the flat iron provides an LED temperature display which allows you to read the temperature quickly. And with the control buttons, you can change the plates’ temperature, ranging from 300F to 465F.

Besides, with the curved edges, you can stay assured of getting great beach waves with no creases. It even has cool silicon tips. So you don’t have to hold the hot plate for a longer time while curling.

Also, the BaByliss Pro Ionic cost is slightly higher than most of the others on our list. However, for the features, it provides the price is worth it!

  • Ionic technology gives shinier results
  • Stainless steel body prevents corrosion
  • Durable body design
  • Plate locking function available
  • It comes with heat-resistant gloves
  • The metal handle gets hot quickly
  • Ions make a sizzling noise
  • Not dual voltage hair straightener

2. Bio Ionic Pro Styling IronBest Premium-Quality Hair Straightener for Beach Waves

Featuring a unique vibrating technology, the Bio Ionic Pro Styling Iron provides effortless gliding through the hair strands. 

The straightener includes a natural volcanic mineral that infuses tiny water molecules into the hair cuticles to moisturize them. It even ensures that it emits the right amount of heat so that you get the longer-lasting style.

Besides, the Bio Ionic Straightener works super-quick. It can give you stunning waves in just 10 minutes! 

What makes this tool perfect for creating loose waves is its rounded tips. The 1-inch plates of this flat iron, along with its round design, combine to give you those natural-looking beach waves you’ve always dreamed of having. Provided you have neatly combed your hair.

The point that hurts in this flat iron is its hefty price tag. The flat iron is quite expensive, which means it’s not for all!

  • Shuts-off automatically after one hour of non-usage
  • Digital temperature control for easy handling
  • It has a dual voltage feature
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Its heating capacity decreases after a few uses

3. NITION 1-inch Ceramic Tourmaline PRO – Best Flat Iron for Beach Waves Suitable for All Hair Types

If you seek a flat iron that you can use daily and not damage your hair extensively. Then the NITION 1-inch Ceramic Tourmaline PRO Hair Straightener is the ideal option!

This flat iron is uniquely crafted with a 5-in-1 ceramic coated plate infused with Argan oil, Tourmaline, and a few other minerals that take care of your hair’s health.

Talking of its look, this curved design hair straightener has no buttons on the body. So, you can create curls and straighten your hair easily. And it’s available in two adorable color options champagne gold and gold.

Although there are no buttons, the flat iron lets you change the temperature from 265F to 450F by simply rotating the handle clockwise and anticlockwise.

Also, if your memory is a little slow, and you keep on forgetting to turn off your appliances. Worry not! This hair straightener comes with an automatic sleep function which activates after 60 minutes of non-usage.

Because of its compact and lightweight design, you can easily pack and carry this straightener wherever you go. Plus, it is dual voltage. Hence, you can use it in foreign countries with no hesitation!

    Beginner-friendly flat iron

  • It comes with a 9-feet long swivel cord and Velcro straps
  • Salon comb and clips included with the package
  • Provides six variable heat settings
  • Heats quickly within 10 seconds
  • Must be handled with care once it gets hot
  • Plates don’t lock completely

4. KIPOZI 2-in-1Best Multipurpose Flat Iron for Waves

When you find a hair styling tool that takes care of all your needs, it is not short of a miracle!

The KIPOZI 2-in-1 Hair Straightener and curling iron is one such hair tool. As the name speaks, the flat iron gives you the freedom to curl and straighten your hair both.

But that’s not all! For the perfect beach waves, it’s got floating plates. These plates adjust automatically to compress the hair without snagging or pulling them.

Plus, its Nano titanium plates heat super-quick in less than 30 seconds. And can reach up to an ultra-high temperature of 450F. They also keep the heat for a much longer time. And ensure proper heat distribution across the plates.

This flat iron features a twist and lock handle to save you from accidentally hitting the buttons while styling. Simply rotate it and lock it to your preferred temperature. Also, to read the current temperature, there’s a digital display.

The iron comes with an 8-feet long cord that gives you easy maneuverability. And the weight of the entire tool is less than 2 pounds. So, no more stress to your hand even when your styling session lasts longer.

  • It comes in a beautiful rose gold color
  • Has worldwide voltage
  • You can lock the plates for easy storage
  • Velvet travel pouch included
  • The outer body gets hot while styling
  • Beginners might find it challenging to operate it

5. HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline IonicBest Beach Waves Hair Straightener for Travel

Aiming for salon-grade results at home? Get the HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron that’s designed to deliver high-end styles.

Featuring ceramic tourmaline plates, this flat iron is all set to give you frizz-free, glossy hair. Its floating plates give you extra styling versatility. So, you can achieve those glamorous natural looking beach curls effortlessly.

On top of that, you get an easy-to-operate temperature dial. This allows you to change the temperature from 140F to 450F. It also makes the flat iron compatible with most hair types, including thin, coarse, thick, and curly hair.

The flat iron comes with a dual voltage feature, making it an ideal traveling companion. This feature lets the hair straightener operate on both 110V – 220V, using a universal adapter plug.

To ensure that your tresses remain healthy and smooth while styling, you also get an Argan Oil treatment Pouch as a bonus with your purchase!

Although, the iron comes with advanced features found in professional hair styling appliances. Its price is such that it fits in everyone’s budget.

  • Negative ions reduce frizz
  • Eight micro-sensors ensure proper heat distribution
  • The 360 degrees swivel cord provides more flexibility
  • Ideal for thick African American and long hair
  • It does not shut off automatically
  • It does not have an LCD for temperature reading

6. Landot Straightener and CurlerBest Affordable Hair Straightener for Beach Waves

Designed to suit all hair types, the Landot Hair Straightener and Curler come with twisted plates to satisfy your styling needs. The tool works on almost every hair type, including colored, dry, thick, delicate, and coarse hair.

The hair straightener gives you the freedom to create five different hairstyles in minimal time. It boasts ceramic coated plates that heat in just 30 seconds. And ensure even heat distribution for perfect beach waves.

It even provides 11 different temperature settings up to 450F. Along with a digital display to monitor the current temperature and to save you from accidentally changing the temperature while styling, you get a temperature lock feature.

Apart from this, Landot Hair Straightener has a very user-friendly design. There is an easy on/ off button on the handle. And a temperature increase/ decrease button right above the power button.

Also, the 60-minute automatic shut-off feature keeps you worry-free when you’ve forgotten to turn the straightener off after using it. Talking of the price, this Landot hair straightener and curler is quite a budget-friendly hair styling tool that costs you under $50.

  • Heat protection sensor monitor the hair moisture constantly
  • Memory function to remember your last temperature setting
  • Dual voltage and plate locking function
  • 1-inch barrel to get perfect beach waves
  • It comes in a beautiful purple-black design
  • Twisted plates need practice for styling
  • The hair will fall out of the plates if you don’t hold it properly

7. CONAIR Ceramic – Tourmaline Flat IronBest for Heat Settings

It’s essential to set the flat iron at the optimum temperature, depending on your hair type. However, not every flat iron gives you that option.

Luckily, the CONAIR Ceramic-Tourmaline Flat Iron provides 30 different heat settings, making it suitable for styling any hair type. And for more styling versatility, they made the plates of this iron of Ceramic Tourmaline.

While Ceramic takes care of your tresses’ health, tourmaline heats the plates evenly so that the strands receive the proper amount of heat required to create curls or waves.

Not only this, but it features 29% longer plates. This means you can style a larger section of your hair at once and create the most glamorous beach waves in one go.

The straightener features true ceramic heaters that heat the plates to an ultra-high temperature of 455F in just 15 seconds. It even has a light that glows once it is ready to use. So, you don’t have to wait for long after powering up the hair straightener.

  • Compact and lightweight body ideal for carrying on trips
  • It has a temperature control dial for simple operation
  • Available in different plate sizes
  • It comes in an attractive purple color
  • Shuts-off automatically when not in use
  • Pocket-friendly price
  • You cannot lock plates
  • Not dual voltage

Flat Iron Buying Guide for Beachy Waves 

Need more help in finding the best flat iron for beachy waves? We know that! That’s why we have listed the significant specifications which every flat iron should possess to get perfect waves. Check it out below!

Skinny enough with rounded plates

A flat iron with rounded plates helps in giving that curly/ wavy shape to your strands. It ensures that the strands are perfectly styled and no mark or crease is left.

Apart from that, hair straighteners that have thin barrels are great for curling. They provide medium-sized, loose beachy waves effortlessly.

Good temperature control

Unlike straightening, for curling, you require a high temperature. Also, while the ideal temperature varies depending on your hair type, it’s better to have a flat iron that lets you change the temperature according to your requirements. Most of the flat irons in the market currently allow you to change the temperature by pressing buttons through a digital display or a rotating dial. You can choose the one that sounds easier to you!

Ceramic or metal plated

Nowadays, most flat irons come either with Ceramic coating or Ceramic coating infused with some other metal. Such flat irons provide an excellent styling experience as they heat quickly and glide through the strands smoothly. Also, these straighteners are not much expensive. And they protect the hair from getting damaged due to heat up to a great extent compared to normal metal ones. Hence, we highly recommend Ceramic or Ceramic infused flat irons to create beach waves.

Your Hair Type

The next point to consider is the type of your hair. Not all flat irons work for styling all hair types (such as for natural hair).

With a flatiron, regardless of your hair type (thin or thick), you’ll need one that has ionic technology. This will reduce the chances of damage due to heat and eliminate frizz.

Also, if you have thin hair, you’ll need a straightener that operates on a low-temperature setting of around 200 – 300F. Whereas if you have thick hair, you’ll need the exact opposite.

So, carefully determine the type of your hair and what products work best for your hair.

Hair Length

While selecting a straightener for beachy waves, you’ll also need to consider the length of your hair—this helps in choosing the flatiron’s plate size. Usually, for those with short to medium length hair, flat irons with a plate size of 1 inch will deliver satisfactory results. Alternatively, for longer hair, flat irons with plates slightly wider than 1 inch are best.

Plate Types

The type of plates of your straightener equally matters when you buy a flat iron for curling. To get the best waves, you need to invest in a flat iron that has floating plates. These give you the versatility to try various styles without snagging or breaking the hair. They also help in easy twisting and flipping in different directions to achieve perfect curls.

Flat Iron vs. Curling Iron for Making Beach Waves 

The fact is that both flat irons and curling irons can help you get the best beach waves, despite the length and texture of your tresses.

You won’t have to put much effort while styling with any of these tools, either. However, we feel that the results you get by using a flat iron are way better than curling irons.

Besides, flat irons deliver faster results. So, we’d suggest purchasing a high-quality flat iron for beach waves as that’ll give you the flexibility to straighten and wave your hair.

Flat Iron for Beach Waves FAQ

What size flat iron is best for waves?

It depends on the type and length of your hair. Ideally, for short to medium-length hair, it’s good to get a flat iron with 1-inch or lesser wide plates. Contrarily, it’s better to buy a flat iron with 1-inch or above wider plates for thick or lengthy hair.

Can a flat iron really create perfect beachy waves?

Undoubtedly, yes! You’ll be surprised to know that you can create beach waves a lot quicker and effortlessly with a flat iron. Although the styling process differs slightly from the curling iron, you can always use a flat iron to make waves without sweat!

Is Ceramic or Titanium better for curling hair?

Well, both of them have their purpose. And to land the perfect choice, you’ll also need to consider your hair texture. If you have thin, fine, or delicate tresses, Ceramic flat irons will give you a fantastic curling experience. But if you have thicker, coarse, or hard-to-style locks, get a Titanium flat iron. They heat up quickly and can reach a higher temperature.

How long do waves stay after curling with a flat iron?

The secret to achieving longer-lasting beach waves is by applying high temperature. Typically, waves last for 5-6 hours. But, when you use a high temperature to style the hair, your hair holds a better shape and stays the same for a longer period. However, be careful not to use too much high heat and end up burning your hair.

How to get beach waves with a flat iron?

If you are still thinking about whether a flat iron can give you those perfect beach waves effortlessly, then here are the steps to creating beach waves with a flat iron. Check them out and decide for yourself!

get beach waves with a flat iron

Step 1: Preparing the flat iron

First, clean the iron plates to prevent your hair from snagging because of dirt residues from previous use.

Step 2: Preparing your hair 

Wash your hair thoroughly with a shampoo and condition it. Let it dry completely, and then apply a heat protectant serum or spray on it.

Step 3: Divide your hair 

Partition your hair into different sections depending on its length. Leave any one part and clip all the other parts.

Step 4: Wave your hair

Take 1-inch of hair section and place it in the flat iron beginning from the root. Gently twist your wrist away or towards your face and start straightening. Before releasing the device, make a wave using your hand. Also, note that this will take at least 10 seconds for each strand.

Step 5: Repeat 

Continue the same procedure for the entire hair.

Step 6: Final touch-up

After styling all the sections, apply a hair spray to hold the waves for a longer time.

Conclusion: So which is the best straightener for beachy waves

Beach waves can work for any occasion, any day! And when you have the best flat iron for beach waves, you can achieve that glamorous look within minutes.

If you have been searching for a flat iron that can help you create beach waves easily, you can pick any of the products mentioned above. If you wish to go with our choice, we suggest the BaByliss PRO Ionic Hair Straightener. This flat iron is packed with ionic technology and comes with a durable body. Plus, it works for all types of hair!

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