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6 Best Flat Irons for Keratin Treatment – Reviews and Buying Guide

Last Updated on October 19, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

Struggling to find the best flat iron for Keratin treated hair?

Your search ends here!

Keratin treatment gives the hair a glossier, frizz-free look making it less prone to breakage. To maintain this look, it’s essential to use the right flat iron that gives you straight, damage-free, shiny hair.

As there are tons of flat keratin irons available in the market, choosing the right Keratin iron would cost you a good amount of time. To make the task easier in this article we’ve reviewed the best flat irons for keratin treatments that will help you achieve your desired results instantly.

What is a keratin flat iron?

Keratin is the protein that makes up our hair, nails, and skin. With age, this element diminishes leaving the hair brittle, dull, and rough. This is why you need to switch from your regular flat iron to a keratin flat iron.

Though keratin flat irons, look similar to regular ones they are built with keratin-infused plates that straighten the hair. They preserve the natural protein of the hair and eliminate frizz. Bringing your locks back to life once again!

These tools give high heat output that seals hair cuticles ensuring shiny and silky tresses that last for a longer period. And the best part is that they suit every hair type!

What is a Brazilian keratin treatment?

Brazilian keratin treatment (aka Brazilian Blowout) is a chemical procedure done to get shinier, silky, and straight hair. It cuts down frizz and moisturizes the hair so that you can manage your hair with ease.

Though the cost of getting the hair keratin-treated is a bit too high, it’s worth it, as the look lasts for over 6 months. Besides, for the best results, it’s suggested to get the Brazilian treatment done from a trustworthy salon.

Can I use a flat iron after keratin treatment?

This is the most common question amongst all those who get their hair treated with Keratin.

And, the simple answer to this is “Yes”.

In fact, for the first three days, it is recommended to straighten your hair twice a day with a flat iron to ensure that the keratin gets absorbed in the hair faster.

However, you should be careful with the kind of flat iron you are using. It’s generally recommended to use titanium or ceramic plated flat irons that can achieve a temperature of 450F. Plus, it’s quite obvious that you can’t use the iron at a high temperature always. So, make sure you get one that allows variable temperature adjustments.

Furthermore, keratin gets reactivated with heat, thus you can always use a flat iron to retrieve your glossy look at home.

Why are Titanium plates important?

The material of the flat iron plates also plays an important role. Normally, keratin flat irons with titanium plates tend to give amazing results.

Titanium metal is capable of reaching high temperatures within a few seconds and distributes the heat evenly. Additionally, as you start straightening your hair strands the plates will retain the heat levels consistently. As a result, you get beautiful, shiny, and straight hair in a few minutes.

Not only this but, Titanium plated flat irons deliver excellent results faster when used to straighten thick hair. 

6 Best Flat Irons for Keratin Treatment

Now that you’ve learned about different keratin hair straighteners it’s time to review the best ones. Excited? Let’s begin!

1. Professional 1″ Hair Straightener by Karma Beauty Great for Keratin Treatment

Karma Beauty is the best keratin flat iron, professionally designed to suit all hair types. It comes with Titanium Zen that allows you to curl, straight, and wave your hair in just a single pass without any frizz.

This flat iron features MCH (Metal Ceramic Heaters) that offers quick temperature recovery along with rapid heat up time. The product can be used at various temperature settings ranging from 122F to 450F depending on your hair texture. It can be used during and after a keratin treatment.

If you are fond of traveling, you’ll fall in love with this product. It’s light in weight and has 1-inch titanium plates. Its 360-degree swivel and 8-feet-long cord are specifically designed to give you the freedom to style with comfort. It also supports dual voltage (110V – 240V), therefore you can use it in any country across the globe without any worries!

This hair straightener can deliver excellent results for both thick and thin tresses without causing any damage. Not to forget, its cool tips, that make it a perfect tool for curling hair as well.

  • Approved for Brazilian keratin treatments
  • Contains auto shut-off function
  • Supports dual voltage
  • Even heat distribution
  • Rounded cool tips for easy styling
  • Ideal product for gifting due to pink color
  • Cannot be locked
  • Not suitable for wet hair

2. KIPOZI Professional Hair Straightener

Designed with the user’s comfort in mind, the KIPOZI hair straightener is the best flat iron for keratin treatment. No matter what your hair length is (short or long), style it the way you want with this tool. The KIPOZI iron gives you the versatility to curl, straight, and shape your hairs without tugging

The flat iron possesses 1.75-inch-wide titanium plates capable of styling super thick hair within minutes. The heat settings can be adjusted from 170F to 450F depending on the type of hair. The floating titanium plates allow strands to pass effortlessly without getting pulled and add volume to them.

With the non-tangle 8-feet long swivel cord, this KIPOZI titanium flat iron ensures ease of use. And its universal voltage feature makes it usable worldwide. The keratin flat iron has an LCD that makes it easy to read and adjust the heat settings.

Plus, no need to worry about overheating, as the iron shuts-off automatically after non-use for up to 60 minutes. And it has an intelligent temperature reduction function. The wide plates maintain even temperature; hence you get glossy, straight hair that can last for a whole day!

  • Suitable for Brazilian keratin treatments
  • Wide plates for styling
  • 60-minute auto shut-off function
  • Variable heat settings
  • Can be used worldwide
  • Not suitable for straightening wet hair

3. DORISILK Nano Titanium Flat Iron

The DORISILK Nano Titanium Glittering flat iron not only delivers excellent results but also comes in an adorable design. The iron is coated with more than 2400 pieces of beautiful sparkling rhinestones, which make it an ideal gifting product.

Moving on to the features, this iron comes with 1-inch titanium floating plates that allow faster styling without pulling or snagging. It’s suitable for all types of hair including long, short, coarse, thin, thick, and dry.

The best flat iron for a keratin treatment is capable of reaching up to 470F high temperature within 30 seconds. The 3D floating plates provide shiny and healthy straight hairs in just one-two passes. It allows heat adjustments from 120F to 470F, making it a good choice for keratin treatments as well. And has a digital LCD display that allows you to read the temperature.

The glittering flat iron is also travel-friendly as it has a worldwide dual voltage feature (110V – 240V). Hence, you can straighten or curl your hairs with this 2 in 1 straightener, while traveling to any corner of the world.

  • Shuts off automatically after 60 minutes of non-use
  • Heats up within 30 seconds
  • Travel-friendly hair straightener
  • Supports up to 470F high temperature
  • Suitable for a keratin treatment
  • Stones might fall off after longer use
  • Does not have a lock feature

4. Brazilian Heat BBH3003 Keratin-Safe Flat Iron

The Brazilian Heat after dark flat iron is amongst the best flat irons for keratin-treated hair. The iron has an elegant design and is easy to handle.

This Brazilian iron has extra-long titanium plates that give shinier, frizz-free, and sleek hair, regardless of the hair type. It’s in fact, capable of straightening even the thick, coarse hair in just one swipe.

Additionally, the tool allows temperature adjustments from 250F to 450F that seals the keratin treatments perfectly. The tool heats super-quick (in 30 seconds), so you can start styling as soon as you plug it in.

And the interesting part! This keratin flat iron has a ceramic heater, which prevents your skin from burning even when it’s close to the scalp. It has a locking feature that saves you from accidentally changing the temperature while using.

The iron comes with a thermal pouch to keeps your countertop free from burn marks. Also, the 8-feet long, 360-degree swivel cord makes styling with the machine extremely convenient.

  • Rapid heat up within 30 seconds
  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • Provides variable heat settings
  • Supports locking feature
  • Extra-long titanium plates
  • Free thermal pouch
  • Does not have a dual voltage
  • Not suitable for wet hair

Flat Irons with Keratin-Infused Plates

Flat irons with keratin-infused plates are those whose plates have Argan oil or micro-conditioners. They nourish the hair, making them look shinier, healthier, and silky. They are a great alternative to keratin treatment as well.

5. BaByliss Pro Keratin Straightening Iron

When it comes to beauty products, BaByliss is highly known for its professional styling tools. The BaByliss Pro keratin straightening iron is the best flat iron with keratin-infused titanium plates.

The titanium plates provide smooth gliding, without pulling or snagging the hair. They last longer and heat up quickly. Also, the infused keratin seals the hair cuticles and enhances their shine.

The machine provides silky, long-lasting styling results instantly. It can be used for performing Brazilian keratin treatments as well as to style treated hair. The iron is capable of heating up to 450F temperature, ensuring proper sealing of keratin treatment.

BaByliss Pro Keratin straightening iron is lightweight and easy to manage. Hence, you can even straighten thick hair comfortably. The heat is distributed evenly across the plates, to ensure smooth and straight tresses in a single pass. It gives silky, frizz-free, shiny hair that lasts till you wash your mane.

The iron has digital temperature adjustments for precise control. Additionally, you can view the temperature easily using its digital display. Do learn more about Babyliss flat irons reviews?

  • Ideal for performing keratin treatment
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Can heat up to 450F
  • Provides longer-lasting hair styling
  • Digital display to view the temperature
  • Does not support dual voltage
  • No auto shut off feature available

6. Remington S8590 Keratin Therapy Straightener

The Remington Keratin Therapy Straightener is one of the best keratin flat iron with interesting features. The product is built with SmartPRO sensor technology which monitors the moisture level of your hair and adjusts the temperature accordingly. This results in 3x less damage and shinier, sleeker, smooth styles.

The Remington straightener supports rapid heat up, which allows you to start styling your locks right after plugging-in. It provides 5 different temperature settings up to 450F. The machine also shuts-off automatically after 60 minutes of non-usage.

This flat iron comes with 1-inch ceramic coated plates infused with keratin conditioners. Apart from that, the smart sensor protects your hair from over-exposure by adjusting the temperature based on your hair texture. Hence, you get shiny, smooth, damage-free tresses ready within a few minutes!

And with the 360-degree swivel cord, you get the freedom to straighten, curl, or wave your hair comfortably. Plus, you also get a travel bag with a straightener. So, you can always carry it on your trips too! Take a look at some of the top-rated Remington hair straighteners.

  • 30 seconds rapid heat uptime
  • SmartPRO sensor technology for temperature monitoring
  • 5 heat adjustment settings
  • Supports up to 450F temperature
  • Auto shut-off within 60 minutes of non-usage
  • Does not have a dual voltage


How to Pick the Best Flat Iron for Keratin Treated Hair: Buying Guide

Once you know that there are flat irons available in the market for keratin-treated hair, the next question is “How to choose your ideal one?”

There are several points to consider before purchasing a flat iron for keratin-treated hair. Let’s check the essential features that every hair straightener should have.

1. Titanium Plates:

Titanium-plated hair straighteners are highly recommended for keratin-treated hair. The titanium plates heat up faster and retain heat for a longer period, making it extremely easy to style even the super thick hair.

Titanium plates not only reach high temperatures but also do not fluctuate heat. The heat is also evenly distributed as compared to ceramic irons. This way keratin gets activated and gives the hair a perfectly smooth finish.

2. Adjusting Temperature

High heat is necessary to activate and seal the keratin in the hair cuticles. After getting your hair treated with keratin it is good to expose them to high temperatures regularly. This helps activate the keratin and maintaining the sleek look.

You should always pick a keratin flat iron that features adjustable heat settings. It should be capable of heating up to at least 450F. This will deliver the best results.

3. Other Features

A good Keratin flat iron needs to have smart moisture adjustment and adjustable heat settings. The plates should have a rounded clamp that makes it easy to handle the hot tool. Also, it should have floating plates to ensure no gap between the plate, resulting in even heat distribution.

In addition to this, the size of the flat iron also matters. If you have fine or thin hair, a narrow-sized flat iron can get the job done. Alternatively, if you’ve got long or thick hair, it’s better to opt for a wide plate flat iron.

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After reading all the reviews, you might have understood why it is essential to get the best flat iron for keratin treatment for maintaining your glossy and healthy look.

While we love all the above-mentioned products, our top recommendation is the KIPOZI Professional Flat Iron. The product is a perfect fit for women with all sorts of hair and has all the features you’ll ever require in a keratin-iron. It’s budget-friendly, has a dual voltage function, and provides variable heat settings too!

In short, the keratin flat iron is all you need to style your hair without stepping into the salon!

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