8 Best Flat Irons for Natural Hair [African American] – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Looking for the best flat iron for natural hair can be a real task especially when the market is profuse with various models. And if you are African-American with Afro-textured hair, or kinky hair, you may have to look for one that could be used for regular styling while protecting your tresses from damage. With every other brand having at least three models, while one is good at protecting the hair from getting damaged and the other having the right palette, it gets tricky. Fret no more and get a salon-level result at your home and style your hair to match any occasion. 

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8 Best Flat Irons for Natural Hair

1. BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Straightener – Best Overall Flat Iron for Natural Hair

With high-quality features that are worthy of an investment considering its premium price, BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Straightener is what you need. Not only is it durable and easy to use, but it also has immense styling flexibility while it absorbs heat in a jiffy and distributes it evenly across the plates. The ultra-thin and lightweight design help you to flip your hair with limitless creativity.

Its heat settings range from 500F to 450F which gives us 50 settings in total. The Nano-Titanium barrel that the curling iron consists of, allows the infrared heat to penetrate through to the hair shaft and deliver smooth, frizz-free curls. The built-in ion generator enables the release of negative ions whose objective is to prevent your tresses from getting frizzy.

There are two types of plates available which you can choose from depending on the type of hair you have. Pick either 1 inch or 1½ inch full plates depending on what best suits your length, texture, and thickness for your hair.

  • Lightweight and ultra-thin that eliminates fatigue
  • High resistance to corrosion due to its titanium plates, hence durable
  • Quickly styles even coarse hair
  • Strength and smoothness boosted with the help of Sol-Gel Ceramic Technology
  • Three-year limited warranty
  • Incapable of being used on wet or damp hair
  • Retains heat even when plugged off
  • Expensive
  • Hair may get damaged if not used properly

2. INFINITIPRO by CONAIR Tourmaline Ceramic Flat IronBest Flat Iron for 4C Hair

The market has an abundance of hair straighteners that come in various ranges, whether in colours, sizes or prices. However, if what you seek is a cost-effective hair straightener that delivers long-lasting results, then here is an exquisite flat iron for you. 

Infinity Pro uses tourmaline ceramic technology to provide heat for frizz-free hair and delivers a smooth, gentle shine, which lasts for months. What makes this even better is that the flat iron only takes up to 15 seconds to heat up. The heat spreads evenly across the entire plate to provide the user with utmost control of the device. Set the heat as high as 455 F and style your hair the way you prefer it to be. 

The plates are about 29 per cent longer than usual flat irons, which let you straighten and style chunks of hair at one go to finish up quickly. The ceramic coating is three times smoother which enables the plates to glide swiftly across your hair. 

Choose between 30 heat settings appropriate to the thickness and texture of your hair. Reduce frizz, flyaways while protecting your hair from thermal damage and style long, thick hair to get a salon-like result at home.

  • Takes 15 seconds to heat up
  • Fast glide due to ceramic coating
  • Auto-shutoff prevents overheating
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Technology
  • Controls might be tricky to use
  • Lacks digital reading for temperature


3. HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline – Best Cheap Flat iron for African american hair

Consisting of various features that result in a brilliant performance, HSI Professional Glider Ceramic Tourmaline might just be the right choice to look out for. Amongst the best and worth the price in the market as it provides you with a kit of essential tools that are bound to make your hair frizz-free and better. 

The major concern that people face while ironing their hair is the fear of damaging with the heat. However, HSI Professional glider has microsensors that prevent hair damage and reassure you. The microsensors make sure that the heat is distributed all across the plate which results in it treating the hair equally.

The ceramic plates are one-inch wide that are flexible and highly durable. The ion technology-infused in the plates push backs and secures electricity that prevents frizz. Glide across your hair with ease with no snags or tugs.

You can change the temperature that ranges from 140 F to 400 F in this tool. This allows you to use this hair straightener on any type of hair, whether kinky or fine. It also comes with a dual voltage which allows it to be used across several countries. 

  • As per desire, change or adjust the range of temperature
  • Works brilliantly for all types of hair
  • Dual voltage enables its usage across several countries
  • Flip, curl, and style however you want to
  • Plates fall short

4. KIPOZI Professional – Best Titanium Flat iron for natural hair

Another salon-grade with a pocket-friendly price tag is the KIPOZI Professional Titanium Flat Iron. Due to its strong, nano titanium floating plates that are extremely smooth, it gives excellent results with higher heating degree. It heats quickly and the temperature can rise to 380 F in 15 seconds. It works best on thick, curly hair owing to its varying thermal capacity and nano titanium technology but can be used for any hair type. 

It has a narrow design which makes it feasible for using it on bangs or baby hair. Use it to straighten any type of curl. The PTC heater is another advanced feature that lets you adjust it with useful styling temperatures. This results in minimal breakage i.e., around 80 % less breakage. With this, there is no need for you to worry regarding damaged hair. 

It is very convenient and safe while using as it features auto-off which shuts the flat iron off if it is idle for 90 minutes. The cord is 8-foot in size and has a 360 swivel that lets you use it flexibly and has a system with dual voltage. 

  • 15 seconds in total to heat up
  • LCD Display
  • Long-lasting result due to strong plates
  • Safe temperature range
  • Best flat iron for coarse natural hair
  • Signs of corrosion on the plate at times
  • Lacks durability

5. GHD Platinum Ceramic Flat Iron – Best professional flat iron for black hair

The world’s very first smart hair straightener that can predict what exactly your hair requires, ghd Platinum Ceramic Flat Iron promises a strong, healthy, and shiny outcome. The built-in sensor in GHD straighteners can tell what your type of hair is and monitors the temperature. It helps you with finding the right amount of temperature that is consummate for any hair type. The sensor helps with 70% less breakage. It offers colour protection twice than any other tool, which prevents the hair to wane and get dull if it is dyed. 

The Ultra-Zone feature that is infused, produces heat across and all over the plate consistently. Just a stroke can tame, straighten, and make your hair shiny. Use this product to curl, flip, and style your hair however you want to. The heat goes up to 365 F which makes it possible for the tool to not be the ideal flat iron for a few hair types. 

  • Advanced and smart features
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Predicts haircare needs
  • Heat monitor
  • Expensive
  • Heat settings are not adjustable /li>

6. Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Iron Smooth+ Flat Iron

Another magnificent flat iron which is perfect for all kinds of hair type regardless that provides you with amazing results is Paul Mitchell Pro Tools Express Iron Smooth+ Flat Iron. In case you have hair that is fragile which is prone to get damaged, this tool is the one, to get salon level performance. The ceramic plates that are cushioned, transform dry, dull hair into glossy and shiny. The negative ions prevent from excessive breaking and dulling. They lock moisture in once they penetrate every hair strand. 

The 1.25inch wide ceramic plate delivers a quick and efficient job while straightening long length hair type. Due to its size, short hair, very long hair, thick tresses, it works for all of them. The combination of silicone and ceramic makes it smooth and snag-free during the process of straightening. 

It does not come with an auto-shut off, however, it has an LCD screen that lets you monitor and control the temperature.  

  • Fast heating and recovery rate
  • LCD Display to monitor and adjust the temperature
  • Ceramic plates are wider
  • Infrared Technology
  • Expensive
  • No auto-shutoff feature

7. CHI G2 Ceramic and Titanium 1-1/4” Straightening Hairstyling Iron

The heavy-duty plates of this tool are made up of two materials, titanium and ceramic to provide you with an all-rounder experience and deliver great results. The titanium plate determines the rapid and quick heating and the ceramic plate distributes the heat equally all across. The 1.25-inch width on the plate helps you to press more chunks of hair due to its wider space. This gets the work done faster than other tools. 

The ceramic plat runs smoothly, not allowing hair to be pulled or snagged. It leaves the hair shinier and does not burn or damage the locks. The digital display will monitor the temperature. It features a button (mode) with pre-set temperature and takes about 40 secs to warm up. Temperature increase is 425 F at maximum. Temperature setting is colour coded to distinguish between the temperatures that suit best for your hair. The auto-shutoff is for 1 hour for safety. 

  • Material is high in quality
  • 1-hour auto-shutoff
  • Fast heat up and recovery
  • Highly functional
  • Not as durable

8. CROC Classic Nano-Titanium Best small size flat iron for african american hair

The best and most convenient iron rod for beginners for easy styling of their hair. It straightens out hair whether it is coarse or afro with ease. This mini flat iron is small in size so it can be used on short hair too. It was made with keeping precautionary measures in mind and has an auto-shutoff feature. The plates are equipped with titanium iconic plates that have far-infrared heat. This enables you to achieve smooth and shiny hair while preventing damage.

The iron heats up to 450 F which is ideal for wany, think, and coarse hair. The plate is about 1 inch and the whole tool weighs 1 pound only. It makes use of dual-voltage that lets you use it all over the world. 

  • Plates are silver titanium
  • Works for all types of hair
  • Professional Styling
  • Auto-shutoff to be safe
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Expensive
  • Can snap off the ends of your hair

How to choose the Best Flat Iron for Natural Black Hair 

There is more to deciding on which flat iron to buy than going through a list. Here lies a comprehensive guide that would make it easier to narrow down the list of straighteners for natural hair to what you desire and suits you best. Understand the product features you want to buy through the specifications and get the best straightener that suits your hair and budget.

The Type and Length of Your Black Hair

While getting a hair straightener/flat iron one of the most crucial things to do is to study the texture, length, the condition your hair in is. For example, in case you have fragile hair, straighteners that have high heat will eventually end up burning your tresses. And because black hair comes in various types, ranging from coarse, thick, curly, short, thin it is important to carefully browse through the ideal product.

For coarse and thick hair, flat irons that warm up around 450 F can do a better job while styling than other tools with a lesser temperature. This hair type can withstand heat and will not get damaged. However, you should opt for a milder flat iron in case you have hair that are receptive to damage, colour-treated, or are already damaged. Getting a straightener that can adjust between temperatures 350 F to 380 F is an ideal choice 

Adjustable Temperatures Settings

Flat irons come with various unique features in the market that are ideal for hair accordingly. The most common feature, the settings that let you adjust the temperature which makes it easier to use for any hair type as it provides you with more control. Choose the perfect temperature and style your hair however you prefer it to be.

It is known that static temperature is at times prone to damage your hair since people’s hair is different. Similarly, it is only plausible if they have varied needs. Not all flat irons have this feature so getting one that enables you to adjust the temperature is necessary. Get a hair straightener with a wide temperature range so that you have options to choose from while adjusting the temperature.

Plate Material and Size

Another indispensable thing to keep into consideration while purchasing the right flat iron is the iron plates. Manufacturers use many types of materials while creating the iron plates but ceramic and titanium are the ideal ones. Despite them being great, they have very different properties and deliver varied results. Titanium, considered to be stronger, hence, it is durable. While Ceramic warms up smoother and distributes it evenly across the plate. There are flat irons out there that have both these plates together working simultaneously. Get the best of both worlds with these flat irons that heat up swiftly and equally all over the plates.

The size also matters in flat irons. Choosing plate size that would work best and quickly, depends on the length and thickness of the hair. Getting a thicker plate is plausible if you have thick and long hair as it gives you more area. In case you have short hair, then consider getting a flat iron which is narrow or an inch. 

Multi Functionality

Getting a multi-functionality hair straightener would be an investment for the long run to get salon standard performance. You should be able to curl, flip, straighten, and style your fair flexibly. This feature is necessary if you travel a lot or like to change your style frequently.

Safety Feature

While purchasing or dealing with any power appliances, safety is a must. There are flat irons that have an auto-shutoff feature that is effective for mishap prevention measures. This feature enables the tool to shut off after minutes of idleness. Various flat irons have different auto-shutoff timer settings ranging from 40 minutes, 60 minutes, and some with even 120 minutes. After it crosses the time being idle it’ll shut off on its own.

Comfort and Ease of Use

If you are going to invest in a pricey product to achieve the best salon standard result at home, getting a flat iron that is convenient to use and provides comfort is logical. The flat iron should provide you with an optimal grip that lets you grab onto it comfortably. With easy access to the controls, it also needs to be lightweight for you to carry around or to prevent you from getting fatigued holding it up.

For easy manoeuvre and to prevent it from getting tangled, a 360-degree swivel cord makes its handling easier. Monitor the temperature with the help of an LCD for you to monitor. These features make the entire experience of styling your hair convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is titanium or ceramic flat iron better for black hair?

It really depends on the hair type you have. If you have thick locks, it requires excessive heat and titanium works the best. Ceramic works for hair that is fine as it requires less heat. Choose according to the hair type you have such as the texture, length, and condition your hair is in.

What is the least damaging hair straightener for black hair?

The tool that will least damage your hair depends on what suits your hair the best. No ‘one’ flat iron could prevent your hair from damage. But to keep it to a minimum you will have to consider which hair straightener matches your hair type. People have varied types of hair with their own specific needs, so there are various tools too accordingly.

How often can I use a hair straightener on african american hair? 

Using it too often can result in it to damage your hair. Keeping its usage to a limit will prevent that from happening or will at the least not damage as much. Using hair straighteners once in a week would be ideal if you have frequent use of them. 

What to Consider Before Straightening African American Hair?

Flat iron your hair only when it has been recently shampooed. It is the easiest and the most efficient way. Make sure your hair is clean, moisturized, and very well-conditioned.

If you brush out very curly hair when it is dry there are chances of it to break more. Ensuring that your hair is in the state that incurs damage the least could help protect your hair.

Detangle your hair post shower, and separate it into four sections. Take time while doing this to effective results while flat ironing.

Air dry your hair or use the lowest setting on the blower. Minimize the exposer of your hair towards heating elements. However, if you do choose to blow dry it, use the lowest setting or cooling effect.

Before blow drying or flat ironing, use a heat protectant. Carefully apply it to every section of your head, from the root to the tip. Refrain from making flat ironing an everyday routine as your hair will incur damage. Keep it to a minimum and prevent adding heat too much to your hair.

How to Straighten African American Hair with a Flat Iron: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Well-Conditioned Hair

Keep your hair moisturized or well-conditioned before applying the flat iron on your hair. This is done to assure you of the fact that your hair is in a position to handle the heat that does not lead to further damage. Heat protectant is helpful but there is only so much heat it can handle, so making sure that you have taken measures from your side too will help reduce the damage. 

Step 2: Flat Iron Clean Hair

Flat iron only after your hair is freshly shampooed and conditioned. Applying heat to hair when it has dirt or products on it bakes it in your hair. Even though it straightens your hair it incurs more damage than usual. 

Step 3: Use Serum or Smoothening Balm

Apply serum or smoothing balm after washing your hair. However, keeping your hair rid of chemicals is ideal but there are humidity-resistant products that deliver a cleaner look. 

Step 4: Apply Heat Protectant 

Us heat protectant once your hair is dry to each section of your hair. A heat protectant is helpful but it does not protect your hair if the heat is too high. Try to use your hair straightener at the temperature of 340 F.

Step 5: Refrain from Applying Oil Before Ironing 

If you desire lightweight and bouncy hair, avoid applying oil to your hair before ironing. If you apply oil it will only lead to you damaging and drying your hair. You can apply it after you are done ironing. 

Step 6: Flat Iron Dry Hair 

For long-lasting results, flat iron only the section or part of the hair that is dry. Flat ironing hair with is damp will lead it to frizz up. Blow-dry or air-dry your hair before using the tool on your hair. You can always air dry your hair 80 per cent and then blow dry so that your hair sustains less heat before the actual pressing.

Step 7: Slow and Steady 

Hair straightening or flat ironing requires controlled movement and requires steady time to go through the entire process. If you rush it, you might not be able to get the result that you wish for and if you let it sit at a place for longer it might damage your hair. Begin from the roots and pull the flat iron down in one smooth go. Making one good pass would be ideal as dealing with more heat could cause damage. Running a comb right in front of the flat iron gives it a better result. Get incredibly sleek locks by doing this method.

Step 8: Adjust the Temperature

Keep adjusting the temperature according to the section of hair you are dealing with. Not all parts of our hair require the same heat to tame it. For example, if your crown is curlier you can increase the heat and while going downwards if your hair is a little straighter then decrease the temperature. 

Step 9: Ironing Small Sections

Do not deal with more hair at once. Try not to iron chunks of hair that are wider or thicker than an inch at a given time. Chunky sections will not straighten properly if you do otherwise. 

Step 10: Covering Hair at Night

Wrap your hair with silk or satin so that the result from ironing remains for a longer period. Next morning all you will have to do is comb your hair and set out. Usage of heat daily will ruin your hair so taking measures that keep your hair straight for a longer time will be useful.

6 Tips for Caring for African American Hair 

  1. You should wash your hair once a week or every other week. Using this can help to stop build-up in hair care ingredients, which may be drying to the hair. A conditioner is a safe option. Conditioner can be used when you shampoo your hair every day. Do be sure to brush the ends of your hair with conditioner, since the ends are the oldest and most delicate component of your hair. 
  1. You should treat your hair using a hot oil remedy about every two months. Adding moisture and elasticity to your hair is another benefit of this formula. 
  1. To avoid heat disruption, use a heat protecting product before styling. Adding this to damp hair before styling will help to mitigate harm to the hair induced by the sun. 
  1. Using relaxers needs severe vigilance. If you care for your hair, you can go to a licensed hairstylist any time you use a relaxer to help avoid harm. Fading should only be performed every two or three months, and it should only be done on freshly developed hair. To stop needing to process relaxed hair again, do not use a relaxer on already relaxed hair. 
  1. Combs and irons made of ceramic are excellent instruments for pressing hair. If you’d like to straighten or press your hair, you should use a ceramic iron or a wide-toothed comb, and you should only do so once per week. For the best performance, use a straightening system with a dial to make sure the device is not too hot. For the best performance, set the oven temperature as low as possible while still having the results you expect. for hair that is thicker, coarse, and more resistant to heat, a higher temperature might be needed. 
  1. It is necessary to ensure that braids, cornrows, or weaves are not too close. If you feel discomfort when your hair is being curled, inform the stylist and suggest that the procedure be replicated. Pain equates to injury.


With the help of this list, you no longer have to worry about what flat iron is best for black hair in the market. Choose any hair straightener from these top brands that suit you the best. However, because of the list, we have provided it only makes sense if we had our pick too. BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Straightening Iron would be the top pick for black hair considering the amazing results it delivers. Not only is it durable, but easy to use and safe.

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