The Best Flat Iron for Silk Press – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Ever dreamt of walking out of the house with perfectly aligned, shiny, straight tresses, that stay in place all the time? However, to get really amazing results like dreams, you’ll have to invest in buying the best flat iron for silk press.

Well, with a silk press you can make your wish come true, that too without visiting a salon!

Yeah, you heard it right? A silk press will give you natural straight, glossy hair that looks relaxed and is easy to manage. It is a great way to give the hair a whole new look without applying harsh chemicals, especially for those women who’ve got dry, curly, or kinky hair.

We’ve picked the best silk press flat irons and reviewed them for you. So without wasting any time, read our thoughts below!

What type of flat iron is best for Silk Press?

If smooth, sleek locks are all that you are after, it’s necessary to get the correct flat iron to do the job.  Though before getting one, you might want to consider a few aspects to make sure you are bringing home the best silk press iron. The main point to consider first is the plate material.

As you see, silk press is all about giving your tresses a healthy and shiny look. It is recommended to settle for a flat iron with titanium plates that are ideal for natural hair. These plates glide over the hair smoothly as well as distribute heat evenly. They also produce negative ions which result in beautiful silkier locks in a single pass.

Top 8 Best Flat Irons for Silk Press Reviewed

1. CROC Classic Silver Titanium Flat Iron, 1.5 inch – WinnerBest Silk Press Flat Iron with premium features

For those who love premium stylish products, the CROC Classic Silver Titanium Flat Iron is a great option. 

If you are tired of styling your long or thick hair with the narrow plates, here’s the relief! The CROC flat iron comes with 1.5-inch wide plates and is the fastest heating iron in the market. It literally reaches up to 450F temperature within seconds. And during breaks, while styling, the temperature automatically drops down to 370F.

With the CROC Classic Flat Iron, you can shape your hair strands in any manner you want, straight, flip, or curl.

To make your styling comfier and quicker, this iron comes with silver titanium floating plates and is operated digitally. So, the end results will always be shiny, smooth, frizz-free locks, that last throughout the day!

Also, the long 9 feet swivel cord allows you to seat far from the socket while styling. And of course, the tool is a dual voltage straightening iron, so you can use it anywhere in the world! Just don’t forget to keep an adapter with you!

  • Easy handling with deluxe thumb grip
  • Shuts-off automatically within 30-minute of non-usage
  • Glides effortlessly through hair strands without frying
  • Comparatively expensive

2. BaByliss PRO Nano Silk Press Hair Straightener with Ultra-high Temperature – Runner-up

The BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Prima Ionic Straightener boasts some unique features that make it ideal for silk press.

With this flat iron, you get 20% faster heat up to 465F, which makes it suitable for the most resistant hair types. The dual ceramic heaters and titanium plates pair up perfectly to distribute the heat evenly. And the full-wave thermal technology helps in instant heat recovery as well as maintains a constant temperature.

With ionic technology, you get smoother, shinier, and stunning tresses.

But, what makes this product even more interesting is its design. There is a thumb rest on the handle along with silicon cool tips, that make it easy to hold the iron while styling thicker hair.

Additionally, the straightener has a locking function which makes it easy to store it. 

Not to forget, its LED temperature display that allows you to check the current temperature of the flat iron.

  • Can be used for straightening and curling
  • Allows temperature adjustments
  • Thermal styling glove included
  • Stainless-steel corrosion and warp resistant body
  • The handle gets hot when used for a longer time
  • Due to the ions, you hear a buzzing sound

3. NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener Best for salon-grade results at low cost

The NITION Professional Hair Straightener is one of the top-rated flat irons for silk press that comes at a very affordable rate!

The product features a 5-in-1 heating plate infused with Nanosilver, Argan oil, Tourmaline, and Titanium which locks moisture and results in healthy styling.

Styling with the NITION Hair Straightener is quite easy, thanks to its variable heat settings. With this, you can modify the temperature as per the nature of your hair. Also, instead of a switch to change the temperature, this hair straightener has a rotating feature. Simply, plug it, rotate clockwise or anticlockwise, and begin styling!

The iron heats up rapidly, in just 10 sec. And the C-sensors constantly check the temperature to maintain an even temperature across the plates that doesn’t damage your tresses.

Not only this but, the NITION Professional Hair Straightener is an MCH tool, hence it also saves your time and energy.

For easy packing or storage, you get a travel pouch with this flat iron. And to tie-up the long swivel cord, there is a velcro strap. So you don’t need to worry about the cord getting tangled or damaged.

  • Extra-long heating plate for quick styling
  • LCD display
  • Locking switch available
  • Comes with heat-resistant gloves
  • It might be hard to figure out the temperature settings at first

4. BaBylissPRO Nano Ultra Slim Flat Ironsuitable for all hair types

If you are scouting for a silk press hair straightener that gives you flexibility in terms of temperature, this BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin Flat Iron is the best. The iron features 50 heat settings up to 450F temperature, making it ideal for most hair types.

Though the tool is amazingly slim, it delivers no less than professional-grade results. The 5-inch long titanium plates heat up pretty fast and speed up the styling process.

Plus, it’s lightweight, so you experience no fatigue while styling even thick or long tresses. Choose styling a narrow section or wider section of your hair at once and all you’ll get is a stunning salon-grade silk press without any effort.

Not only does the BaByliss PRO ultra-thin straightening iron deliver long-lasting results. But the flat iron itself is built with durable materials that protect it from corrosion and increase its lifespan.

Although the price of this flat iron is high, taking into account all the features of this BaByliss flat iron, it’s totally worth it!

  • Provides LED temperature settings
  • Smooth titanium plates for easy gliding
  • Built with ionic technology
  • Not suitable for very thin hair

5. KIPOZI Professional Flat IronLightweight Option For Versatile Styling

Crafted with double titanium plates, the KIPOZI professional flat iron is all set to give you stunning styles.

This flat iron is equipped with 1.75-inch floating plates, which let you style a wider section of your hair at once. The PTC ceramic heater helps it in beating most other silk press flat irons, by ensuring that your hair color remains the same.

With the smooth, easy-to-glide plates, your hair is always protected from breakage. Further, the hair straightener allows you to modify the temperature settings. So that you are always using the one that doesn’t damage your locks.

Besides, the iron is also capable of traveling with you to all parts of the world. Cause it’s dual voltage and can be locked and packed in your luggage anytime!

Above all, this KIPOZI flat iron for silk press is also a great option for gifting to your love, sister, or any other special woman of your life. As it is economical and comes in a cute black and gold design. Which enhances the beauty of this product.

  • Rapid heat up in just 15-seconds
  • Digital LCD display
  • Extra-long swivel cord
  • Not recommended for fragile hair
  • The handle gets hot when used for a long time

6. FURIDEN ProfessionalBest 2-in-1 Silk Press Flat Iron

FURIDEN Professional Hair Straightener is one of the best silk press flat iron for natural hair. It comes with 4.7 inches of extra-long mirror plates that maintain the moisture of your tresses and give them a shinier look.

With the FURIDEN Titanium Flat Iron, you’ll never be late for those late-night parties, as it heats up instantly. It even allows variable temperature settings to protect your hair from damage. And of course, the wide plates reduce the styling time significantly.

Also, when you get bored of the pin-straight style, you can switch to bouncy curly tresses without thinking twice with this 2-in-1 styling tool.

The long 360-degree swivel cord makes it extremely easy to reach even the trickiest parts of your hair. Besides, the easy-to-grip design of the handle helps you style your hair comfortably without getting your hand fatigued.

And if you are wondering that, to bring home such a premium quality hair straightener, you’ll need to burn your pocket, you are wrong! This FURIDEN Titanium Flat Iron is not going to cost you $50.

Hence, you get a salon-grade silk press with this flat iron at a pretty much affordable rate!

  • Invisible digital temperature screen
  • Travel-friendly straightener
  • Floating plates with curved edges for easy curling
  • Comes with only a 6-month warranty
  • Does not have an automatic shut-off function

7. INFINITI PRO by CONAIR RainbowStylish Hair Straightener For Outstanding Results

If you are willing to bring home a stylish hair tool that also gives exceptional styles. Then think no more and get the INFINITI PRO CONAIR Rainbow Flat Iron. 

This flat iron comes with uniquely designed titanium plates with rainbow finishing. The plates smoothly glide through the hair strands without snagging or pulling them.

To eliminate frizz from the tresses, this INFINITI PRO flat iron is built with ionic technology. This maintains your silky, sleek style for up to 24 hours. So, your locks will never get the chance to turn unruly while you’re busy partying!

Moreover, it heats up to 450F in only 30 seconds, hence you can start styling as soon as you power it up. Also, if you are ever in a hurry and forget to shut off the flat iron, it will sleep automatically within 30 minutes.

The downside of this silk press hair straightener is that it’s only operational at 110V. Therefore, you won’t be able to use it in abroad countries without a convertor.

  • Tames frizz
  • 6-feet long cord
  • Can be used for waves also
  • Cannot be locked
  • Not suitable for very thin hair

8. CHI G2Sleek Straightening Iron For Instant Styles

The CHI Flat irons for Silk Press are widely known for ceramic floating plates. But the CHI G2 Flat Iron comes with a combination of Titanium and ceramic plates which give next-level styling results.

These plates heat up super-fast and last longer than the normal ceramic ones. They even help in smooth, snag-less styling. And they work really fast! 

Let’s say if your normal flat iron takes 40 minutes for silk pressing your tresses. This iron would get the job done in just 20 minutes. That’s amazing, right?

Not only this but, the CHI G2 straightening offers three different temperature modes ranging from 370F to 425F. And these temperature settings are color-coded, which makes it extremely easy to identify the current temperature.

It even comes with a heat-protection mat, so if you are one of those not-so responsible humans. No stress! Your countertop will not get damaged due to the heat of the flat iron.

Above all, the price of this silk press flat iron is only $69, which makes it a quite affordable hair styling product.

  • Heats up rapids
  • Shut-off automatically when not attended up to 1 hour
  • Ideal for international use
  • Not recommended for curling

Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Best Flat Iron for Silk Press?

Of course, the best flat iron for natural hair silk press is one that gives sleek results, but there are a couple of other features that it should possess to ensure you get the best results. Here are the main features that you should check before picking your flat iron for natural hair silk press.

Ceramic Vs Titanium for silk press

The material of the plates highly matters when it comes to buying a silk press flat iron. Normally, most flat irons nowadays come with either Ceramic or Titanium plates or both.

Ceramic plates work pretty well for styling less coarse tresses. Alternatively, Titanium plates are great for extremely curly hair. Depending on your hair type, you can choose the one that sounds right for you!

Temperature Settings

For versatile styling options, the variable temperature settings function helps a lot. This feature allows you to adjust the temperature of the flat iron as per the type of your hair.

If you purchase an iron that does not reach up to a high temperature, styling thick, coarse, or curly tresses will become a headache! That’s why you need to purchase a flat iron that allows you to modify the temperature and results in damage-free hair.

Make sure plates press together

Another important thing to check in a flat iron is the contact of the plates. When the plates press together without a gap, you can style your tresses easily without pulling or snagging the hair. This also helps in smooth gliding for pin-straight styling.

Automatic Shut-off Feature

Purchasing a flat iron that comes with safety features is a really smart move. That’s the reason you should opt for a flat iron which comes with an auto-sleep mode. Due to this, if you ever forget to power off the hair straightener after using it, it will shut-off automatically after a specific time.

This is quite essential to prevent your home from accidental fires. And to keep your mind at peace!

Does it come with a warranty?

No one ever likes to keep on spending their money on purchasing new flat irons and fixing them every now and then. Hence, you need to get a natural hair silk press flat iron that comes with at least a year’s warranty.

Though most flat irons work well and last up to a pretty long period. There’s no harm in being on the safer side! If in case, something goes wrong you can always claim the warranty and get it repaired.

What is a Silk Press?

A silk press is like an advanced version of the normal press and curl, which gives the natural hair a relaxed look. It is basically done to get manageable, silky, shiny, and soft tresses that are easy to handle.

To achieve the desired results after a silk press, it is essential to use a good flat iron. Also, during silk press, it is necessary to use a heat protectant serum, instead of grease that’s used in the traditional press.

In simple terms, a silk press is a technique that transforms your unruly, unmanageable hair into beautiful-looking locks.

Tips to silk press your hair

Silk press usually lasts for seven to ten days. Also, as the hair is exposed to high heat during the process, there are chances of damage. Hence, to prevent your tresses from getting damaged and to maintain the silk press for a longer time, we’ve got you some tips to follow:

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly at least twice and condition it before silk press.
  2. Apply the heat protectant serum only after the hair gets dry, and then start silk pressing.
  3. Do not move the flat iron slowly over the strands. Instead, maintain a medium speed to save your hair from burning.
  4. Use a hair spray after straightening for longer-lasting results.
  5. After styling, keep your hair far from water, heat, or steam, else it will revert back to the original shape.
  6. At night, wrap your hair with a scarf to keep it protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is silk press the same as flat iron?

No, a silk press is different than a flat iron. In fact, a silk press is actually used to give natural, curly, and kinky hair a relaxed look using hot tools and products. On the other hand, a flat iron is a hair styling tool that is used to straighten or curl hair.

Besides, for a silk press, the temperature needs to be super hot which is not the case in flat iron.

How do I keep my silk press from frizzing?

The easiest and most effective way to save your hair from frizzing is by using a heat protectant serum or anti-frizz serum while styling. 

Also, before the silk press wash your hair with a good shampoo and condition it. This will prevent frizziness even when you use high temperatures on it. 

What should be the temperature of the flat iron for silk press?

Well, for the best results it is ideal to use your flat iron for silk pressing at 450F temperature. This will give you a salon-quality silk press without causing any damage to your hair. But this still depends on the texture of your hair. For finer hair, a low temperature would also work.

Conclusion – So which is the best silk press flat iron

Lastly, all these products provide exceptional styling results. Pick any of these flat irons and you’ll always get those shiny, soft, silky, locks that will enhance your beauty.

Further, out of all the products mentioned the one that we loved the most is the CROC Classic Silver Titanium Flat Iron. The iron comes with long and wide plates that boost the styling speed. And the design of this tool makes it easy to hold and style with this silk press flat iron. So you can never get tired while styling with this flat iron!

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