5 Best GHD Hair Straighteners Reviews in 2021

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There are all kinds of hair straighteners available in the market. But none of the other brands are as promising as a professional quality Best GHD Straightener. GHD has an excellent reputation in the market for making innovative products that are also good for your hair. 

Unlike a lot of brands, GHD does not believe in selling cheap products. Their hair straighteners are mainly high-priced. But you can be sure that your money is going in the right place. You get what you pay for! A professional-quality High – End hair styling experience at home!

However, when you spend lots of money on a flat iron, it is better to do proper research and get the best deal for your hair type. And we are here to help you shed your money more wisely. We have written reviews of the top-quality GHD hair straighteners you must consider buying in 2021.

The 5 Best GHD Straighteners Reviews

1. GHD Platinum+: (Best GHD Straightener For All Hair Types)

GHD Platinum+ Straightener

Like other top-quality & best flat irons, the GHD Platinum+ is an excellent professional quality hair straightener to rely upon. It is a perfect choice for women with chemically treated or damaged hair type, as the ceramic plates glide smoothly and leave your hair shiny and silky for days at a stretch. 

The temperature is just perfect for damaged hair. Not too high, not too low. It will ensure to style your hair and protect it at the same time.

However, this platinum+ flat iron is missing an essential feature. That is an adjustable temperature setting. With just one temperature setting, i.e.185F, it becomes difficult for women with fine or coarse hair to get perfect heat suitable for their hair type.

Even though the GHD claims to adjust the heat automatically on different hair types, it still does not reach the high temperatures offered by other straightener brands in the market. 

  • Universal Voltage (can be used anywhere across the world)
  • De- frizzes the hair (Leaves long-lasting straight effect)
  • Glides smoothly (without pulling hair)
  • Heats up within 15 seconds
  • Leaves the hair with a shiny – smooth feel (even bleached/ damaged hair)
  • 9ft- 360 Degrees swivel cord for convenient self-styling
  • Auto Sleep Mode after 30minutes of no usage
  • Straightens hair in 1 pass per strand
  • Multi-Functional (Straightens, Waves and Curls hair)
  • Plates are short (doesn’t allow wider strands of hair to style at once)
  • Temperature is not ideal for thick hair
  • Design is uncomfortable to hold (Keeps slipping from hand)
  • Does not have a storage pouch

2. GHD Gold( Best GHD Straightener For Thick & Frizzy Hair)

GHD Gold Straightener

This GHD Gold is not just a straightener. It is a hair STYLER!! A complete package in one model.

Yes, you heard it right. GHD has outdone itself once again. With the sleek design, this iron wand will make your life easier and your hair silkier. The edges are curvy to perfection, and they will ensure you get a snag-free styling experience. You can carry a new look every day, with easy straight, wavy, or curly hair using this Gold flat iron.

The combination of ceramics plates and inbuilt heat protectant spray will give you an excellent glide through your hair. 

The GHD Gold flat iron has only one temperature setting that reaches 360F, so this high heat is not quite suitable for thin/ fine hair. However, it is an excellent match for thick & frizzy hair, which requires moisture retain and a long-lasting silky smooth effect. The GHD gold straightener will provide it all. 

  • Heats up super quick – within 20 secs
  • Comfortable to hold (sleek body + Matte handle)
  • ON/OFF Button light (alarms when the temperature has reached the highest and lowest)
  • Easy Clamp. (Does not require much strength/ No more hand fatigue)
  • 9ft – 360Degree swivel cord for comfortable usage
  • Auto Sleep Feature (Turns off the heat after 30mins of no use)
  • It comes with a Silicon sleeve (for storing and traveling when it’s still hot)
  • It makes squeaky noise after every clamp
  • Not ideal for thin hair (Excessive, uncontrollable heat, burns thin/fine hair)
  • Time-consuming (Takes 2-3 glides to style one section of hair)

3. GHD 1/2 inches Gold Mini (Best GHD Professional Straightener for Shot Hair and Travelling)

GHD Gold Mini Professional straightener

All the people out there with short hair/ bangs/ pixie hair cuts etc., this is your chance to have flawless hair. The GHD Gold Mini is a small-sized tool with 1/2 inch plates, which works wonders on small-length hair. 

The mini plates make sure to style your hair as close to the root as possible. Its curvy design will make sure you don’t end up burning your skin while working on the roots. You will experience absolutely no tugs in your hair. And the ceramic plates will de-frizz your hair, making it look silky and shiny.

The GHD mini hair straightener leaves a long-lasting style. And the hairstyle will not get disrupted until you wash your hair.  

The mini gold is also compact enough to become your travel partner. It can easily fit into your bag, hassle-free. However, the small plate size will be inconvenient and time-consuming to style long hair.

  • Straightens hair in one pass
  • Styles hair well even in humid weathers (De-frizzes your hair)
  • Glides smoothly (without pulling hair)
  • Heats up super quickly
  • It leaves a shiny, silky feel on the hair
  • Cord quality is compromised (Tangles and stiffens very quickly)
  • Unreliable Auto Shut off
  • Plates don’t clamp well

4. GHD Gold 2 inches Max Styler (Best For Thick Hair)

GHD Gold Max Styler

The GHD Gold 2 inches Max iron is practically the fastest iron to flatten your hair. It is a perfect choice for women with thick long hair. The 2inches ceramic plates will hold more than, and you can style a thicker strand of hair at once.

The ceramic plates heat up quickly and reach 365 F. They will ensure to style your thick hair faster than ever and flatten evenly. It will hardly take 15mins to style mid-length thick hair type. Now you no more have to spend hours in front of your mirror to style your long pretty hair. 

The sleek design is snag-free, and the curvy plates will help you achieve beautiful waves and dense curls as well—a true versatile hero for thick, coarse hair.  

  • Frizz-Free hair styling (even in humid weathers)
  • Auto Sleeps after 30 minutes of no use
  • Floating plates (For snag-free hairstyling)
  • Heats up within 25 seconds
  • Ceramic plates with Round barrel (Ideal for long hair)
  • The plates make hair smooth – like salon-style straightening
  • Thick Plates (Doesn’t help reach the roots)
  • Non-Sturdy plug and cord
  • It leaves a static in the hair
  • Shorter Chord length of 8feet and tangles easily
  • Does not have a storage pouch

5. GHD Classic Original IV (Best GHD Straightener for occasional users):

GHD Classic Straightener

The Classic Original IV by GHD is like a literal vintage model in the market. It is not super techy or flashy, but it does a great job at straightening your hair and making them silky smooth. 

However, the Classic IV iron has a significant design issue. The plates have a considerably wide gap in between them. They do not clamp entirely, so you might not be able to straighten small strands of hair or fine/thin quality hair.

The GHD Classic consumes a lot of time to work through the entire head, 3-4 strokes per strand of hair. But the results are not compromised. You can rely on this straightener to give you a perfectly straight hairstyle. And it also brings the healthy shine back to your hair.

  • Dual voltage facility
  • Has Manual On and Off button on the wand
  • Sleek Body = Versatile functioning (You can straighten, wave and curl your hair)
  • Heat resistant wand (No more burning hands)
  • LED Indicator turns Red (when the iron is ready to use)
  • Plates don’t clamp well together (pulling hair strands)
  • Bad Plug Grip (Keeps falling off from the switch)
  • Styling doesn’t stand humid weathers (hair gets back to original texture within 5-6 hours. Stays lesser or curly hair)
  • Has no temperature control

Features Of The GHD Flat Irons:

Optimum Styling Temperature:

The GHD flat irons come with only one temperature setting. They are ranging from 185F to 365F. However, it becomes challenging to find the perfect temperature setting suitable for your hair type.

GHD claims that the temperature setting is self-adjusting, and it will change according to your hair’s requirements. 

Overall if you buy a straightener suitable for your hair, then it should be fine. Your task will become easy and stress-free.

 Automatic Shut Off:

The automatic shut-off technology will turn off the heat after no movement in the iron for 30 minutes. You can rely on this feature to shut off on its own. The Auto shut-off is a helpful feature for women with babies or pets at their home, as they no more need to worry if they left the plug on or off.

 Floating Plates:

GHD has special floating plates in all their series of hair straighteners. These plates are made to move according to the thickness of your hair. They make sure to give your hair constant contact with heat. 

With this, you can expect consistent heat throughout styling your hair. And there will be no more snagging, pulling, or breaking of hair.

 Other Key Features:

One of the most highlighted features of GHD flat iron has to be its sleek design. These irons are strategically designed to serve multiple purposes at once. The curvy edges on the plates will not just straighten your hair, but you can also get flawless waves and curls on your hair effortlessly.

The wand is slim and modern; it will give you a professional feel when you use it. The compact design and Universal voltage also make this travel-friendly.

GHD Gold vs. Platinum Straightener:

GHD Gold hair straighteners have a comparatively high-temperature setting. It reaches 365 F within seconds, getting super hot. Hence, making the gold plates suitable for women with thick/ curly/ coarse/ frizzy hair. The hot iron plates will make sure to flatten each strand of hair with even consistency.

Whereas the Platinum plates reach only 185F temperature, making them useable just for thin and fine hair. 

The gold hair straighteners are designed to style your hair to 100%. They will give you a straightened look and also give your hair the required nourishment and shine. You will get a head full of silky, shiny hair.

On the other hand, the platinum plates are heroes at straightening your hair. They will successfully flatten your hair in all condition types. Even humidity will not dare to mess with your hair. The effect is long-lasting, and your hair will remain frizz-free throughout.

Both GHD Gold and Platinum have their pros and cons. However, it is on you to make the right choice based on your hair types. The GHD platinum is more expensive than the gold line of straighteners. And the gold is suitable for all hair types, whereas the Platinum doesn’t work well on curly, coarse hair.

Conclusion – So Which GHD straightener is best?

These are our top handpicked GHD hair straighteners, suitable for all hair types. However, if there has to be the best choice amongst these, it goes to – The GHD Platinum+ Hair Straightener.

This Platinum + flat iron is suitable for all hair types and ideal for damaged hair. The temperature setting is perfect to style chemically damaged hair, as they can’t tolerate too much heat. The floating plates clamp well, so you can be sure of getting closer to the hairstyling experience.

The platinum plates will also leave your hair with a flawless shine. No trace of heat. No trace of damage.

It is worth a deal to spend this money. GHD offers a professional quality service with great products and two years warrants. You can be sure that your money is going into safe hands. 

After all, Hair is a Woman’s permanent crown. And it is worth it!!

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