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Best Infrared Flat Irons – Reviews & Buying Guide

Last Updated on October 19, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

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Do you love sleek, straight tresses but are worried about the damage the heat causes to your hair?

Well, then you should invest in an infrared flat iron!

Unlike traditional straighteners, infrared flat irons are gentler on the hair and use less heat. That means the chances of heat damage get minimal. Especially if you have colored, damaged, or highlighted hair, it’s best to use an Infrared straightening iron.

However, as there are plenty of options available in the market, you’ll indeed have a tough time choosing the best infrared flat iron. Therefore, scroll down to check our favorite products and learn more about selecting the best one!

Considerations When Choosing Infrared Flat Irons

As the hair texture and styling requirements vary from person to person, it’s necessary to find out the perfect infrared straightener for you. Below, we’ve discussed the features to look for in an infrared flat iron to get you started. 


Infrared flat irons are not much expensive. You can find a hair straightener at a cost as low as $20 and an expensive one for more than $150. Also, the features included in the straightener may vary based on the price you pay. 

However, the point of consideration is that you should not settle for a cheaper one just because you’re getting it at a low cost. Instead, you should check its durability, features, and most importantly, see if it’ll suit your hair type. Otherwise, you may regret your purchase!

Infrared Irons With Titanium Or Ceramic Plates

Infrared straighteners come with Titanium or ceramic plates. Ceramic heats up quickly and distributes heat evenly. It reduces frizz and allows smooth gliding. It gives excellent results on both thick and thin hair.

Titanium straighteners also heat up quickly, but they are more powerful than ceramic. They conduct heat uniformly and are more durable. Hence, they work great on thick or coarse hair.

Infrared vs NON-Infrared

Plate Size

You can get Infrared flat irons with plate sizes of 0.5”, 1”, 1.5”, 1.75”, and 2”. Flat irons with smaller plates are excellent for travel, and those with 1-inch plates are good for thin, fine, short-length hair. Simultaneously, hair straighteners with more than an inch wide plates are best for thick, coarse, long-length tresses.

Adjustable Temperature Settings

Infrared flat irons that provide you with variable heat settings give you more control over the temperature. Such hair straighteners let you select your preferred temperature so that your hair doesn’t burn due to excess heat.

Some flat irons let you change the temperature in increments of 10F or greater, while some let you change it precisely. Some infrared flat irons also offer high, medium, or low settings, which give you limited control over the temperature.

Other Features

Apart from the features mentioned above, you need to check a couple of other points as listed below:

  1. Automatic shut-off: This feature is crucial in terms of safety, as it automatically turns off the hair straightener when you leave it unattended to prevent electric shock.
  1. Temperature controls: Infrared flat irons allow you to change the temperature settings by rotating a dial, pressing buttons, or digitally. For beginners, hair straighteners with buttons are more comfortable to use.
  1. Length of Cord: Straightening irons with long, tangle-free cords make it easy to style even the trickiest parts of the head, whereas shorter ones need you to stand close to the power socket.
  1. Beveled-Edges: Flat irons with beveled-edges give you more styling versatility. You can create curls, waves, or flip your hair in addition to straightening with such hair straighteners.

5 Best Infrared Flat Irons – Reviews

1. CROC New Classic – Best Infrared Flat Iron – Experts Choice

croc infrared flat iron

The CROC New Classic Infrared Flat Iron is an excellent hair tool that not only works for color-treated, coarse, or natural hair but is also ideal for Keratin and Brazilian treatments.

The infrared technology allows heat to penetrate the hair cortex faster and detoxifies the hair as well. It lessens the chances of damage due to heat by sealing the moisture in the hair.

Further, the plates of this hair straightener are built of titanium material and are 1.5-inches wide. And they get hot enough to give you pin-straight locks in one to two passes only! It means you can also use this hair tool to style thick and long hair.

In addition to wide plates, the straightener has ceramic heaters, which are responsible for quicker heating. They even ensure proper heat distribution and instant heat recovery while straightening.

The straightener features fully digital adjustable heat settings ranging from 280-450F. Also, you get a 30-minute automatic shut-off feature that activates when the straightener is not in use for peace of your mind.

  • The ventilation system releases excess heat
  • Cool tip and deluxe thumb grip
  • It has a 9-feet long swivel cord
  • It functions on both 110 and 240V
  • The stationary plates sometimes pull the hair

2. CROC 1 1/2 Inch Best Titanium Infrared Flat Iron – Runner Up

croc premium infrared flat iron

Featuring Tri-plate technology, this CROC Titanium Infrared Flat Iron gives salon-quality styles much quickly. Its tri-plate technology allows the plates to glide through the hair gently and faster to provide you with stick-straight locks without damaging the hair.

The straightener comes in a classy black look with red-colored titanium plates. It is ergonomically designed and has a thumb grip for styling comfort. Plus, there is an infrared strip in the middle of the plates that emits infrared rays, which enhance the styling effect.

Moreover, this straightener has 1.5-inch wide plates built of nano-titanium material. It generates negative ions to reduce the positive ions on the hair and boost the hair’s shininess. And the ceramic heaters ensure that the plates heat up instantly so that you don’t have to wait for long to straighten your tresses.

Besides, this CROC Infrared flat iron is capable enough of reaching up to an ultra-high temperature of 450F. Hence, you can straighten the toughest curls in one or two passes only!

  • The heat gets evenly distributed, leaving no cold spots
  • Shuts off automatically after 40-minutes of non-usage
  • It provides digital temperature settings
  • The dual voltage feature does not work properly

3. DORISILK Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Infrared Hair Straightener – Best For All Hair Types

dorisilk infrared flat iron

The DORISILK Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Infrared Straightener uses infrared and ionic technology, which combine to give you salon-grade hairstyles at the comfort of your home!

It comes with extra-wide 2” floating plates that allow you to style long, thick hair quickly. The tourmaline ceramic plates heat within 30 seconds and complete the job in just one or two passes.

The flexible plates adjust as per your hair strands’ thickness, resulting in a smoother, healthier, shinier finish. They even reduce hair fall and heat damage.

Additionally, you get 11 heat settings ranging from 260-450F and a digital display. Hence, you can use it to style fine to coarse hair by simply setting it to your preferred temperature.

Further, this DORISILK straightener works on 110-240V that makes it worldwide usable!

However, the first time you use this infrared flat iron, remember to peel off the plastic film on the plates; otherwise, the plates won’t get hot enough.

  • The plates are lockable
  • Its budget-friendly
  • Suitable for colored or bleached hair
  • Shut-off automatically if not used for 60 minutes
  • Temperature increments/ decrements can be done by 50 degrees only

4. HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Infused Flat Iron – Best For Value

hSi infrared flat iron

The HSI Professional Ceramic Infused Flat Iron provides premium features along with professional results, the sort of which you’d find in pricey hair straighteners.

It boasts tourmaline ceramic plates that instantly transform dry, frizzy, damaged hair into glamorous locks. Due to ceramic, the plates glide through the hair smoothly while Tourmaline moisturizes the hair, and the smart infrared technology saves the hair from damage.

The straightener comes with round-edged, floating plates that allow you to try out different hairstyles, including curls, waves, and flips. 

Moreover, the straightener can work at a low temperature of 240F and a higher temperature of 450F. So you can change the temperature using the plus-minus buttons and use it according to the texture of your hair. There is even an LCD screen to read the current temperature easily.

The packaging also includes some add ons such as a heat-resistant glove, Argan-Oil leave-in conditioner bottle, and heat-protective travel pouch.

  • The plates heat up within 30 seconds
  • It operable on 110 and 240V
  • You can set the auto-sleep time as per your requirement
  • Eliminates frizz and static from the hair
  • It’s expensive

5. Xtava Pro-Satin Straightener – Best For Thick Hair

xtava pro-satin infrared flat iron

The Xtava Pro-Satin Straightener is an ideal straightener if you’ve got thick, curly, or coarse hair.

The straightener features extra-wide 2” plates that allow you to style a wider section of your hair in one go. It also generates uniform, consistent, and high heat to deliver outstanding results.

When you choose to style with the Xtava Pro Satin flat iron, your hair gets the goodness of Tourmaline, Ceramic, and Infrared technology. The Tourmaline technology boosts your hair’s shine by stimulating ions, while Infrared technology heats hair from inside.

Moreover, the straightener provides ten variable temperature settings starting from 265-455F on a digital screen. So, you can use it at a low or high temperature depending on your styling requirements and save your tresses from burning.

To safely carry the Xtava Straightener on vacations, you get a heat-resistant travel case. And to use it in foreign countries, you get a dual voltage plug. Hence, no more messy hair looks while traveling!

  • It comes at an affordable price
  • You can lock the temperature
  • It’s suitable for styling natural hair
  • It shuts off automatically when not in use
  • The cord is 8-feet long
  • Not a durable product
  • Not recommended for curling due to wide plates


Is infrared safe for hair?

Yes, Infrared heat is perfectly safe for your hair as it penetrates at low heat levels and dries the hair from the inner side. It even boosts the health and shine of the hair by emitting negative ions. With infrared technology, your hair gets less damaged and becomes frizz-free. And such flat irons style faster than traditional flat irons. Hence, infrared is safe to style the hair.

How is infrared heat different from conventional heat used in flat irons?

Infrared flat irons differ from conventional in terms of the heat they use to straighten the hair. These straighteners mostly have ceramic or titanium plates, which heat up quickly and distribute heat evenly. So you don’t have to style over the same section repeatedly. They also cause less damage to the cuticles by styling them from the inside out.

Can I use an infrared flat iron on wet or damp hair?

No, you should never use any flat iron to straighten wet or damp hair. If you use it, it will cause damage to the hair and make it frizzy. It can even damage the plates of your flat iron. Therefore, never use your infrared flat iron on wet or damp hair.

But if you want to use it on wet hair, you should try a wet to dry flat iron.


If you want a straightener that can give you straight locks and keep your hair healthy, there can be no better option than an infrared flat iron. They not only straighten the hair but also keep them safe from heat damage. If you are ready to take the plunge, you can pick any of the products listed above to walk with pin-straight tresses all day long.

After using and testing we recommended our favorite CROC New Classic Infrared Flat Iron. It suits all hair types, offers variable heat settings, and heats up quickly. What else do you need?

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