The 7 Best Mini Flat Irons For Short Hair – Reviews

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When we think of short hair we think of a pixie mane or the classic Diana cut. However, any hair length above the ears to below the chin or even shoulder-length hair is considered short. In such cases, you might think hair straightening to be difficult given the lesser surface area and big-sized products. To solve this confusion, we have listed the top 7 best mini flat irons for short hair that will give you perfectly straight and set hair without causing damage.

What makes a flat iron good for short hair?

Flat irons help in moisture retention in your hair while leaving it shinier and healthier. As flat irons help in cutting down the static energy, it makes the hair look silkier and also considerably cuts down frizz for a more manageable hair day. 

Many flat irons come with silk-infused heat plates which are instrumental in giving you the smoother look. As someone with short hair, hair straighteners are even more beneficial for straightening as it mitigates the chances of snagging after coming in contact with the hot plates leading to damage. 

One of the main reasons why you must choose a mini flat iron to straighten your short hair is because if you were planning to permanently straighten them it can lead to damage. As permanent hair strengthening involves the use of many chemicals which not only damage the tresses but also the root.

 This might result in permanent and irreversible damage and therefore, straightening with a flat iron is always a better option as it keeps your hair safe and away from damage. When you use a flat iron to straighten your short hair, it will help keep the small locks in their place every time you use it.

Which are the 7 best mini flat irons for short hair

1. BaBylissPRO BABNT 3053NBest overall flat iron for short hair

If you are someone with short hair and also loves styling, this mini flat iron is for you. This straightener is only 6 inches long, which means it can fit in your luggage, handbag, or anywhere pretty easily. BaByliss hair straightener is very adaptable as it has a dual-voltage, which means it can be used anywhere worldwide. You don’t need to have second thoughts with respect to its styling capability considering its size. All the power and amazing features are squeezed in this powerful straightener.

The width of the plates is 1 inch which is the perfect size to style short hair. It has a 440 degrees flat heat feature which heats the plates in less than 30 seconds. This flat iron has titanium ceramic technology which naturally retains the moisture and oil in the hair even it’s short in length. These plates will leave you with shiny and smooth hair while protecting it from frizz and snags as well. 

  • It has a durable ceramic plate material
  • It features 50 heat settings for efficient styling
  • It is convenient as its design is slim and lightweight reducing hand-fatigue
  • The heating plates have a gap between them which is not suitable for women with fine or thin hair as the plates will not grab the hair to style evenly
  • It is a little expensive

2. T3- SinglePass compact styling ironRunner-up

As someone with short hair, selecting a small flat iron with the right size and features is very important. It not only looks stylish but also works perfectly to style your hair. This perfect sized flat iron has the potential to straighten your short hair. No matter what your hair type is, be it straight, curly, wavy, or thin, the T3 hair straightener smoothens most hair types and gives you silky and sleek hair. This flat iron has 1 inch wide plates that work amazingly on your short hair.

T3 has a fixed heat setting of 410-degree Fahrenheit which is ideal for styling all types of hair textures. Its tourmaline and ceramic technology will reduce the likelihood of breakage while giving you a great styling experience. The amazing tourmaline technology helps you achieve salon finish hair without sacrificing healthy hair. 360° swivel cord, heat resistant cap, auto shut off and many more such additional features make this flat iron your ideal choice.  Read full review of T3 single pass flat iron.

  • Unique custom-based ceramic plates make hair shiny and non-frizzy
  • Smart microchip technology for fast and one-pass results
  • Very lightweight, compact, travel-friendly
  • No temperature adjustment option
  • Might take multiple passes to straighten tightly coiled hair

3. Conair instant heat ceramic flat ironValue for Money

Conair ceramic flat iron is ideal for short hair and especially for fine hair. Thanks to its ¾ inch hair plates and curvy design helps it reach near the roots for complete styling. This turbo heat flat iron comes with ceramic coated floating plates for easy gliding on the tresses. Its turbo heat boost button is a striking feature that ensures it delivers gentle and even heats flowing through its plates that flattens and straightens the hair.

Conair flat iron promises 25 heat settings to choose from which delivers up to 400-degree Fahrenheit uniform heat for consistent styling. You can use this flat iron to create wavy, curly, or sleek and straight hairstyles by adding volume or keeping it frizz-free. 

  • It has ceramic plates for absorbing heat and avoiding damage
  • Can be used worldwide with its dual voltage usage
  • On/off switch is in a touchpad to give a futuristic look
  • Its floating plates might pull or snag hair strands
  • It takes a longer time to heat up completely

4. Kipozi Pro titanium plates flat iron

This flat iron promises you a salon-finish look. It has an advanced PTC ceramic heater which assures you optimum styling temperature throughout your styling experience for the best results with minimum breakage color protection as well. Its titanium plates emit negative ions which keep frizz at bay and moisturizes your hair. These plates make sure you are left with shiny and sleek hair with perfect movement after every styling session.

It heats up to 450-degree Fahrenheit temperature and will straighten your hair with just one glide. Irrespective of the size and texture of your hair, the adjustable temperature setting will make your hair look polished and healthy. The 1-inch plates with 3D floating plates are wide enough to suit hair with every length. A 360-degree swivel cord, auto-off mode after 90 minutes, and dual voltage technology add more feathers to its cap of excellence.

  • Ergonomic design for easy styling
  • It has adjustable temperature settings to avoid damage
  • Travel-friendly size
  • Auto shut off option for safer use
  • 3D floating plates might pull or snag hair
  • It has a very fragile design

5. HSI professional ceramic tourmaline ionic flat ironBest for Salon Grade Results

If you are looking for a professional quality flat iron for short hair which can help you style short fine hair, then this one’s for you. This hair straightener comes with wide floating plates with a 1-inch width, which is the right size to straighten your short hair.

Floating plates are a plus as they will allow you to create effortless curls, waves, or any twisted style by just adjusting the angles of the plates in which you want to twist or pull. The plates of this mini hair straightener are incorporated with ceramic tourmaline plates. These plates and the eight micro-sensors with ‘HeatBalance technology’ generate exactly the right amount of heat evenly to straighten your hair leaving no room for flaws or damage.

It also homes infrared emission technology which transfers the heat energy into each strand’s root for styling them inside out. Few more additional features of this amazing hair straightener are the ionic technology to retain the moisture and keep frizz at bay, a 360-degree tangle-free swivel cord, an attractive dial control to control the heat range or temperature, and the dual voltage feature for worldwide use.

  • It has glider floating plates which gives a glossier finish
  • Adjustable what settings
  • Eight micro-sensors on both the plates for balancing heat levels
  • Rotating cords for faster styling
  • It does not have a digital display for temperature
  • Might not be very efficient in the long run

6. Bedhead pixie ½ inchesSmallest flat iron for short hair

As the name of this pencil flat iron suggests, this flat iron is ideal for anyone with pixie hair or very short hair. Thanks to its ½ inches plates which makes it very convenient and easy to straighten, curl, or flip the hair from near the roots without damaging the hair. No doubt the struggle to straighten pixie hair with a regular flat iron was real, but this gadget is the game-changer. The plates are made of tourmaline ceramic technology, which not only styles your hair effectively but also smoothens it giving it the perfect gloss.

This flat iron will also make sure it leaves no frizz behind but gives massive shine. It comes in a travel-friendly size that fits in your luggage or handbag very easily and its lightweight feature makes it easy to use. This mini flat iron heats up in just 30 seconds and comes with the highest heat up of 430-degree Fahrenheit and dual voltage for worldwide use.

  • It comes with an auto-shutoff feature
  • Lightweight and very travel friendly
  • Ceramic tourmaline plates for a shinier and sleek finish
  • Blue metallic paint might easily chip off
  • Might get hot on the outside

7. NEXGADGET rechargeable mini flat ironMost Portable

NEXGADGET is the next level hair straightener that is multi-functional. This 8.2 inches cordless compact flat iron is made to fit in your handbag, and even a cosmetic bag. This makes it ideal styling even when there is no electric outlet to plug in. It features a safety lock button so that does not automatically or accidentally get switched on in your bag or luggage. When it is unlocked, it goes into automatic sleep mode for at least 30mins when not in use. It comes with ¾ inches ceramic plates which will ensure effortless styling for sleek and beautiful hair.

The striking feature of this flat iron is that it comes with two USB ports. The micro USB port which is meant for charging makes it universal flat iron as it can be charged worldwide. The other USB port turns it into a power bank, using which you can charge your phone during the time of emergency. You can easily adjust the temperature from 248℉-338℉ using its three adjustable settings depending on your hair type. 

  • Multi-functional as it can be turned into a power bank
  • Comes with adjustable heat settings
  • Ideal for short hair as it comes in a compact size making it travel friendly as well
  • Takes longer to charge
  • Might take more than 1 pass to straighten hair

What are the factors to keep in mind while picking a mini hair straightener for your short hair?

Plate size

As the width of the flat iron is an important factor in choosing the mini straightener for your short hair as a wide plate (greater than 1 inch) makes it difficult to grab short hair or reach the roots. Choose the one with ½ inch flat iron plates also known as mini plates if you have a pixie buzz cut or choose the flat iron with a maximum of 1-inch width as this universal size works on almost every hair size. 

Plate material

While there are many types of plate material available today, choose the one that suits your requirements. Ceramic plates will spread the heat evenly, reducing the chances of damage. The titanium plate will quickly heat up the iron in less than a minute to give your hair a shinier and silky look. A tourmaline plate will reduce the chances of frizz and will lock moisture. Finally, a nanoplate or silk-infused plate will make sure your hair retains moisture while making hair extremely smooth and reduces the chances of hair pulling or snagging. 

Temperature settings

 There are different hair types in people with short hair. Every hair type requires a different temperature for styling. This is important because the high temperature might lead to hair damage and low temperature might not give effective results. While almost every flat iron today has adjustable heat temperature make sure you start with the lowest temperature and gradually increase it to reach the optimum temperature. If you have fine or thin hair, a temperature between 250℉-350℉ is ideal. For medium, to normal hair, a temperature between 300℉-400℉ is good and for thick and coarse hair 350℉-455℉ works great. 


Always go for flat irons which are lightweight and easy to handle. As someone with short hair like a pixie cut or buzz cut, it might take some time to style each and every bit of strand. Heavy flat irons might lead to hand fatigue and difficulty in handling. Therefore, always choose a lightweight and ergonomically designed flat iron for styling your short hair.

Flat iron vs. curling iron for short hair

When you use curly irons, as the name suggests, it will help in creating beautiful curls. You can create natural looking curls by working your hair in different directions. You can easily adjust the heat setting which will help in minimizing the damage. 

As far as flat irons are concerned, although they were made to straighten the hair, you can also create some amazing curls with them. While it might get difficult to get tiny curls, you can always style up your hair with big voluminous curls.

While both the tools can be used to make curls, you must choose the one that suits your requirements. If you want properly defined and a variety of curls then you can go for a curling iron. But if you don’t want to spend money on different products, a flat iron can help you get almost all types of style from straight, wavy, to voluminous curls. 

What should be the size of flat iron for short hair?

Just like clothes, there is no one right size that fits everyone. The length, thickness, and type of your hair mainly determine the size of the iron. For short, thick, or fine hair choose the flat iron which has narrow plates. The flat iron whose width is between ½ inch to 1 inch should be the ideal one. This will allow you to style small sections properly.

Step-by-step guide for straightening short hair

STEP 1- Prep your hair

Before you straighten your hair, the very first thing you have to do is wash it first with shampoo and conditioner to eliminate any impurities and to also reduce tangles.

Remove all extra water from the hair, since the strands may be weakened by water and high temperatures. Never straighten wet hair immediately! They can be adversely impacted by exposing the damp strands to high temperatures.

If, after straightening, you hear a sizzle or see steam, then the hair is not properly dry. Any flat irons will operate on moist hairs, but these should be dry as far as possible by at least 90 percent to mitigate hair damage.

 Applying a protective spray will mitigate injury, especially if you have coloured or dry hair. Start by adding the ends and working up to the root. Spray the heat protectant an inch away from the hair. Make sure you cover this product with each part of your hair as it helps reduce the damage caused by the sun to your strands. 

This can help to eliminate the tangles on your hair, and when ironing it out, can avoid snagging the hairs. Until it is dry at 80 percent. Note, since this can affect the state of your locks, also don’t use your flat iron on wet hair.

STEP 2- Section and straighten your hair

Part hair into sections. Begin with the lower portion of the hair. Grab your thumbs and pull up the hair right behind your ear. Clip up the segment at the end. To make sure that you have all of them straightened out equally, you should further split the bottom portion of your hair.

 It can start taking 15 to 20 minutes to straighten, depending on the length and texture of the hair. Configure the iron temperature. This will depend mostly on the hair’s length and texture. High-heat can be opted for by those with long, thick or curly hair. And lower temperatures should be considered by those with exceptionally delicate, weak, or destroyed hair. Many straighteners will cross 450-degrees.

For most hairstyles, this setting may be too severe. For other hairstyles, this setting may be too severe and was built for in-salon use. 300 to 350 degrees is a stable straightening temperature. 

Start an inch from the root, draw the iron down to the ends and keep the hair close. Be careful not to get yourself burnt. Straighten your hair into tiny sections. Repeat the step in small parts, starting to straighten. 

Take each piece of hair close to the scalp while dealing with the back portion of the hair and raise the iron up vertically to guarantee no kinks at the base. Cross a little portion of hair over the other side of the head to build volume at the base of the hair to straighten it.

STEP 3- Finishing the final look

Start by taking a dime-sized quantity of hair oil and warm the object in your hands. Starting at the bottom, work on the hair. Please don’t apply to the root because it will make the hair look greasy—hairspray by Light hold.

 You should read a thing or two about the latest tips and advice to really get the best results for your hair, now since you understand how and when to straighten the hair the correct way. 


The final thought before wrapping up is that using a hair straightener for your short hair can entirely change your look and give you a shiny and sleek look. The abovementioned reviews and guide will help you get the perfect one. Always concentrate on the heating plate’s width and make sure it is between ½ inches to 1inches as it is the perfect size for styling short hair.  

Among the mini flat irons mentioned above, we have shortlisted two of the best hair styling tools that will give your hair its much-needed definition. The BaBylissPRO BABNT 3053N is the best choice as it comes with 1inches width of the plates which is required to style short hair. Further, with its flexible heat adjustment settings and unique titanium ceramic technology, you are promised shiny and healthy, damage-free hair. 

In terms of price, NEXGADGET Hair straightener rechargeable mini cordless flat iron is the one for you. It offers you a travel-friendly tool with the best features to style your hair in just a few minutes at the given price. It also allows you to use it as a power bank in emergency times, which gains the brownie points.

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