8 Best Steam Hair Straighteners in 2021 – (Reviews and Buyer’s Guide)

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Although it’s true that with flat iron you can get sleek, shiny locks instantly. It’s equally true that the repetitive usage of a normal flat iron makes the tresses frizzy and dry. Hence, sooner or later your hair gets damaged. Fortunately, nowadays, there are steam hair straighteners available in the market, which cut down the chances of damage, by infusing moisture into your hair while you style. Ultimately resulting in a smooth, shiny, and healthy hair look that lasts for a longer time.

But which is the best one you ask? Well, to answer this we have written expert reviews about the best steam hair straighteners in 2021. Check them out below and get the best one today!

What is a Steam Hair Straightener and How Does it Work?

Just as the name states, a steam hair straightener, is one that releases steam while styling. While the normal flat irons constantly use heat to style the hair, steam hair straighteners shape the hair using steam.

The steam flat irons generate high-pressure vapor through the in-built hydration system. 

In other words, the steam flat irons have a liquid tank that holds water and steaming vents. The liquid tank sprays vapor while you style the hair strands, which protects the hair from damage.

The major advantage of using this type of hair straighteners is that they add moisture to the hair and prevent them from getting dry or frizzy.

Do I Really Need a Steam Hair Straightener?

If you have been using a traditional flat iron, and are experiencing dryness or frizziness in your hair after styling. Then you should definitely give steam hair straighteners a try!

They are perfect for all types of hair including colored, fragile, or damaged. Again, they add more shine and moisture to the tresses. So, you can keep your tresses safe and glamorous.

Simply saying, if you want to invest in a tool that you can use frequently and yet keep your hair safe, then a steam hair straightener is the answer!

Who Can Use It?

Well, pretty much anyone who loves their hair can use a steam hair straightener. It works wonders for all hair types and textures. The straighteners are ideal for both men and women regardless of their styling preferences.

Besides, whether you are a professional or have just started to get your hands dirty by styling at home. You can always operate this tool easily and achieve your desired styles without any pain.

Steam Hair Straightener vs Regular Flat Iron

Although the regular flat irons and steam flat irons work quite similarly, there are certain pros and cons in using each of them.

Firstly, flat irons work at very high temperatures that dry out the hair. Whereas in steam flat irons, this is not the case, as they use high-temperature steam. This warms up the hair and saves it from heat damage.

Secondly, the plate material of steam hair straighteners is such that it doesn’t cause damage to the hair. Additionally, the hair straighteners with steam can be used on wet or dry hair. And due to the moisture, the hair remains glossy and healthy for a longer time.

Contrarily, when you use steam hair straighteners you will have to refill the liquid tank which will require your time. Plus, these straighteners take comparatively more time for styling as you can only style a small section of hair at a time.

8 Best Steam Hair Straighteners – Reviews 2021

1. MKBOO Hair Straightener with SteamBest All-round Steam Hair Straightener – Winner

The MKBOO Steam Hair Straightener tops our list of steam hair straighteners. As not only does it provide long-lasting impeccable results, but is also packed with high-tech technology.

The first and most attractive feature of this steam hair straightener is its extra-large 40 ml water tank, which allows you to continuously use it for up to 30 minutes. 

Plus, its got 1.25-inches wide plates built of ceramic which ensures even heat distribution without any cold spots. Also, there are 5 temperature adjustment settings that can go up to 450F, making this flat iron usable for thick and long hair.

For perfect styling, the MKBOO steam flat iron comes with a removable 3D comb. This helps in placing the hair in the right position and proper heat distribution. Resulting in damage-free, smooth, silky, natural locks.

Further, for added safety, you get a temperature auto-lock function. Hence, you can lock the temperature that suits your hair texture best and stay worry-free about any accidental heat changes.

Above all, if you think you will have to empty your pocket to bring home this efficient tool, that’s not true at all! Because this magnificent hair tool will cost you lesser than $70!

  • Universally usable
  • LED temperature display
  • 10-feet long 360-degree swivel cord
  • The ionic generator gives shinier tresses
  • Allows steam control
  • Comparatively heavier
  • A tiny hole for refilling water

2. Infinity PRO by Conair Steam Iron Best Premium-Quality Steam Hair Straightener – Runner Up

For those who want a styling tool from a reliable brand, the InfinityPRO by Conair Steam flat iron is the answer! It is a state-of-art hair straightener that never fails to deliver professional-grade results!

Built with ionic technology, this Infinity PRO hair straightener is capable of eliminating frizz from the most unruly tresses and converting them to easily manageable locks.

You’ll be amazed by the outstanding results you get with this hair straightener that uses steam along with a two-step styling system. Also, it has a retractable detangling comb, that carefully detangles the tresses, regardless of their texture to ensure smooth gliding. 

Additionally, this professional steam flat iron comes with a detachable steam reservoir that can last for a long styling session of up to 20 minutes. And you can also modify the steam settings from low to medium or high as per your requirements for perfect results.

Apart from excellent features and results, this flat iron also has an attractive red color and stunning look, which adds up to its beautiful look.

  • Adjustable retractable comb
  • Professional Pouch included
  • Heats up in just 30 seconds
  • Comes with a 9-feet long swivel cord
  • Does not have any return policy
  • Straightens in two-three passes

3. L’Oreal Steampod 3.0 Straightener Best Steam Hair Straightener for Luxury – Alternate Pick

The L’Oreal Steampod 3.0 Straightener is the ideal hair straightener for those who are seeking luxury and comfort in addition to styling. Its heavy price tag might, however, not fit everyone’s budget. But it really is built with advanced technology that delivers brilliant styles.

If you have got long and thick locks, that take longer to style. With this steam pod, you don’t have to worry at all! As there is a 35 ml integrated water tank which is more than enough for a styling session of about 25 minutes.

Plus, the plates heat up in just 30 seconds. And the temperature lock function locks the temperature to ensure the plates remain at the same temperature throughout the session.

Moreover, as the company claims this steam pod provides more than 75% protection from damage and split ends when compared to its previous version. Not only this, but it is even lighter and slimmer than the 2nd generation steam pod. This means styling with this iron is never going to be painful.

The only thing that hurts about this steam hair straightener, is its price tag. Otherwise, in terms of luxury and results, this hair straightener beats all the others.

  • Comb attachment for pre-detangling the hair
  • Rotative cord for convenient styling
  • 60-minute auto shut down when not in use
  • Twice more concentrated steam flow
  • Three heat adjustment settings
  • Not dual voltage
  • Need to add only demineralized water

4. MaxiGlide RP Best Steam Straightener with Controls

The MaxiGlide RP hair straightener is one of the most uniquely crafted steam hair straighteners. It comes with multiple rows and ceramic detangling pins that help in faster straightening.

Regardless, of the type of hair, you have, thick, curly, or coarse, you can style your way with this steam flat iron. And transform your hair to straight, curly, flips, or wavy with this tool within minutes!

For easy and safe styling, there are heat-protective ridges that save you from burns. So you can take the hair straightener closer to your scalp, without any worries!

It also features a controlled steam burst technology which infuses the right amount of steam into the hair. To ensure the tough curls get soft enough for straightening.

However, one thing to keep in mind while using this hair straightener is to make sure that your tresses are detangled with a comb. And a heat protectant is applied before styling. This helps to achieve longer-lasting beautiful styles.

  • Retractable pins
  • Allows temperature control
  • Provides one-step hair straightening
  • Beginners might find it hard to use
  • Takes about a minute to heat up to 350F

5. Professional Argan Oil Straightener from YOSICLBest Mini-size Steam Flat Iron

The Professional Argan Oil Steam Hair Straightener allows you to style any hair type and instantly transform your look. 

This one comes in a travel-friendly, compact size. And it’s dual voltage, hence you can always carry it with you wherever you go! It has 1.3-inch tourmaline ceramic plates that heat up really quickly. Besides, the smooth plates allow easy gliding through the hair strands leaving them straight and shiny, in just a single pass.

This steam flat iron is built with ionic technology, which delivers shiny and glossy locks every time you use it. Also, to ensure that no extra moisture is added, there is a controlled steam jet. This controls the amount of moisture infused in the hair while styling. It even adjusts the steam outlet as per the thickness of your tresses.

Operating this professional steam hair straightener is quite simple. Plus, it has 6 temperature lock functions. So you will never get annoyed because of the temperature getting accidentally changed. And the amazing part, this steam hair straightener has a removable water tank. This cuts down the time and effort required to refill it.

  • LCD temperature display
  • Velvet travel pouch included
  • Plates can be locked
  • Heat resistant handle grip
  • Has a 360-degree extra-long swivel cord
  • Does not have an auto-sleep feature
  • The water tank may leak if not placed correctly

6. OSIR Professional Titanium Steam Hair StraightenerBest for Short Hair

The OSIR Professional Titanium Steam Hair Straightener is the best option to pick for women with short hair. Though the high heat of the titanium plates won’t be quite suitable for thin and fragile hair, this one does a really amazing job for thick, coarse, and short tresses.

The steam flat iron allows different heat settings ranging from 300F to 430F. Which is suitable for most hair types including dry, straight, coarse, and thick.

The iron has floating plates that heat up super-fast. And the heat gets distributed across the plates evenly to ensure there are no cold spots.

For ease of styling, you don’t have to press buttons to release the steam. The OSIR steam hair straightener has a timer that releases the steam automatically as and when required.

However, do keep in mind that if you have longer hair, it will take you way longer to style them. As the water tank is small, hence, you will have to keep on refilling it multiple times!

  • Shuts-off automatically when not in use
  • Lockable tank
  • Rubber grip handle
  • Attractive black design with a compact look
  • Gets too hot while styling

7 . NITION ProfessionalBest in Budget Steam Hair Straightener for Natural Hair

The NITION professional salon hair straightener is one of the most sleek-looking hair straighteners on our list that comes in a beautiful golden color.

This steam flat iron boasts a 5-in-1 heating plate, which is totally non-sticky. And smoothly glides through the hair strands leaving them silkier, shinier, and frizz-free.

Its extra-long, 4-inch plates and variable heat settings make it ideal for all hair types. Use it to curl or straighten your hair any time, and all you’ll get is an eye-catchy, glossy hair-look! 

Besides, to maintain its beautiful look, its got no buttons. Therefore, if you want to operate it or modify the temperature you just have to rotate the rotary switch at the end of the handle. And it’s ready to use!

Additionally, to save you from burning your fingers while styling, a heat-resistant glove is included in the package. And to organize your tresses, you get hair clips too!

  • Durable body material
  • C-sensor for auto temperature detection
  • Lock switch for easy storage
  • Worldwide-usable
  • Handle gets hot while using

8. KIPOZI Professional – Most Cheapest Steam Flat Iron

If you are hunting for a hair styling tool that is gentle on your hair as well as the pocket, then KIPOZI professional titanium flat iron is the solution!

This hair straightener comes with extra-wide 1.75-inch titanium plates, that heat in a few seconds. It also allows you to adjust the heat settings as per your hair texture. And you can view the temperature settings easily on the LED screen.

Plus, the smooth plates of the KIPOZI hair straightener help in effortless styling without snagging the hair. This flat iron is also ideal for those who love to walk with voluminous locks and waves.

Talking of its size, this KIPOZI flat iron is always ready to travel with you to any corner of the world. As it is dual voltage and small in size. It in fact automatically converts according to the local electric current. So you just have to bother about carrying a universal adapter and nothing else!

  • Beginner-friendly
  • Suitable for curly, thick, coarse hair
  • Velvet drawstring storage pouch included
  • The temperature controls are on the handle
  • Heavy

Advantages and Disadvantages of Steam Hair Straighteners 

Having seen which are the best rated steam hair straighteners, let’s now check the advantages and disadvantages of owning one.


Firstly, the steam straightener for hair uses vapor to style the hair, unlike the traditional ones that use only heat. This is quite helpful, especially for women who have colored hair, or used harsh chemicals that have resulted in thin, fragile hair. Also, with steam hair straighteners the chances of damage and hair breakage get reduced significantly.

Secondly, hair straighteners that use steam add moisture to the hair cuticles while styling. This results in shinier, smoother tresses that last for a way longer period.

Next, due to the vapor infusion, controlling those stubborn frizzy hairs requires less effort. 


Each and every tool comes with an advantage and disadvantage both. Similarly, though, steam hair straighteners deliver excellent results. The downside of using them is that you will have to regularly refill the water tank.

And if in case you own a steam flat iron with a small water tank, then you’ll have to refill it multiple times while styling. This will therefore consume more time and effort.

Apart from that, if you are a complete beginner, you will require time to learn how to operate these kinds of hair straighteners. It is necessary to use the steam hair straightener with the utmost care, especially if you are trying it for the first time.

Key Considerations in Selecting a Steam Hair Straightener

To make sure you end up buying the correct steam hair straightener, we have listed down the key aspects you should consider before buying one. Check them out below!

Steam Vents

Steam hair straighteners come with vents through which the steam escapes. The inner mechanism converts the water into vapor, which is then released to moisturize the hair.

Most steam hair straighteners come with vents positioned at the plate ends. However, for the best results, you should go for one with vents inside the plates. This ensures quicker and long-lasting straightening effects.

Liquid Reservoir/ Water Holder

Steam hair straighteners have water tanks or liquid reservoirs, where the liquid/ water is stored before vaporization.

Different liquid reservoirs have different water-holding capacities. Generally, they range from 10 – 40 ml. However, it is suggested to go for one with a capacity of 30 – 40 ml. To save yourself from refilling the tanks during the styling session.

Fast Heating

Most steam hair straighteners get ready to use within 60 seconds of plugging in. This is quite essential, as it speeds up the process of vaporizing the water and getting it ready to use quickly. Also, you don’t have to wait for long to style your hair. So, it’s best to go for a steam flat iron that heats up instantly!

Temperature Auto-Lock

Steam flat irons usually come with an automatic temperature locking functionality. This ensures that the heat gets locked once the plate reaches the ideal temperature and prevents overheating. 

Besides, it even saves you from accidentally changing the temperature while you style. And also keeps your hair far from burning due to the high temperature.

Comb Teeth

When your steam hair straightener comes with comb teeth, you no longer have to be worried about your hair being pulled or tangled while styling. While some hair straighteners provide comb teeth alongside the plates, some give them separately.

Both, however, do the same job, by helping you comb your hair before styling. And they even hold the hair in the right position while you are busy styling them.

Ceramic Infusion

Steam flat irons that have ceramic-infused plates are quite effective and efficient. These ones ensure the heat is properly distributed across the plates and allow smooth gliding through the hair. They also reduce the risk of getting hair burns or dents. You can ideally, get a flat iron with only ceramic plates, or one that has ceramic infused in titanium or tourmaline plates, for excellent results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does steam straightener damage hair?

Absolutely not, steam hair straighteners infuse the hair with conditioning steam which locks the moisture in the hair cuticles. This results in healthier hair that is damage-free. But please keep in mind to pick only the best steam flat iron, as this will deliver quality results without putting your hair at risk.

Are steam flat irons better for your hair?

Steam flat irons are definitely amazing for your hair, regardless of the type and texture of your hair. This is because they moisturize the hair while heating up and they also have plates that are gentle on the hair. Hence, you get better results with steam hair straighteners as compared to traditional flat irons.

Is steam flat iron good for natural hair?

Steam Flat Irons tend to deliver excellent results for natural hair. In fact, they deliver no less than salon-grade styles. Besides, as they use vapor along with heat to style the hair Hence, they don’t cause any sort of damage to the hair. In short, if you have natural hair you can go the best steam flat iron for natural hair, without thinking twice!

Are steam flat irons better than regular flat irons?

Well, if you’ve got thick, coarse, dry hair, steam flat irons will be quite helpful for you. This is because the steam flat irons will soften the hair strands and save them from burns and breakage. It is even helpful when you want long-lasting results. Hence, if this is what you desire, you’ll love using a steam flat iron over the regular one. However, you’ll need to be careful while operating them if you are a beginner.

Does steam hair straightener suit all hair types?

Of course, you can use a steam hair straightener on pretty much every hair type. No matter whether you have dry, thin, coarse, thick, short, long, or even curly hair. You can always style them with a steam hair straightener and shape them according to your requirements.

How to Use a Steam Hair Straightener – Pro Tips

If you are a first-timer and have never handled a steam hair straightener before, here is a quick guide on how to use it:

  1. First shampoo and condition your hair properly.
  2. Leave them to dry completely or semi-dry naturally.
  3. Comb your hair to make sure they are tangle-free.
  4. Apply a heat protection spray or serum on the entire hair.
  5. Divide your hair into multiple sections and clip one side of the hair.
  6. Fill in the required amount of water in the water tank of your steam flat iron.
  7. Turn it on, adjust the temperature and let it heat up.
  8. As soon as you see the vapor releasing from the vents, straighten or curl your hair from roots to ends.
  9. Follow the same procedure until all your hair sections get straightened.
  10. Once you are done styling, turn off the straightener and clean the water reservoir with cotton swabs.
  11. And that’s it, you have just completed styling your tresses with a steam flat iron at home!

The Verdict – Which Steam Hair Straightener to Buy?

As we approach towards the end of this article, you might have understood how a steam hair straightener is a great option if you want to use it on a daily basis. As it delivers healthy, glamorous styles without any side effects. If you are ready to invest a little bit to achieve beautiful locks, then you can pick up any of the best steam hair straighteners mentioned above without any hesitation!

If you are looking for our recommendation, we suggest you go with MKBOO Hair Straightener, which is also our top pick. Why because this one comes with a large water tank and is ideal for styling all hair types. It is even beginner-friendly and safe to use.

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