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Can You Make Money With Color Street?

The Color Street brand offers you to be a part of the Color Street community and earn by selling the product among the people in your network. Some people join the network to get additional discounts.

However, some invest their leisure time in making this a part-time job opportunity, where they can have fun and earn simultaneously. And then, some people join the venture as a serious full-time business opportunity, where they plan to earn and grow.

Now the question might strike your mind can you make money with the color street nails. The answer to this question can vary based on company expectations and personal requirements.

So, read on further to decide for yourself.

Can You Make Money With Color Street?

You can make money with Color Street, as it offers a decent compensation plan for the entire hierarchy. Look at the updated compensation plan effective April 2022 for all the stylists and distributors.

  • Jumpstart is a reward plan initiated for newly enrolled stylists. The plan has been divided into three levels, with a timeframe of 35, 30, and 30 days, respectively. Per the new plan, a target of 500 PV(Personal volume) attained in all or any of the three levels unlocks USD 50 or CAD 65 product credit.
  • If a stylist fulfills the target for any level, their enroller receives 25 USD or 32 CAD in product credit.
  • If a stylist achieves the target for all three JS levels, an additional bonus of USD 150 or CAD 190 is earned.
  • During the JS period, enroll a new stylist. If they sell 1000 PV in their first 95 days, an additional reward of 50 USD or $65CAD is unlocked to be added to your product credit.

How Much Money Can You Earn A Color Street Stylist?

There is no specific answer to this question. As mentioned earlier, the amount of time and commitment you put into the venture would affect your earnings.

And it differs from one stylist to another. It also depends upon the stylist’s skill set, ambition, and personal effort. 

For reference, you may want to look at the company’s income disclosure for the year 2021. However, these figures are based on the earnings made by the stylists.

They must not be taken as a representative of guaranteed future earnings. Also, these are exclusive to the new compensation plan launched in April 2022.

You can check Color Street 2021 IncomeDisclosure Pdf.

Is Color Street An MLM?

Yes, Color Street is an MLM. 

You may earn without recruiting stylists and just by selling the product. However, by the end of the day, if you wish to earn a handsome amount, say $2k or more, you would need to recruit your stylists and build a team. 

In this way, you will not only earn a commission for your sales but also over the sales made by your recruited stylists. In this way, you can build your business and plan for the same to be your sole source of income.

In this way, your team members would further recruit people on their own to grow their respective businesses. Hence, this would be considered an MLM, aka Multi-Level Marketing. 

What Products Does Color Street Sell?

The Color Street mainly deals with 100% nail polish-based nail strips. These come in different shades, patterns, and nail sizes, to suit your requirement.

The product has revolutionized the cosmetic industry by challenging salon finish manicures with these easy-to-use nail strips at the convenience of your home. These nail strips stay for at least 10 days.

However, if you wish to keep the nails for long, there are specific hacks to extend their life.

Apart from the nail strips, the package consists of a nail file or applicator, a nail prep pad, and a guide instructing the application of the product.

Do Color Street Stylists Get A Discount?

Yes, the base discount you can avail of as a stylist is 25%. Apart from the real deal, this is an additional discount that you would get.

There are ‘Buy 3 Get 1’ offers on solids and ‘Buy 1 Get 1’ on French nails. A customer will only be able to avail of the given deals. However, as a stylist, you’d get the deal and the 25% additional discount on the net amount. 

On individual orders of 1-2 packs, you will get the base discount worth 25% on the net amount.

Is Color Street A Good Business Opportunity?

Color Street is a good business opportunity. You get to earn through 2 ways: direct sales to people in your network or recruit stylists and earn a commission on their sales.

You earn 25% of the sales you make. And the pay is rolled out weekly. 

Also, there are retail sales commissions. It allows you to earn up to 10% extra commission if you achieve the monthly target. The minimum target is 600 PV, which seems relatively high considering that a set of nails is worth $15.

On the contrary, if your clients become ‘Preferred customers’ with the company, wherein they’d make automatic monthly orders, they get a 10% discount. It reduces your commission down to 15%.

How many Color Street Stylists are there?

Joining Color Street could be a good opportunity with less than 50,000 active stylists nationwide in the US. Also, later in 2021, it was launched in Canada as well. So, Canada may also be a part of the Color Street venture as Stylists now and earn attractive incentives. 

Is Color Street a Good Company to Work for?

As per the reviews shared by the stylists, based on their work experience, Color street is a great company to work for. You are your boss as you get the flexibility to work per your schedule. You get to run the business in your way.

And the best part is, most of the job is online. So you may work from home while managing your household chores and looking after your family. 

The higher the effort you put into the job, the higher income you’ll be able to fetch. Occasional work events allow you to meet new clients and prospective team members.

It helps you build confidence as you get the opportunity to interact with new people who share similar interests as you do. It could be your dream job if you are a manicure fanatic. You get the opportunity to earn while investing time in what you love.

You must have good communication skills to convince people to either buy the products or build a team of your own. And lastly, the commission starts at 25% of every sale you make and may go up to 35% at $600 increments.

How Much Does It Cost to Sell Color Street?

You need to make sales or place personal orders worth $50 per month to remain active as a stylist or distributor. So, calculate the maximum annual cost you may have to bear; 12 x 50= $600.

The initial cost for buying the starter kit is $129. 

Hence, the total annual cost to sell color street adds up to $729 p.a. Also, the shipping charges and local taxes are exclusive of the above estimate.  

How Much Does It Cost to Join Color Street?

Joining Color Street and becoming a distributor or stylist, it’d cost you $129 only. For the amount paid, you get $250 worth of products in a starter kit. The kit includes all such products you need to wear, share and start your business. Below mentioned are the contents of the kit:

  1. 12 sets of manicure strips
  2. 1 set of pedicure strips
  3. 72 Testers
  4. 40 Remover pads
  5. 100 Prep pads
  6. 2 Large nail files
  7. 2 Nail buffers
  8. 60 mini nail files
  9. 50 cuticle sticks
  10. 25 catalogs
  11. 25 Opportunity Brochures
  12. Stylist launch guide
  13. A tote bag

Note: All contents of the starter kit are subject to change.

How long has Color Street been in business?

Color Street has been in the business for around 40 years now. It was launched in 1984 by Mr. Fa Park in New York City. And after years of innovation and hard work, it has just been a couple of years since the product became ultimately popular among nail art fanatics. 

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