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Can You Reuse Press on Nails?

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With our lives becoming so fast, keeping up with fine-looking nails for impromptu reunions or family gatherings is challenging. Picking a suitable dress and makeover might not take much of your time. But let’s be honest, it is embarrassing to show up with chipped nails.

What could be your go-to move for such last moment plans? Nail salon? Ever tried press-on nails? What to do if you run out of the Press on as well? Can you reuse your Press ons?

This article will help you with tips on wearing Press on nails to prevent embarrassment.

Let’s dive right in to know more.

Can You Reuse Press On Nails?

Press-on nails can be reused. However, that majorly depends upon the quality of the Press on nails, as the good quality ones are more durable. Secondly, the chances of their reusability increase if taken good care of while wearing and removing them.

How Many Times Can You Reuse Press on Nails?

The answer may vary among people as it is a very subjective topic. But, it is safe to say that the Press on nails can be reused until they are in good condition. If they look chipped or are peeling even after one-time use, it is time for you to buy a new pack.

Are All Press on Nails Reusable?

Not all Press on nails are reusable. The good quality ones can be reused if taken care of properly.

Usually, Press on nails lasts up to two weeks. However, if they seem presentable, you may want to remove the nail glue from the nails and store them for future use.

How Long Do Reusable Press On Nails Last?

You may count on your Press on nails for at least 2 weeks at a time. Also, the application and removal process is of great significance in durability.

Apart from that, the high-quality Press on nails tends to last longer than the inexpensive ones.

Can You Reuse Kiss Press on Nails

Yes, the brand Kiss offers a high-quality range of one of the best reusable Press on nails. The nails can be reused, provided that the required measures are taken to maintain their quality and help them remain presentable.

How to Reuse Press on Nails Without Glue

High-quality nail glue is always included in your fake nails package. However, suppose you’ve run out of nail glue. In that case, you may want to try the enlisted alternatives instead of buying another tube of fresh glue. So, let’s find out what can be an excellent alternative to it:

  • Adhesive tabs – These are basically sticky double-sided tapes. These are a great alternative to your regular nail glue. One side can be stuck to your natural nail, and the other side to your Press ons.

    They are available in different shapes and sizes. So, you may use the one that suits your nail size. Else, you may want to trim the sticky tabs accordingly.
  • Fashion tapes – This is another double-sided tape widely used to prevent fashion malfunctions. However, you may use it for holding your fake nails. These are good for use if you plan to flaunt those acrylic nails for just an event.

    Their hold is not as strong as the tabs, but these are good enough to keep the nails in place throughout an event.
  • Clear nail polish – Your clear polish is of great help in extending the life of your manicured nails. But it can be beneficial if you run out of nail glue.

    You simply need to apply a layer at the back of the fake nail and allow it to dry to become sticky, as we neither need it completely dry nor wet. And once it gets to the sticky phase, press it on your nails for a minute each.
  • White glue and base coat – In this method, you must apply a layer of base coat on your actual nail. And before it completely dries, evenly spread the white glue, creating a second layer.

    Now hold your Press on nail and press it for around a minute. And you’re done!

How to Apply Press-On Nails To Reuse

Here are a few steps to be followed if you wish for your Press ons to last long and to be reused:

  • A press-on nails kit consists of nails of different sizes. Choose the ones that seem the most natural sizes for your fingers.
  • Clip and file your natural nails in the desired shape and length with a nail file. You may want to cut them short and round the edges. Also, trim your cuticles.
  • Now, to smoothen the surface of your nail beds, apply a base coat or gently buff using a nail buffer.
  • To make sure the adhesive works effectively, remove any oils or dirt present on your natural nails by rubbing alcohol. You may also apply 1-2 layers of base coat before using the adhesive, as it would act as a protective layer for your natural nails. Let them dry well before proceeding further.
  • Now apply moderate glue to the nailbed and Press on the nail for a stronger bond. And, in the case of adhesive tabs, use a suitable size that covers the size of your nail. Else, you may trim it to the size of your nail.
  • Next up is the foremost step. Attach the Press on nails to your actual nails. Line the fake nail with your cuticle line, place it, and Press in a downward motion, but not with too much force. Press on it from the center and sides to secure a strong bond.
  • Allow the nails to dry for at least 2 hours before you wet them.

How To Remove Press On Nails To Reuse

You need to be very patient and gentle while applying acrylic nails and during removal.

Some sure-shot ideas are shared below. Try whichever suits you the best.

1. Soak the Nails in warm water with a little bit of soap

This is probably the most gentle way to remove Press ons. You simply need to soak your nails in warm soapy water. Hold for around 20 minutes, and as the nail tabs loosen up, you may gently pull, clean, and store them for future use.

2. Using Cuticle Oil and a Cuticle Pusher

This is another gentle method for removing your Press on nails. However, this works better if the nails have already started sticking out from the original nails.

You may add a few drops of the cuticle oil through the open spaces and allow the oil to reach the adhesive and work it. Gradually, the adhesive will loosen up, allowing you to pull the fake nail without causing any damage to either of the nails.

Without cuticle oil, you may even use olive oil or body oil.

Apart from this, you may hold a cotton ball soaked in oil against the nail until it becomes moveable. After this, add a few more drops of oil to the cotton and hold it for more time.

This may take some time; however, it is proven beneficial for your nail health and for 

preserving your fake ones.

3. Try the acetone method

This is a quick method for removing your fake nails if you are okay with using harsh chemicals. All you need to do is soak your nail in pre-heated acetone for 5-10 minutes. Post that, you may peel off the Press on nails without harming your original ones.


How to Find Reusable Press On Nails?

When looking to buy a reusable Press ons, consult the nail manufacturer. Instead of going by the general stores, it is better to look up to brands that specialize in nails.

The nails being their focus area, they ensure to manufacture the finest quality Press on nails, with a wide variety of shapes, sizes, patterns, etc.

Also, review the customer feedback for the given products, as they would guide you about the durability of the nails.

How to Care for Your Press On Nails

Buying the best quality nails does not ensure their durability. To preserve your Press on nails, you must take extra care of them. You must keep your cuticles hydrated with cuticle oil to give a stable surrounding.

Always wear gloves while doing your chores, especially for long nails. It helps protect them. Also, apply a layer of top coat to prevent wear and tear. Also, do not put excessive pressure on the nails as they might break.


Press-on nails can help you achieve a professional-looking manicure in no time. The low-quality ones can be used for one-time use. However, if you wish to reuse the same in the future, it’s suggested that you go by the high-quality Press on nails.

You may want to consult the brand that specializes in these nails to find the ones that suit you the best. For validation, you may review the customer feedback on their website.

Dip the nails in hot soapy water to avoid nail infections and gently scrape the built-up glue.

Good-quality nails also require you to be careful while using them. 

They need to be applied gently and removed with extra care if you plan on reusing Press on nails in the future.

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