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Color Street Nail Combo Ideas

Looking for some fun and creative color street nail combo ideas? You’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’ll share some of our favorite combos with you. From bright and colorful combinations to more subtle designs, there’s something for everyone here. So grab your favorite colors and get started!

The New York-inspired Color street brand brings a wide array of colors and nail-art designs in their nail strips collection. The range varies in terms of colors and glitter patterns. You will also find collections curated with the purpose of awareness. 

With a wide range of solid colors, glittery nail strips, and nail art designs being available, the number of combinations you can create is infinite. It has become a way of expressing your feelings and showcasing your creativity. 

So, let’s look at a few such experiments without further ado.

11 Best Color Street Nail Combos for Inspiration

Through this blog, you’ll get ideas about how you can play around with different Color Street Nail Combos, mix and match them and create your own vibe through it. 

1. Let the Freedom Bling, Star for the Course & Have a Ball

Using the ‘Let the freedom bling’ nail strip combo could have been fulfilling. But the user chose to customize and how! She added the ‘Have A Ball’ nail strip to break the monochromatic vibe. It has a mix of navy and holographic silver glitter effects.

And, adding ‘Start For The Course’ gave it a pop look, which you would definitely want to try if you’re planning a night out with your girls. 

2. Into the sunset, Palm down

We love how nothing but the sheer presence of mind has achieved this tropical look. The ‘Into The Sunset’ strips were reversed to get a sunset effect, adding a layer of ‘Palm down.’ It may have taken hours of patience to get this look in a salon, but we love how creatively the two were paired. 

3. J’adore glamour, Tie the knot

Have a wedding to attend? Still not sure about the kind of look you want for the nails? We got something for you. Use this combo to get a French Mani with black tips and a frosty silver-white base with ‘Tie The Knot’ Nail strips to add bling. 

4. Manchester Mauve, Purr Diem

Attain this chic feline look with a pretty feminine mauve base by using this super fresh combo. It seems purr-fectly incredible for a breakfast date. We say it’s a must-try if you are planning on one. 

5. Business, Flamin-goals

A perfect go-to summer look in case you’re struggling to find a cute color combo for yourself. The ‘Flamin-goals’ balance well with the Jadey blue nails. And you may want to pair these with a plain white dress. Pretty impactful with minimalism, for sure.

6. Shockwave, High Voltage, Kilowatt, Wicked Cool, Supercharged

A brilliantly colorful idea to make the best out of waste. The user took to the remaining nail strips stash, and we couldn’t stop drooling over the combo. It gives away very happy and spring-like vibes. Try it for yourself!

7. Himalayan Salt, Purr Diem, Havana Honey

We all miss our teenage years, and what better way to get back it by creating a teen-ish look with our neon pinks? The bright pink goes truly well along with the neon pink shade. And adding a sheer animal print layer to a fingernail or two can be a game-changer. 

8. Strobe Lights, Lavish Lavender

This would be a perfect go-to combo for a prom night. Glitter, along with Lavender, gives a sensual and sensitive-feminine accent. The duo blends so perfectly that we can’t take our eyes off it. A very inspirational look for the millennials. Go, try it now.

9. Aberdeen Aubergine, Solar Flare, Flake My Day

A subtle combination of deep purple nails topped with glitter can go a long way. But adding a tinge of crimson ombre can help you up your game. The combination gives out a whole lot of confidence and fierceness. Wearing this bold look on an informal corporate get-together will help you set a class apart.

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10. Dripping in diamonds, Bad blood

Indubitably, this is one that is going to be your Christmas inspiration for 2022. The red tips, well finished with a silver lining, give an edge to the entire Ruby look. It looks bold, fun, and elegant at the same time. Your thoughts?

11. Midnight in Manhattan, Chelsea Ya Later, Breaking Plaid

Color-blocking of yellow with black looks apt for the fall season. The pair topped up with ‘Chelsea Ya Later’ adds a fun element with the gold shimmer. The trio blends in well, and the yellow stands out. The black help in maintaining the balance between the three, and we absolutely love it. 

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You may create infinite inspirational ideas just by pairing up different color street nail styles. Those mentioned above are a few of them, and you may want to try them for your lined-up events. 

Keep experimenting with the colors and patterns, and you’ll love the outcomes for sure. 

Happy Styling!! 

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