Conair Infiniti Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Review

We often neglect the thought of buying a flat iron when we go to the mall because of the high price of a flat iron. But don’t worry, the Conair Infiniti pro tourmaline ceramic flat iron retails at a super affordable price. Also, it doesn’t compromise on its technology and features at such a low cost. It has been designed to straighten all hair types from highly coarse to thin and fragile hair. This article will provide a full review with all the details of the Conair Infiniti pro tourmaline ceramic flat iron.

Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron Review

  • Heats up in 15 seconds only.
  • Thirty different temperature settings for all hair types.
  • Tourmaline-infused Ceramic plates for protecting your hair from heat damage.
  • Floating plates to adjust according to the grip of your hair and comfortable styling experience.
  • It comes with a plate size of 1.25 inches that can be suitable for all hair types
  • Straighten all hair types exceptionally quickly
  • It has a maximum heat temperature of 455
  • The cord is a little short.
  • The temperature settings are from 1 to 30 in numbers, so you don’t precisely know what temperature you’re at while using this flat iron.

Not only is the Conair Infiniti pro flat iron extremely budget-friendly, but it is incredibly long-lasting as well. It straightens your hair very quickly, even if you have pretty thick, unruly, and difficult to manage hair. This flat iron will leave your hair smooth, soft, shiny, will eliminate the frizz, and won’t burn your hair. 

before after straightening hair by Conair Infiniti Pro Flat Iron

It doesn’t glide extraordinarily smoothly through your hair like the over $100 flat irons, but it is of excellent quality according to its price, and it is not too harsh on your hair.

It also comes with a bottle of argan oil to make your hair extra smooth and pleasant if you wish to apply it before straightening your hair. Although the oil comes with some smell, it depends on the individual and his/her choice if you want to use it before straightening. 

The design of this straightener is very sleek and lightweight so you can carry it anywhere around with you in your purse. The handle on the outside of the flat iron doesn’t get too hot that burns your hand. 

Your hair stays straightened for a very long period of time if you use this flat iron. You can also create curls or beachy waves using it. The plates of this flat iron don’t have a hinge lock, but you can’t get better quality at such a price. 

Unlike other flat irons, the temperature dial of this is on the side and not in between, so you don’t burn your hands while adjusting the temperature in the middle of straightening your hair. The light of this flat iron also becomes steady when the flat iron has reached your desired temperature for your convenience.

The Conair brand claims that if you use this flat iron, you will get 70% less frizz and have five times stronger hair with less breakage. Also, you will have 89% straighter results compared to other typical flat irons, which are tested in the laboratory by the brand.

If you often forget to shut off your flat iron when you’re getting late for work, you won’t have to worry about it anymore, as this flat iron comes with an automatic auto shut-off feature. Some customers even reviewed that it is better than the other expensive straighteners they tried, which pulled and burnt their hair.

Key features of Conair Infiniti Pro

What are the different size options available?

The Conair Infiniti Pro flat iron comes in 1 inch and 1.25 inches plates width. As very thin and fragile hair or short hair needs a flat iron with a smaller plate size. While extraordinarily thick and coarse hair will require a lot of time to get straightened using a 1-inch flat iron. So, 1.25 inches plate size is apt for longer and thicker hair. Also, both the flat irons will straighten all types of hair in a rapid time.

Floating plates with snag free styling

The floating plates of the Conair Infiniti pro flat iron are flexible and move along with the strands of your hair for an effortless straightening process. Floating plates help to disperse heat all over your hair, so your hair doesn’t look good at some places and bad at rest. Due to their floating nature, it doesn’t tend to snag or pull your hair while styling. So it will straighten your hair without any discomfort and quickly. 

Are the plates ceramic or just ceramic coated?

The plates of this flat iron are ceramic coated plates with tourmaline. As the flat iron retails for a low price, the flat iron plates are not fully ceramic but are aluminum plates coated with ceramic. Ceramic coated plates can sometimes get chipped with time, bringing the aluminum directly in contact with your hair. The ceramic coated plates might become a problem over time if you use this flat iron a lot. But, the flat iron plates start wearing down after an extended period, and this flat iron retails at a super affordable price, so you can always buy another one after a few years.

How long are the plates?

These flat iron plates are pretty long and can easily straighten the thick and long hairs quickly. The plates of this flat iron are estimated 4.75 to 5 inches long. It will help you to straighten a comparatively thick strand of your hair. So, you will be able to straighten your hair very quickly using this Infiniti Pro Conair flat iron. 

Do the plates wear out with time?

No, the plates of this flat iron don’t wear out with time, and you can use this flat iron for years as it is incredibly long-lasting. You can expect slight wear and tear on the straightener’s coating, but the plates stay in perfect condition over time. You can use it for over 5-6 years before the plates start wearing out.

Does this have rounded edges for curling?

Yes, this flat iron’s edges are round enough if you want to curl your hair using this flat iron. Some customers even said that this flat iron curls their hair better than the curling wand they own. If you know the perfect curling technique, you can easily curl or make beachy waves in your hair using this flat iron. The round edges in a flat iron make it comparatively easy to curl your hair rather than the straight-edged flat iron. So, this flat iron can easily be your 2 in 1 tool, and you won’t have to carry a curling wand with you as well every time you go out.

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Is it dual voltage? Can we use it worldwide?

No, the Conair Infiniti pro flat iron is not dual voltage. But you can use a single voltage flat iron worldwide if you have a converter. So, yes, you can use this flat iron anywhere in the world while traveling using a power converter and an adapter for the country you are traveling to. 

What are the temperature settings?

Thirty different temperature settings can be adjusted in this flat iron. You can choose the perfect heat setting required for your hair from all the available options. It would be far easier to select due to a lot of options. You won’t have to adjust to a particular setting because of the lack of available alternatives. Adjustable temperature is essential as there is much-textured hair that requires different settings to straighten them.

The heat settings from 1-8 are for thin and delicate hair; 9-14 are for average to thick or chemically treated hair; 15-20 are for thick and wavy hair. 21-25 are for hair that is very difficult to style, and the maximum heat settings, i.e., 26-30, are for unmanageable and coarse, unruly hair.

Does it let you know when the desired temperature is reached?

Yes, it is a very unique and excellent feature of this flat iron. The light of this flat iron stops blinking and glows steadily when your desired temperature is reached. By this, you will know precisely when your flat iron is heated up, and it won’t waste much of your time figuring everything out. It also heats up very quickly in only 15 seconds.

Are the settings for the heat on the outside of the straightener or the inside?

The temperature settings of these hair straighteners are on the outside of this straightener. It’s an outstanding feature based on safety. If the settings are inside close to the flat iron plates, it can burn your hand sometimes when you want to change your temperature settings while straightening your hair. Due to the outside temperature dial, you can modify your heat setting any time you want without worrying about burning your hand.

Is it suitable for all types of hair? If yes, which type?

Yes, this flat iron is suitable for all hair types. Starting from extremely thin, fragile to normal to extremely thick, coarse, unruly, and unmanageable hair. You can trust this flat iron to do the job for you no matter your hair type. It will quickly straighten all kinds of your hair without much fuss as the flat iron has so many heat settings, making it suitable for all textured hair. You can also choose the settings from 1-30 mentioned in detail above in the article to know which number you require for your hair type strictly.

Does this flat iron work on thin, frizzy, or naturally thick curly hair?

Yes, this flat iron works on all hair types. It straightens thin hair type even on lower heat settings. The straight iron eliminates the frizz in your hair almost entirely. It also prevents the frizz from occurring and keeps your hair straightener for an extended period. Again, you can easily straighten your naturally thick curly hair with this flat iron on a relatively higher heat setting. It will straighten the thickest and curly hair effortlessly and quickly. Along with straightening all hair types, it reduces your hair damage to a considerable extent.

Does this flat iron have an automatic shut-off feature?

The Conair Infiniti Pro flat iron comes with a 60 minutes auto shut-off feature which has become the need of the hour in flat irons. As if kept on, they can cause extreme electrical damage. And people generally tend to forget to shut their flat iron when they are running late or are in an extreme rush which can be very dangerous at times. So, for the added security, the automatic shut-off options in flat iron have become vital.

Does it have a lock control set to close it when packing?

No, it is one of the setbacks of this flat iron as it doesn’t have the hinge lock setting, which can be extremely useful when you are packing your flat iron. A lock control setting is used to lock the plates of your flat iron together so that it can be stored easily while you’re traveling. 

Does the outside of the flat iron heat up?

The outside of this flat iron gets a little warm, as it is obvious it will. But it doesn’t get scorching to the point where it will burn your hand. It only gets a little hot, which is utterly harmless and not dangerous at all. So you won’t have to worry about burning but just be a little cautious while operating a flat iron as it gets hot.

How long is the cord, and how does it swivel?

The cord of this flat iron is 6 feet long, and it is a swivel cord. A swivel cord means the cord doesn’t get entangled within itself, so you won’t have to spend half of your time freeing it from tangles when you are styling your hair. A swivel is a connection in the cord which allows it to rotate both horizontally and vertically. The swivel in the cord also makes it convenient to store and pack the cable easily while keeping it aside as it won’t take up much space. 

Does this have a manufacturing warranty?

Yes, this Conair infiniti pro flat iron comes with a limited warranty period of 5 years for any defects. You can exchange or repair the infiniti pro if there are any manufacturing defects in the working during this period. You can also get an extended warranty or check your model number’s warranty by entering it on their official website. 

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What do the customers say about Conair Infiniti pro flat iron?

The customers are thrilled with this product and prefer it over their high-end flat irons. They are very satisfied with the different temperature controls, rapid heat-up, and long-lasting flat iron results. The users have become obsessed with this flat iron as it can straighten all hair types very quickly, including thick hair. They prefer it over all the high-end brands like BaByliss or Chi. 

Some people have raised their wish of this flat iron coming with a LED digital display but overall are happy with the product. Few customers are worried about the ceramic coated plates as they believe they will wear out over time. This flat iron has 4.6 ratings out of 5 on amazon, and around 78% of people have given it a full 5 star reviews. Only 3% and 2% of people have given it 1 and 2 stars reviews respectively out of 5590 global ratings. 

The flat iron didn’t last for an extended period of time for those people, but most customers are very glad that the flat iron stayed with them for years before having to replace it.

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My opinion: Conair Infiniti Pro Straightener a good buy for the Budget styler

The Conair Infiniti Pro flat iron is one of the best options for you if you have a limited budget. It comes with above par features at such a low price. Once you use it, it will become a go-to straightener for your everyday use, and it is lightweight to carry around with you everywhere as well. You can ever give this straightener a gift to your friend or your loved ones, and they will love the results. This flat iron features like tourmaline ceramic technology, auto shut-off feature, 455 maximum temperature, ceramic heater for even heat distribution and heat recovery, and much more are excellent. 

Finding a flat iron in your budget has really become a task. But, once you find it, don’t let it go. If you straighten your hair using this flat iron, you can rest assured that everyone will compliment your hair every time you step out of your house. Who wouldn’t want to get their hand on a product with less price and better features than high-end flat irons? Grab your hand on this beautiful flat iron as soon as possible. 

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