FHI Flat Iron Hair Straightener Reviews

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Are you someone who is in a hurry for the office and can’t style your hair quickly? Then, Don’t worry! These FHI flat irons perform the job of straightening as well as curling your hair in a single product. If you like to style your hair every day, this flat iron is the one for you, as it has three layers of tourmaline and ceramic, which makes it safe and reliable for everyday use. FHI is a very underrated brand that designs top-notch quality flat irons. We have written detailed reviews of some top rated FHI flat irons to help you choose the best one for you according to your hair type.

Is FHI a good brand?

FHI straighners retail at a significantly lower price than other high-end brands like CHI, T3, and many more, but it still works like magic on your hair and does its job perfectly. For consumers, who want to invest in a high-quality flat iron, FHI is a perfect choice. But they also retail at a little higher price than the standard flat iron brands like Conair. Although the FHI brand was started only a while ago, in 2003, it has soon become an iconic leader in the industry. Featured in publications like Allure, star, and American salon, it has become a renowned brand for beauty addicts. 

Are FHI flat irons good?

FHI flat irons have got varied reviews from the consumers who have used them. It has earned an average rating of a little above four from all the Amazon customers. Some people love FHI flat irons, and it has become a permanent member of their vanity, while some people aren’t particularly impressed with it. 

The most loved FHI Heat flat iron among consumers is the FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, which has average ratings as high as 4.4 out of 5. And even 74% of people have given it a 5-star rating with over 807 ratings and 387 reviews worldwide.

Top 5 FHI Flat Iron Reviews

1. FHI Heat Platform Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Style Flat Iron – Best Overall

Awarded with the 2016 Stylists Choice award, this FHI heat pro styler is one of the safest flat irons available in the market for your everyday use. Because of the three layers of baked ceramic plates infused with tourmaline, it helps to adjust the temperature of your hair by evenly distributing the heat and also allows you to straighten as well as curl your hair. Due to the plate size of 1 inch, It is also suitable for people who have thin, normal, and short hair. Most people who bought this consider this as a long-term investment as it has a very good life span.

This will make your hair extremely smooth and silky within a very limited budget. Celebrity artist Scott King uses this on his various clients including Kate Beckinsale, Lisa Rinna, Sabrina Carpenter, and Ashley Tisdale. 

Even though this is more suitable for short and normal hair, but you can still use this to curl hair. The one thing which is lacking in this flat iron is the digital control option for temperature settings which vary from 140°F to 450°F.  The one hour auto shut off feature really helps especially when you are in hurry to go to the office or party. The 12 feet tangle free swivel cord has a very long and manageable reach. It is available in three different sizes like 0.5 inch, 1.25 inch and 1.75 inch.

  • It helps to eliminate the frizz from your hair
  • Comes with heat resistant cap for storing it
  • Consistent heat which speeds up the straightening process
  • Works for all hair types (curly, wavy, coarse)
  • Heats up very rapidly
  • No hair pulling
  • Doesn’t get as hot as it is expected to

2. FHI Heat GO Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron – Runner-Up

Featuring ceramic plates induced with crushed tourmaline, FHI Heat GO helps add extra shine to your hair, heats up very quickly, and is very suitable for coarse, wiry, and coiled hair types. 

The 1 inch rounded plates make this flat iron not only does suitable for short hair but also curl your hair along with straightening it. It works very similarly to CHI’s flat iron but retails for a comparatively lower price than the same. It makes your hair resistant to humidity after styling it and also doesn’t burn your hair when you set it at a high temperature.

If you want a salon kind of look at your home, you should definitely go for this FHI Heat GO. Its automatic sense control system and superior heat recovery system make it safe for everyday use. The temperature range is 140°F to 410°F. The only drawback is that it doesn’t come with an auto shut off feature which is a setback. 

  • Maintains an incredible shine to your hair
  • Budget friendly model
  • Heats up quickly
  • Have a good lifespan
  • Extra long professional cord
  • Gaps between the plates due to which your hair can get stuck and pulled
  • Doesn’t have auto shut off feature

3. FHI Heat EPS black diamond digital professional flat iron – Best for the Money

EPS stands for Elite professional series. So, for the professional stylists or users who are looking for an advanced level high-quality flat iron, this is exactly what you need.

The black ceramic plates produce up to 25% more moisture-locking ions, which makes it more suitable for people with wavy and textured hair. The thing which makes it really unique is its color-coded display for temperature settings The green one for fine to normal hair which has a temperature range of 266°F- 338°F. The blue for wavy and curly hair ranging from 356°F- 392°F. And, the red one for coarse and thick hair which varies from 410°F- 450°F.

While the plates are only an inch wide, which aren’t of the biggest available size, you can surely work with it just fine to straighten as well as curl your hair without much discomfort. It’s very easy to handle with its comfortable grip which doesn’t get too hot even at the highest of temperatures. 

It automatically goes to sleep mode after 3 minutes which reduces the heat temperature by 50% while helping in lesser electricity consumption. When you pick the flat iron up again in sleep mode, it automatically detects that and rapidly heats up to the preset temperature. 

Honestly, we all forget to turn off and unplug the iron in the rush of the morning, so it comes with a 1 hour auto shut off technology to prevent any accidents. The heat resistant matt which comes along with helps you to keep your flat iron while styling so you don’t burn anything when it’s hot. 

  • Shiny, healthy looking perfectly straight and frizz-free hair
  • Heats up very rapidly
  • Better long-lasting results in comparatively lesser amount of time
  • Digital Heat temperature controls ranging from 266°F to 450°F
  • Comes with a carrying cap
  • Doesn’t comes with a memorable technology which remembers your last set heat temperature
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty which will only be applicable if you buy this from the official FHI Heat website


4. FHI Heat Platform Ti Sleek Professional 1 inch flat iron

Recommended for thick and stubborn hair, this FHI Ti Sleek Professional Straightener comes with titanium plates that are infused with magnesium. It heats up very rapidly and transfers heat to your hair very quickly which helps to straighten your hair in comparatively lesser passes. The plates also distribute heat evenly throughout your hair, reducing damage and making it safe for daily use. The 1 inch plate size also makes it suitable for all hair types.

Also, it is really perfect for professionals performing chemical or keratin treatments due to its chemically resistant plates. The memory function on this model helps you to save your last selected temperature setting. The extra long 12 feet professional swivel cord makes it really convenient to style your hair when you have a socket far from the mirror.

It also produces more negative ions than other straighteners that helps in controlling frizz to a great extent. Coming with extendable 4.6 inch floating plates, makes it a go-to product for glamorous waves and curls. The one hour auto shut off feature is also an added benefit.

  • Lightweight so easy to handle
  • Comes with LED temperature settings from 265°F to 450°F
  • Universal voltage to use it around the world
  • Longer plates
  • Doesn’t come with a hinge lock to lock the plates
  • Doesn’t have color-coded temperature display like the FHI Heat EPS

5. FHI Heat Platform Plus Tourmaline Ceramic Pro Styler

Accompanying extra beveled, floating plates with three layers of ceramic infused with tourmaline, this FHI Heat Platform plus helps you to achieve infinite hair styles with even heat distribution throughout your hair. The plates don’t snag or pull your hair making is a good option for your daily use. Also, you can trust this flat iron to keep your hair straight for an extremely long period of time in all types of weather and temperatures outside. 

It is highly recommended for people with curly hair as it heats up very quickly and also straightens your hair in a lot less passes than the standard hair straighteners. The 1 inch plate size means it is perfect for people with normal to short hair. 

The product is extremely lightweight, easy to use, and doesn’t produce a burning, irritating smell while styling your hair.  If you want your hair to look like you have recently visited the salon, then you should definitely go for this Platform Plus Pro Styler. Its sleek design will surely make you fall in love with it. It has a 12 feet long professional swivel cord which keeps it free from tangles while using.

  • Comes with a zipper pouch to store it and a heat resistant matt
  • Doesn’t damage the natural texture of your hair
  • 1 hour auto shut off
  • Glides easily through your hair
  • Takes little extra time if you have really thick hair
  • Short lifespan

Features of FHI Heat Flat Irons

Sizes for any style

Most people generally prefer 1 inch Small flat irons that are good for short hair and are travel-friendly. The FHI straighteners also come in a length of 1-inch, which helps to make your styling process convenient. However, it may take time to style your hair with the FHI Flat Iron if you have very long and coarse hair.

Safe for everyday use

The three-layer of tourmaline-infused with baked ceramic technology in FHI Heat flat iron makes it safe for everyday use, as it helps to distribute the heat evenly throughout your hair. Tourmaline is well known for straightening hair at a comparatively lower heat setting. So, lower heat settings cause minor damage to your hair, allowing you to straighten your hair every day without worrying much about your hair’s health.

Auto Shut Off

It comes with an auto shut-off feature, which works as a brilliant added safety feature as at some point in our life, we all had forgotten to unplug our flat iron when we were getting late. So the 1-hour auto shut-off feature shuts down the straightener automatically in case you forgot to.

Adjustable temperature range

The FHI Heat flat irons provide the benefit of different temperature ranges, making it a very reliable product for consumers with varying hair types. According to your hair type, the temperature range goes as low as 140 and as high as 450. As short and thin hair people need lower temperature settings, long and thick hair people need higher temperature settings.

Swivel Cord

It comes with a professional swivel cord of 12 feet which is extra large for comfortable styling. It allows you to style your hair a little away from your electric socket comfortably. Also, the cord is tangle-free for convenient styling as well as storing. 

Great for all hair types

The FHI heat flat iron is excellent for all hair types. Even if you have immensely thick or naturally curly hair, it will straighten your hair quite comfortably. The adjustable temperature settings also make it suitable for all hair types as you can set the temperature according to what your hair needs.

FHI v/s CHI Flat irons

There are many similarities when it comes to FHI and CHI flat irons. Both offer similar plate sizes, rapid heat up technology, swivel cord and are lightweight. Both have ceramic plates, but FHI Heat’s ceramic plates are infused with tourmaline compared to CHI, which produces up to 20 times more negative ions and moisturizes your hair reducing damage. 

The CHI uses less electricity and has a better grip but costs more than the FHI straighteners. Even though the features of both brands are almost similar, but FHI flat irons won’t burn a big hole in your pocket while buying them.

From Where should you buy your FHI Heat Flat Iron?

If you want to buy an FHI Heat flat iron for yourself, there are several options that you can choose from. You can either buy it from their official website or authentic store sellers or salons and online websites like Amazon or eBay. While, if you purchase from websites like Amazon or eBay, there are more chances that you will always get some huge discounts on the product. There’s a humongous price difference when you buy it from online websites, but the only drawback is, the FHI Heat brand doesn’t honor the warranty provided unless you buy it from an authentic seller or their official website. If you are sure about the model you want to purchase and have read its reviews properly, you can choose to buy it from online websites.


With their professional styling and advanced technology, FHI straighteners retail at a very budget-friendly price compared to other brands like Babyliss, GHD hair straighteners or Remington. Their features like ultra-rapid heat up, ceramic baked tourmaline plates, long professional swivel cord, suitable for all hair types, even heat distribution, and many more make them one of the best flat irons available on the market. 

According to us, if you are confused about which straightener you should buy, the FHI Heat EPS black diamond flat iron is a perfect choice. It stands out with features like 3 minutes auto-sleep mode sensor, 25% more moisture-locking ions, color-coded digital display, comfortable grip, carrying cap, and heat resistant matt. It is also suitable for all hair types and will quickly straighten your hair even if you have naturally coarse hair. If you think it won’t be ideal for your hair, you can always choose from all the other options above as well. 

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