Top 8 Flat Irons with Comb Attached in 2021

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women styling her hair with straightener with built in comb

If you have been using a regular flat iron to curl or straighten your locks till now and still finding it hard to manage the hair, you should consider switching to a flat iron with comb attachment! These hair straighteners come either detachable or inbuilt comb.

Especially for women who have unruly or curly tresses, buying a hair straightener with comb attachment will be a brilliant move. And to help you make the right choice, we’ve brought you an in-depth review of the best flat irons with a comb attachment. Check it out!

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Advantages of Using Flat Irons with Teeth?

Before getting to the options, let’s see the benefits you get when you own a flat iron with teeth.

Flat Iron’s Teeth Can Detangle Your Hair Knots

No matter how hard you try, if you’ve got curly or kinky hair, you are going to find it tough to keep them detangled throughout your styling session. However, when you have a flat iron with teeth, you can stay assured that your hair will remain in control while styling.

The comb attachment untwists the hair knots as you straighten them for the plates to glide through smoothly, ultimately resulting in sleeker, glossier locks.

Built-in Comb’s Teeth Help Iron Plates Straighten Hair Evenly

Flat irons with built-in comb help divide the hair strands evenly so that each one gets proper heat. They also hold the hair strand in the same position throughout the straightening process.

Mostly, those with thick hair find it hard to style their hair perfectly with a flat iron as the heat may not reach all the parts of the hair evenly. In such cases, a hair straightener with a comb is the solution!


As the flat iron’s comb attachment holds the hair in a proper position and helps in even heat distribution, this cuts down the styling time. In ordinary irons, you require to detangle the hair continuously while styling. But in the case of a hair straightener with a comb, you no longer have to worry about that. As it automatically detangles the hair and saves your time during styling.

Who Should Use Flat Iron with Teeth?

Flat irons with teeth are best for thick and curly hair, especially 4C or 4B type hair. For such hair, it’s hard to detangle every hair strand. 

Hence, it’s better to opt for a hair straightener with built-in teeth. These straighteners won’t require you to do much work on the hair before styling. And during the process, they’ll ensure even heat distribution for those dream-like perfect styles.

In simple terms, they make the straightening process hassle-free and get beautiful tresses ready within minutes!

Alternatively, traditional flat irons can do the job nicely for those with thin or straight hair. So, you can stick to them.

If you have been using a regular flat iron to curl or straighten your locks till now and still finding it hard to manage the hair, you should consider switching to a flat iron with comb attachment! These hair straighteners come either detachable or inbuilt comb.

Especially for women who have unruly or curly tresses, buying a hair straightener with comb attachment will be a brilliant move. And to help you make the right choice, we’ve brought you an in-depth review of the best flat irons with a comb attachment. Check it out!

Top 8 Flat Iron with Comb Attachment – Reviews 2021

1. InStyler Cerasilk StylingOverall Best Flat Iron with Removable Comb/ Teeth – Most Recommended

Featuring woven ceramic-covered plates, the InStyler Cerasilk Styling Flat Iron protects the hair from heat damage with every pass. The brand claims that the flat iron reduces the chances of heat damage up to 92%. Therefore, you won’t have to compromise with your hair’s health to achieve a stunning hair look.

This flat iron comes with beveled edge floating plates that constantly contact while styling and allows you to straighten, curl, or blend the hair efficiently. The ceramic heaters distribute the heat evenly for quick styling and ensure that the heat remains constant throughout the styling session. You can even modify the temperature from 300F to 440F to prevent your hair from burning.

What’s even better? This flat iron has got a detachable comb. Hence, you can use this hair straightener to achieve any hair look, regardless of your hair type.

  • Shuts off automatically just in case you forget to turn it off
  • Heats up quickly to 440° helps in styling your hair a lot faster
  • Comes with a long swivel cord
  • Digital control buttons
  • Tames frizz and add volume to your hair
  • Most expensive

2. MKBOO ZQZSFBest Hair Straightener with Wide Steam Comb for Faster Styling

The MKBOO Hair Straightener with Wide Tooth comb comes in a stylish black and white design. Apart from an in-built comb, the flat iron consists of a steam ion generator. This combination delivers professional-grade silky, straight tresses instantly.

Due to the tourmaline-ceramic plates built with MCH technology, the flat iron gets ready for use in lesser than a minute. Not only this but, the temperature gets distributed evenly to ensure no cold spots are left. 

Besides, no matter whether you’ve got thick or natural type 4 hair, this flat iron will always give you long-lasting styles in just a few minutes. It allows you to modify the heat settings from 300F to 450F and gives an LCD display to read the current temperature. Plus, the ions generated by the steam ensure smoother, shinier hairstyles.

Moreover, to make your styling hassle-free, you get an easy-to-follow instruction manual, water bottle, and hair comb so that you can easily style your hair and refill the water tank.

  • Protects hair from heat damage
  • Does not get overheated due to the standby mode
  • 40ml large capacity water tank suitable for long styling sessions
  • You need to refill the water every time you use it
  • Need to use only pure water

3. Babyliss Porcelain Ceramic Straightening IronBest for Efficient Styling at a Fractional Cost

Are you seeking an affordable product from a reliable brand? Here’s the Babyliss Porcelain Ceramic Straightening iron that’s packed with advanced styling features and comes with a beautifully curved handle. The iron is an ideal pick for those tired of managing their thick, unruly, or curly tresses that never stay in place while straightening as its antistatic and removable comb provides sleek, shiny, and healthy hair.

For the ease of styling, this BaByliss Straightening Iron with Teeth has a 1.5-inch wide plate made of Porcelain Ceramic technology. That helps in smooth gliding through the hair strands and gives a fabulous finish to the braids. Again, it is capable of reaching up to an ultra-high temperature of 430F. And with the temperature dial, you can easily modify the temperature as per your requirements. 

However, do bear in mind that it does take a little more time to heat up than other flat irons.

  • Easy to handle grip
  • Even heat distribution across the plates without any cold spots
  • Suitable for kinky, curly, thick hair
  • Can be used worldwide
  • No LED/ Flashlight to indicate the temperature
  • Does not have floating plates

4. MKBOO Nano Titanium Ceramic Pro Best Premium Quality Hair Straightener with Removable Comb 

Not ready to pay a hefty price, but want a premium quality product? Pick up the MKBOO Nano Titanium Ceramic Pro Hair Straightener. This iron comes with a detachable 4D comb and seven steam holes. That offers silky natural-looking straight locks.

With the titanium plates, the hair cuticles get appropriately sealed to reduce split ends. And its 4D comb ensures that your hair is well-combed before styling to get the best styling experience.

Plus, its large water tank has a water-holding capacity of 40ml, which is more than enough for a styling session of about 30-35 minutes. Simply saying that, even if you’ve got thick hair, this hair straightener will do the job in one filling only.
Apart from advanced features, this MKBOO flat iron with comb comes in two beautiful colors, black, and silver.

  • Locks the temperature after heating up
  • Provides 5 heat settings
  • Has a tangle-free long swivel cord
  • Comes with a kettle for refilling the water tank
  • The brush cannot be bought separately if lost or damaged

5. REVLON Copper Straightener with Removable Comb Best for Advanced Heat Settings

If you are looking for a flat iron with teeth that can give you beautiful styles in lesser passes, you should check out this REVLON Copper Straightener with Removable Comb. The iron is capable of giving you shiny, smooth, long-lasting, straight tresses in just a single pass.

It features 1 ½” wide copper-ceramic plates that glide through the hair strands smoothly, without snagging or pulling them. Further, this ceramic-copper combination of the plate also helps in faster heating and minor damage. Surprisingly, this REVLON hair straightener claims to save your hair from breakage up to 81%.

You can style any hair type with this REVLON hair straightener. Thanks to its variable heat settings, you can use the tool at the temperature that works best for your hair. However, one point where this flat iron lacks is its comb attachment. The comb is only on one side of the iron and doesn’t have a separate attachment. Hence, you’ll have to keep on switching its side to use the comb while styling.

  • Heats up super quickly, in just 10 seconds
  • Shuts off automatically after 1-hour of non-usage
  • Plates can be locked
  • Smart heat memory system to recall the previous temperature settings
  • Sometimes leaves a burning smell on the hair

6. BERTA Hair Straightener with Brush – for Quick Touch-Ups

The BERTA Hair Straightener Flat Iron is a combination of a hair straightener and brush. Unlike the regular flat irons, this one doesn’t have only plates. Instead, it’s got a brush using which you can straighten your hair.

We would not say that this straightener is an excellent option if you desire pin-straight locks. However, we’ll rate it as the best flat iron with teeth for quick touch-ups. This tool gives your locks a natural look in no time!

Getting to the features, this BERTA Hair Straightener heats up super fast. It takes a maximum of 90 seconds to reach its highest temperature of 425F. Again, it allows you to style a wider section of the hair together. Further, to save you from burning your fingers while styling, it comes with a heat-resistant glove. And for styling comfort, you get a 2-meter long swivel cord.

  • Built with negative ionic technology
  • Digital LCD display to view temperature
  • Best for dry, kinky, or curly hair
  • Shuts-off automatically when not in use
  • Not universally usable

7. Xtava 3-in-1 – Best Multipurpose Hair Straightener with Teeth

If you hate purchasing separate hair tools for different styles, then the xtava 3-in-1 flat iron is for you! As the name suggests, this product is a flat iron with a built-in comb, as well as a curler. This hair straightener’s unique thing is that its brush’s teeth are on the plates’ outer side. And it has 1-inch, not too wide, nor too narrow, rounded ceramic plates for added styling versatility.

Moreover, to save you from putting in many efforts while styling, you get a button for switching from straightening to curling mode. Simply decide how you want your hair to look like today, and get styling!

Have you got thick and long hair? No sweat! This flat iron comes with an easy-to-hold handle that doesn’t get hot while styling. Also, it has cool tips to save you from burning your fingers accidentally. And the most amazing part! This multi-purpose flat iron with comb attached comes at a very pocket-friendly price. So, you get a glamorous look without sacrificing your savings!

  • Ionic technology gives shinier, healthier results
  • Provides four temperature control settings
  • Heat resistant travel pouch included
  • Not a dual voltage hair straightener

8. Belson Pro – Best ½ inch Flat Iron with Built-in Teeth for Short hair and Traveling

The Belson Pro Ceramic Straightener Iron with teeth is an ideal pick for those with thin hair. It comes with lesser than an inch wider plates, which work great for short fine hair. The iron features a built-in guide comb which is positioned within the plates to hold the hair perfectly. And to prevent them from detangling while styling.

Fond of traveling across the globe? You can carry this Belson Pro Ceramic Straight Iron wherever you go. To use it for instant touch-ups or transform your natural hair look into a curly or straight look before starting your day! Also, worry not about its storage as the iron is lightweight and compact. Hence, you can pack and keep it in any corner of your luggage.

Despite the good, one problem with this hair straightener is that it runs on only one heat setting, 430F. However, considering the price of this flat iron, which is less than $40, the results you get are excellent!

  • Dual voltage straightening iron
  • Can be used to style the hair closer to the scalp
  • Prevents frizz and static
  • Has only on/off buttons
  • Takes more time to heat up

Types of Devices

Hair Straighteners that fall under this category are generally of two types. They either have a built-in comb or a built-in brush. Read more about each of these types below.

Straightener with Built-in Comb

Such hair straighteners have a single row of bristles either on one or both sides of the plate. Most of the hair straighteners with a built-in comb allow you to detach the comb and use it just as you would use a regular flat iron. Also, other than the comb, such hair straighteners work no differently than the traditional flat irons.

Straightener with Built-in Brush

Unlike the hair straighteners with comb, which have bristles only on one side of the comb, these tools have bristles all over the plates on one or both sides. Such devices are a combination of the normal hair straightener and the heated straightening brush. They work for all hair types, provided the hair is detangled correctly before starting the straightening process.

Important Considerations

Once you’ve made up your mind to switch to a flat iron with teeth or pins from the normal ones, it’s essential to make sure that you are settling down for the best one. And for that, here are the critical things to look for in your hair straightener with comb.

Plates Used

The plate’s type, or say the plate’s material is one of the most important things to check while buying a flat iron. Generally, the plates are made up of ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline. In some straighteners, you may also find plates made up of combining any two of these materials.

Each of these has its benefits. For example, Ceramic plates provide even heat distribution. Titanium plates heat up quickly, whereas tourmaline gives shiny, frizz-free, straight hair.

Multiple Heat Settings

Variable heat settings are another essential feature that is responsible for styling your hair perfectly. While most of the hair straighteners allow you to modify the temperature setting by rotating a dial or pressing the control buttons, some won’t let you do that. Instead, the flat iron will be set to reach up to a fixed temperature (varies from model to model), after which you can start styling.

But it’s better to use one with multiple heat settings so that you can use it as per the texture of your hair and your style requirements.

Detachable Comb or Not

Flat irons with teeth come in both types—one with a detachable comb and another with a non-detachable comb. The benefit of purchasing a hair straightener with a removable comb is that you can detach the comb and use the flat iron in the same manner as regular ones. And this also makes it easy to clean the comb.

Cord length and is it tangle-proof

Another point of concern is the length of the cord of the hair straightener. Usually, most hair straighteners come with a cord length of 8-feet and above. When you have such a long-length cord, you get the freedom to style while standing far from the power socket. 

Also, tangle-free cords are easy to pack and store. Hence, if you think of carrying the hair straightener on a trip, it won’t cost you any trouble.

Is it comfortable to use with comb attached?

While the comb helps keep the hair detangled throughout the styling session, you might sometimes find it annoying to style with it as you’ll have to be careful while placing the hair in the flat iron and not use a large section of hair altogether. Again, the comb should not come your way while you style them. Hence, check whether the comb is mounted such that the straightener is easy to use with the comb.

Comb size

The size of the comb attached to the flat iron varies from model to model. Some flat irons come with large combs, which allow you to style a wider section of hair in one go, while some have combs with a narrower gap between the bristles. Such straighteners untwist the hair knots more efficiently. 

Though both work great, so, you can choose the hair straightener that sounds great to you!

Can we use comb attachment at high temperature (what’s the right temperature then)? Does it melt?

The combs attached to hair straighteners are made of materials capable of working at a high temperature without melting. Most of these combs can reach a maximum temperature of 550F degrees and still not melt. Although, it’s not at all recommended to use a flat iron at such a high temperature. In simple terms, you can use the flat iron without unmounting the comb and without any worries!

Comb has teeth on both sides or just one?

Some women who style with a flat iron with comb find it time-consuming. However, this is only true if the hair straightener has a comb placed in only one direction. It will force you to keep on turning the sides while styling. At the same time, combs that have teeth on both sides won’t cost you much time.

Therefore, before getting your flat iron with comb, do check the position of the comb attachment.

How to clean flat iron that has teeth?

Another point of concern after buying a flat iron with comb attached is how to keep it clean! 

Cleaning the flat irons with a detachable comb can be done by removing the comb and cleaning the surface with a soft towel dipped in rubbing alcohol.

However, if you have a flat iron with a non-detachable comb or brush, here’s how to proceed:

  • Firstly, plug the straightener and let it get slightly warm.
  • Then unplug it.
  • Now using a damp cloth, wipe the surface area of the flat iron.
  • If there are any residues close to the brush or the inner-side, use a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean it up.
  • Leave to dry completely before using it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not interested in the comb. Can I use the straightener without it?

Of course, you can use the hair straightener without the comb attachment. Most hair straighteners feature a removable comb. This provides you with the freedom to use the hair straightener as a regular flat iron. So, you can choose to use the flat iron with or without the comb, as long as you have a flat iron that gives you this option.

Can I buy a replacement comb for these straighteners?

Well, this depends on the model of the hair straightener you are using. If you are using a hair straightener from a brand that provides replacement combs separately, you may get the same piece. However, if you choose to purchase a replacement comb from another brand, you will have to check whether it will rightly fit in your hair straightener or not.

Do the teeth of the comb also heat up or just the flat iron?

No, the teeth of the flat iron comb do not heat up. The teeth help in holding the hair strands while styling and prevent them from detangling. In short, they cut down the effort you need to put in to manage your tresses while styling. Hence, they don’t heat up like the plates.

Final Thoughts

Finally, if you have thick and unruly hair, we would highly recommend moving towards a flat iron with a built-in comb attached. This will make your life way easier!

Our favorite one is the InStyler Cerasilk Styling Flat Iron of all the products mentioned above. This one not only comes in a beautiful look but possesses advanced features. The best one being the flexibility to straighten as well as to curl with this single tool only!

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