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How Long Do Color Street Nails Last?

Last Updated on July 31, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding the brand Color Street is, how long do these nails last? And it is natural to have such a question in mind for someone who has never used the product before. And to answer this, the color street nails would last up to 10 days, in usual cases.

However, there are many hacks to make them last longer. And in this blog, we will explore some such as how long do color street nails last. And also their durability in different scenarios. So let’s dive in.

How Long Do Color Street Nails Last in the Package?

Color Street nails do not have an expiration date as such. Hence, the packaged Color Street nails would last for a good period unless the seal is broken and the package is left open. The strips need to be used within 30 minutes after opening the pack. Else any nail strips left in the open will get hard and become ineffectual.

How Long Do Color Street Nails Last Once Open

Once the Color street package is opened, the strips must be used within 30 minutes. These nail polish strips are 95% dry while inside their original package. And if they are kept unused in the open, they will become scorched and rigid, making them futile to put into use. 

So to increase their lifespan, you may want to put them back in their original package while creating a vacuum inside and sealing the package with a flat iron or hair straightener.

How Long Do Color Street Nails Last in the freezer?

Usually, the nail strips dry out 30 minutes after the package is opened. However, their lifespan may be extended by 2-3 months. For this, the unused nail strips must be stored in their original package inside the freezer.

Do not forget to remove the air present inside the package. Also, make sure to seal it. 

However, right before application, allow the strips to sit at room temperature for some time. This will make the strips flexible enough and ready to be used.

How Long Do Unused Color Street Nails Last

The unused Color Street nails get hard and dry if left in the open for more than 30 minutes. These strips lose their flexibility and hence cannot be used.

So, store them in the original package, and remove air from it. To remove the air, press your palm from the bottom to the top of the package. This would help them last longer by 2-3 months.

Does Color Street Last Longer Than Regular Nail Polish?

The regular nail polish stays for 2-4 days, and then you will notice that it starts to wear at the tips or even chip. However, the color street nails last for around 10 days. So yes, it stays on your nails for a relatively long period. 

The number of days may also vary depending upon the user’s lifestyle. And it may also last longer if the application instructions are followed properly.

Read this guide to know how to make your color street nails last longer.

We hope this good-to-know information helps you store your Color Street Nail strips better.

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  1. I love love love Color Street Nails. Mine last at least 2 weeks. These are the greatest thing ever… messing with regular nail polish, that starts chipping in 2 days, waiting forever for them to dry, is for the birds!!


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