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How Much Does a Pedicure Cost? Ultimate Guide + 2022 Prices 

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If you’re like most people, you might enjoy getting a pedicure every once in a while. It’s a great way to take care of your feet. But how much does a basic pedicure cost? And what do you need to know before getting one?  

In this blog post, we’ll give you the ultimate guide on the type of pedicures such as spa pedicures, shellac pedicures, gel pedicures, and nail treatments and tell you about typical pedicure prices and what to expect from your basic pedicure experience. So read on to learn more! 

How Much Does an Average Pedicure Cost? 

A single basic pedicure service may cost from $30-$180, depending upon multiple factors as you read through. On average, it would cost you around $35 for the basic pedicure. However, for luxury pedicure services such as fish pedicures, jelly pedicures, or spa pedicures, expect to pay around $130. 

How Much Is a Pedicure in Various US cities? 

In case you’re wondering how much the basic pedicure or a spa pedicure would cost you in different cities, here’s a list of a few city-based pedicure costs: 

  • In Texas – $40-$80 
  • In California – $55-$120 
  • In Florida – $35-$60 
  • In NYC – $16-$50 
  • In Georgia – $35-$60 
  • In Las Vegas – $38-$100 

How much is a pedicure with acrylic? 

The Acrylic nails would have a separate cost between $30- $45, based on the color you require. And expect to pay separate pedicure costs 

The average pedicure prices are given right above for reference.  

How Much Does a Pedicure Cost For a Man? 

A basic salon may cost around $30-$35 for a classic session, on the other hand, the high-end salons may cost around $60-$150 depending upon the pedicure.  

A higher fraction of men like to pamper themselves now and get self-care sessions like these. It’s not just a cosmetic procedure anymore. It can aid in treating allergies and releasing tension in limbs.   

It is assumed that pedicure may cost lesser for men, as they may not need nail polish or nail art done. However, upon research, it was found that it may cost the same or higher. The reason is, that bigger foot sizes and a higher amount of time and labor are required to clean out the long stuck dirt. 

How Much Does a Gel Pedicure Cost? 

A gel pedicure would cost around $40-$80. The more deluxe the parlor, the higher the cost, and vice versa. Gel Manicure or pedicure uses a nail color that is gel-based, making it chip-free and last longer.

As the quality of gel regular polish is better than the usual colors, hence, it has a relatively higher cost than the usual colors. 

How Much Does a Pedicure Cost in Canada? 

In Canada, the pedicure prices range from $25-$50. However, it may increase depending upon the location, the nail salon you visit, the nail technicians, the package you select, and additional requirements, if any. 

How Much Does a Pedicure Cost in the United Kingdom? 

The packages range from £10-£40in UK, varying due to multiple factors. In cities like Manchester and London, the services will cost you a minimal amount of £20,with the high tier salons costing higher for more extensive services. However, salons in Birmingham offer pedicures with a starting range of £30.

How Much is a Pedicure at Walmart? 

Following are a few basic pedicure services packages and their costs, available in Walmart, AKA Regal Nails: 

  • Classic pedicure – $17. 
  • Deluxe pedicure – $25. 
  • Super deluxe package – $28. 
  • Deluxe spa pedicure – $45.  

For any customizations, separate pedicure pricing would apply. 

How Much Should You Tip For a $25 Pedicure? 

A fair tip to the Nail technician worth 15-20% of the bill amount must be paid. It is considered a kind gesture for thanking the tech. 

For a $25 worth of pedicure, tip them for $3.75 to $5 amount. 

How Much Should you Tip For a $50 Pedicure? 

Now, to ensure you are paying a fair amount of tip to the specialist, at least add a tip worth 15-20% of the billing value.

For a bill worth $50, a $7 to $10 tip is considered decent. However, this is a minimal amount. But if you really liked the services do not shy away from being generous. Tipping them with a good amount will only encourage them to do well.

What Factors Affect the Price of a Pedicure? 

1.       The salon location 

The location of the nail salon affects the range of your spa service. Most nail salons set up in urbanized states would offer a wide range of options, starting from $60 to $180, costing you higher than the ones located in the relatively lesser urban or sub-urban areas, expect to pay between $30 to $60, and sometimes even lesser, if you’re lucky. 

2.      The type of salon 

Secondly, the kind of nail salon you pick also matters. It could be a high-end Salon set up in a commercial complex, on the other hand, it may be a basic parlor set up in a residential area, being run by one or a few individuals. 

Stating the obvious, the former would have a higher cost associated with such cosmetic treatments as they have higher expenses to keep up with, in terms of the high-quality products, the decent payout for the staff, the rent, marketing, etc. Hence, the price range may vary from $60 to $180, from basic to deluxe services, respectively. 

The no-fuss, small nail salons, will provide pedicures for $15 to $60. Yes, you read that right! Remove dead skin and expect to pay less than $60. 

3.      The type of pedicure 

Lastly, apart from the basic procedure involved, there are various customizations available, in different nail salons. Nail artist involves chocolates, pumice stone, and paraffin wax treatment, in place of basic water. Some clients may require the usage of heated stones for therapeutic purposes.

There are techniques to make the gel nail colors stay chip-free for 2-4 weeks. The range may differ for all such packages. There may be packages of both a manicure and a french pedicure or gel nails and foot massages.  

A few are mentioned for your reference: 

  1. Normal Pedicure – $30 
  2. Chocolate Pedicure- $55 
  3. Fish Pedicure – $45 
  4. Hot Stone Pedicure- $65 
  5. Paraffin Pedicure – $50 
  6. Gel Pedicure – $45 

      The charges, however, may vary from most salons to another, basis different criteria. 

What’s Included in a Pedicure? 

Let’s take you through the steps involved in one of the basic pedicure sessions at nail salons. 

1. In basic pedicures, firstly feet are soaked in warm water for 15-20 minutes. 

2. Post that, the feet are dried off, and any nail paint you are wearing is removed. 

3. Post that, cuticle trimming, filing, and shaping are done. 

4. Next step is to remove dead skin or unnecessary skin using a salt scrub or pumice stone. Then, the nail technician gives you a nice foot massage using oils for treating dry skin. 

5. Foot massage is followed by application of a regular polish as per your liking, in basic pedicures. A base coat is applied, then the nail color of your choice along with some french manicure style, if asked for. Once dried off well, a top coat is applied for a well-finished look. 

What is a Deluxe Pedicure and Why Does it Cost More?  

This pedicure service goes way beyond a basic pedicure. The deluxe pedicure involves hot stone massage, luxury spa, shellac manicures, fish pedicure, CBD pedicure, removing dead skin using a foot scrub or exfoliator, a foot mask, massage with high-quality oils, paraffin wax treatments, nail art designs and gel nail colors that stay for a minimum of 2-4 weeks. 

It costs higher as the procedure includes additional series of steps, high-quality products, especially paraffin wax, longer duration of massage therapy. The output speaks for itself, so if it fits the budget, do give it a try!  

Pedicure Add-ons That Cost Extra 

These are basically the customization options available to help you serve your needs. However, each of these would have an additional cost associated with it, apart from the pedicure type you choose: 

Aroma-Therapy Oils

These fall within the $5-$15 range, depending upon the kind of oil. These are available among different fragrance variants, and some also offer therapeutic benefits, as prepared with natural resources. 

French Pedicure

It costs around $3-$7, per toenail. Nail tech applies a nude or sheer nail coat is applied along with french tips. 


To coordinate with the kind of nail color or nail art, you may add toe rings to enhance the post-pedicure look. These cost around $5-$35, depending upon the quality, designs, etc.   

Gel Nail Polish

A gel polish costs around $5-$15. These are of higher quality as compared to regular nail polish. The gel polish allows color to stay for at least 2-4 weeks. On the other hand, the usual colors may start coming off within the first two weeks post a pedicure session. 

For certain reasons, these add-ons are offered separately, apart from the usual packages. The clients who have specific requirements may need to customize the original package and add on to the list on the basis of their budgets. 

How to Find a Good Deal on a Pedicure? 

· All salons post their deals on their individual websites. Being a first-time user, in case of the festive season, etc., you may find multiple attractive deals that may suit you for good. 

· In case, you have any pre-existing vouchers/coupons, those can be used in a given Spa or salon. 

· New to the city? Check with friends or neighbors who are regulars in terms of pedicures. 

How Often Do You Need a Pedicure? 

It is suggested by professionals, that in order to maintain healthy feet and toes, one must get the treatment done once every 4-6 weeks. If not the entire regular pedicure, a mini pedicure would also do. 

How Long Does a Pedicure Take?  

A Pedicure usually takes 30-90 minutes. The duration varies, by and large, depending upon the sort of treatment you select, whether classic or a high-tier one, like paraffin treatment. The latter would involve more products and steps depending upon the chosen service. 

Secondly, it would take lesser time, if you get the service done on a frequent basis, as compared to someone availing the service on an irregular basis or after a long duration.  

What Should I do Before a Pedicure? 

The most basic thing to do before you head to a local nail salon, for a pedicure is to remove any nail color that you’re wearing at the given time. It would save you some time, and of course, paying extra for the same.

However, there may be times when you miss out on doing the same due to some reason, the nail technicians would be able to take care of the same as well, apart from the rest of the procedure involved. 

How Much Does it Cost to Keep a Pedicure for 1 year? 

The specialists suggest having a pedicure session after every 4-6 weeks timeline to maintain the feet and toes properly. 

For instance, if you get the service after every 4 weeks, it would take around 13 sessions round the year. And considering an average cost of $40 per session, it would cost you $520. 

The cost may be higher if the high-end package is opted for, or in case the frequency is more, and vice versa. 

In case, you find it a pretty expensive deal altogether, you may want to prefer doing it at home. Self-pedicure kits, nail beds, and pedicure chairs are available both online and offline, costing $25-$50 for a decent quality option.

For higher quality options, you may go for deluxe ranges which would be inclusive of additional oils, nail colors, accessories, oils, etc., whichever suits your requirement. The Deluxe range would start from $60 and may go higher basis the brand or additional products you may require. 

Let’s Wrap This Up

The cost of pedicure service may vary depending on multiple factors, such as the package, location, additional products, and of course, the kind of salon you visit.

This blog post must give a brief insight into what you may expect basis your requirements and geographical location. It’s always better to explore the market and all other salons before you select the one, and get set on your pedicure chair! 

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