The Very Best Way to Clean Your Flat Iron

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If you have a hair straightener that has been sitting around for a while, it might be time to clean it! Flat irons can get dirty and full of hair over time. Cleaning your flat iron is not difficult and will help keep it running smoothly. To learn how to clean your flat iron from start to finish, read on!

how to clean a hair straightener

Why You Should Clean Your Flat Iron?

List of Reasons:

-A clean flat iron is less likely to damage your hair. If you use a dirty, greasy iron on wet or damp hair, the hot metal will cause additional frizz and breakage in the strands. The build up can also lead to mold, which means more chemicals are necessary for treating it! Yikes!

-Dirty irons don’t work as well at straightening out curls because they’re not getting good contact with your locks if there’s debris inside (think dust and silicone). This might sound trivial but it’s actually pretty critical for those who want smooth waves without any creases.

-The plates themselves need regular cleaning too. You should be flipping them over every once in awhile so that one side doesn’t clog up with more gunk than the other, making it difficult to use.

-Some experts say that you should be cleaning your iron before and after every usage because any dust or dirt particles could get caught in the plates while they’re moving (even if just a tiny bit). This means less time wasted for styling!

-Cleaning prevents mineral deposits from building up on your flatiron’s plates, which can lead to breakage of hair strands when heated over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. You don’t want this happening so make sure those pesky minerals are taken care of ASAP!

What You’ll Need to Clean Your Flat Iron?

  • -A spatula (to scrape off bits of hair and product)
  • -Cotton balls or swabs (for cleaning around the curling iron plates)
  • -Dish soap and water
  • – Another option would be using a small toothbrush that can reach those hard spots without damaging it.

Note– Using your fingers to clean the edges is not recommended because you could damage the delicate coating on your flat iron’s surface.

How Often to Clean a Flat Iron?

The frequency with which you should clean your flat iron varies depending on the type of hair, and whether or not you use heat protectants. For most people, a monthly cleaning is sufficient to remove buildup from oils that have accumulated over time.

But it’s best to clean your flat iron more often if you have finer hair and don’t use heat protectant regularly. You can also go longer between cleanings if you like the natural look of frizz or curl without any product at all.

How to Clean Your Flat Iron

Every day, hair stylists all over the world use their flat irons to straighten and curl hair in people’s homes. It is a very common tool for doing so, but it can also be used on other things like wigs or felt boards. The iron itself has ceramic plates which are heated up by an electrical current so they can straighten your hair without burning or damaging it. However, if you don’t take care of your device properly then this could happen with time! One way to make sure that doesn’t happen is by knowing how to clean them correctly – here’s our ultimate guide:

  • Unplug the cord from the outlet before starting any cleaning process
  • Use a plastic scouring pad to clean the surface of the flat iron. Be sure to use a gentle circular motion when scrubbing
  • Next, dip your cotton balls into isopropyl alcohol and rub it over any residue or grime that may be remaining on the device. It should evaporate quickly without damaging anything else as long as you’re careful with how much you apply!
  • Turn your hot plate up high for about five minutes then turn it back down low until they start to cool down. This will help loosen up any sticky build-up that might have been missed during cleaning.

Repeat this process once every six months – just make sure not to do so while plugged in!

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How do you clean a flat iron without rubbing alcohol

You can use water and dish soap to clean your flat iron. It should be enough for most hair types without stripping away natural oils. If your hair is difficult to style after using an oil-based product on it such as gel or mousse then maybe try a shampoo with conditioner instead before going back to warm water and soap.

This will eliminate stubborn buildup that might need more work than just running hot water over them under the faucet like some people do who think they have actually cleaned their irons.

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