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How to Keep Press on Nails From Popping Off

Last Updated on September 21, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

If you’re anything like me, you love press on nails because they’re so easy and convenient to use. But sometimes, they can be a pain when the press-on nails keep popping off. In this blog post, I will share some tips for keeping press-on nails from popping off.

So read on and learn how to properly apply and care for your press-on nails!

Do Press-on Nails Come Off Easily?

Falsies are as easy and convenient to remove as they are to apply. All you need to do is soak your fingernails in warm, soapy water for about 10-15 minutes. It loosens the adhesive between the nails.

You may, then, try pressing the tips of the false nails up and down until it shows the flesh coloured nub to separate the nails from the tip of your natural nail.

Post repeating the same for all your fingernails, and remove the excess glue on your natural nails. And following this simple step, your nails will come off pretty quickly. Thank us later! 

Why Do My Press-ons Keep Popping Off?

There can be varying reasons for your press-on nails coming off now and then. It may be poor quality or expired nail glue that could not make the nails bond well. Another reason could be the size of your press-on nails is a misfit for your natural nail beds. If a press-on nail is too big or small for the size of your nail plate, they will start coming off at an early stage itself.

 If you did not prep your natural nails well, the fake nails would start coming off, for sure. The prep phase includes cleaning nails by soaking them in hot soapy water, trimming, buffing, filing them, etc. Apart from this, constant exposure to water may also lead to popping off nails. 

How to Keep Press-On Nails from Falling Off

For all the lovelies struggling to keep their false nails from falling and not staying in place for a decent timeframe, we have curated a list of steps you may follow.

These will help ensure that the nails stay for at least 10-14 days. Now, let’s have a look at the focus areas:

Prepping Your Nails

Prep your nails by washing your hands with warm and soapy water. Natural oils are present on our skin and nails to keep them hydrated. However, these oils prevent the falsies from gluing firmly. So, washing hands helps in the removal of these oils.

Find a Brand That Fits Your Natural Nails

Good quality press-on nails tend to last longer and can even be reused later if still in a presentable condition. Also, it is vital for that the press-ons fit your real nail. Else they will eventually fall off.

Hence, measure the size of your press on nails and buy fake nails that offer nails of sizes closer to your requirement. Any minute alterations can be made later with the help of your tools.

Cleaning Your Nails Completely

Before application, your nail beds must be clean. Use a hand sanitizer to clean your hands further. Now, if any previously applied nail paint is left, remove it using a nail polish remover. Make sure the nails are bare before you apply press-ons.

You may apply a thin layer of strengthening base coat to protect your nails from any damage.

Remove Any Extra Bits of Dirt or Grime

Get rid of all the bits of dirt or grime from your nails, if there are any. Also, check the insides of your nails and clean them. Use orangewood sticks, brushes, or any other instruments to do the same.

If any such bits are left, they would hamper gluing the press on nails and may further irritate.

Trim, File, and Do Whatever You Do to Attain a Perfect Nail Shape

You must cut your long nails short, file them using nail file, and buff them to prevent any hassles after fake nails are applied.

Doing this will help keep infections, itching, and discomfort at bay. And eventually, the nails would last longer.

Use Rubbing Alcohol to Dehydrate and Disinfect the Nail and Cuticle

Wipe your nails with rubbing alcohol to dehydrate and disinfect your nails. It also helps ensure that the nails are completely free of organic oils.

Also, push your cuticles back using a cuticle pusher, and remove if there are any excess cuticles. It provides enough surface for the fake nail to glue firmly.

Apply Those Press Ons

Before application, check the nail sizes are suitable for each of your natural nail bed. Once confirmed, apply the nails with the help of nail glue and allow them to sit for 2-3 hours to let them completely dry.

During this timeframe, avoid water exposure. Once the nails have dried, you may continue with the chores.

Routines for Longevity

We all want our falsies to stay for long but are unsure how to prevent them from falling off early.

So, to your rescue, here are a few tips that you must follow in your daily routine to ensure the longevity of your press-on nails.

  • Nail Maintenance and Hygiene Are More Important

It is vital to ensure cleanliness and hygiene while wearing false nails. Make sure to clean off dirt and dry the nails well after being exposed to water. Else, it may cause infection.

  • Avoiding Excessive Amounts of Water

Avoid water exposure to prevent getting your hands wet, or at least try to reduce your shower time to limit the same. It is essential as water weakens the bond and causes the nails to fall off early.

  • Avoid Too Much Exposure to Warm Water

Replace hot water with cold water during your chores or shower. It is so because hot water weakens the glue bond faster than cold water. And eventually, it would make your press-on nails fall off.

  • Examine Your Press-on Nails for Signs of Lifting, Splitting, Cracking

Check your nails to discover any cracking, lifting, or splitting of nails. It is better to act on these issues as soon as possible. Else they may lead to harrowing and uncomfortable situations.

  • Watch Out for Dehydration Around the Cuticle Area

If the cuticle area starts to dry, it may lead to your press-on nails falling off. You may want to use cuticle oil before bedtime every night to ensure the skin is hydrated and your press-ons do not pop.

  • Try to Type With Your Fingertips and Not Your Nails

While using cellphones, laptops, or computers, typing using your fingertips instead of your nails is suggested. These are to prevent lifting and keep press-on nails from coming off.

  • Pick Up a Lightweight Pair of Gloves for Cleaning, Cooking, or Doing Chores

Although exposure to water is harmful to your press-ons, you may not be able to ignore your household chores. So, wear rubber gloves while you wash the dishes or while participating in any chores involving water exposure.

Your Press-On Products Make a Difference

Regular press-on users would agree that every brand’s press-on nails carry their pros and cons. Also, not every brand, shape, or size of press on nails would suit you.

Hence, it is primarily suggested to go with good quality nails as they are more durable. However, their coming off majorly depends upon the adhesive you use.

Prefer good quality glue and always check its expiry date to ensure the best results and prevent suffering later. Be very mindful while investing your money.

New users may want to explore and experiment with different brands to find their best suit.

If you have already found a brand that suits you well, stick to it, as every brand has a different production method. And not every brand will suit you the same way.


Press-on nails may last for 2 weeks or even start to come off within the first week. It entirely depends upon the quality of nails and products you have used, the application procedure, and the post-application hygiene routines.

If you want to use them for 24-48 hours, you may use adhesive strips to make your nails stick for temporary applications.

However, if you want to prevent your nails from falling, here’s your sign to use good quality nails that resemble the shape of your natural nails and follow the instructions in this blog post.

And you’ll be amazed at the results. Try it and flaunt those perfectly manicured talons for the entire week!!

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