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How to Make Color Street Nails Last Longer

Last Updated on July 31, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

Color street brand has won hearts for bringing a revolutionary product to the market. It offers its users a sense of freedom to experiment with different colors and patterns at the convenience of their homes. 

Why rush to a salon when you can achieve those popping color combinations anytime and anywhere?  

However, some clients did not have a smooth product experience. And some feedback even stated that the product was not very durable in their case.

Feedback varied from client to client. If you are also struggling with making your color street nails last for a reasonable amount of time, you’re at the right place.

We have curated a step-by-step guide for color street application to help you enjoy the new patterns on your nails for different occasions. 

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8 Tips for Long Lasting Color Street Nails

Keep Nail Strips Are at Room Temperature

Before applying the color street nail strips, make sure they are allowed to sit at room temperature for a while. 

If the strips were previously stored in a freezer or the climatic condition is such, then the strips tend to get rigid. If that’s the case with you, you might want to keep them under your armpits for a while.

The warmth of your body allows them to reach room temperature, making them flexible enough to be applied.

Learn How to Store Color Street Nails

There may be situations when the climate is too hot. You will see the color street nail strips turn too soft and gummy to be put to use. In that case, you would want to put them in the freezer for a while.

Take them out again, and once they reach room temperature, they should be good to be applied again. Let them sit at room temperature for some good 5-10 minutes, and then apply them for best results.

Wash Your Hands With Before Touching Them

Before laying your hand on the beautiful color street nails, washing your hands with soap is a must. Due to chores, much dirt gets settled on our hands, and as the product in question is very fragile, we need to ensure that the hands are clean and free from dirt and oil.

Push Your Cuticles Back With This Cuticle Pusher

Push your cuticles back so that the strips can be applied to the entire nail portion. This would help the strips to stick correctly and with better support. It’d also aid the color strips to last longer than usual. You can easily find a cuticle pusher to make the job easy for you.

File the Tips of the Nails

The nails need to be ready before you start sticking the nail strip to the nails. It becomes a huge hassle if the filing has to be done later, once the strips have been applied.

So, to save your efforts, in case the nails are not in shape, file them after you’re done pushing the cuticles back.

Clean Them With Alcohol Prep Pads

Once the hands are washed properly, cuticles are pushed back, and nails are filed, you need to rub an alcohol prep pad o your nails very calmly. Our body produces lots of natural oils to keep the skin healthy and moisturized.

But we need to get rid of these oils from the nailbeds before applying the color street strips, as they’d hamper the process, and you’ll end up having a bad experience.

As they say, precaution is better than cure. Use this cotton pad to remove the excess oils from the nails to ensure a smooth process and for the color street nails to last long.

Double Layer Them

Now, apply a base coat to your nails. It prevents your nails from getting brittle and weak and keeps them from cracking. Additionally, it acts as a solid layer of adhesive, to which your color street strip will easily stick. It’d also last a good number of days, compared to the cases when you don’t use a base coat at all.

Now, you may apply your color street strips. Allow them around 30 minutes to cure. Once it settles, you may want to trim any excess portion of the strip from your nails, and in case it shrinks, you may want to clip away the nail exposed past the color street strip.

For better durability, add a layer of good quality top coat to your nails. This will act as a protective layer for your nail strip and helps it stay longer. Read this article to know how long do color street nails last.

Put Them on Right Before You Go to Bed

Applying the color street strips before you go to bed allows ample time for the strips to dry out, and they stick well. And eventually, if it sticks well, it would stay for a reasonable timeframe, at least 10 days and more, depending upon the chores you have to do.

Wait 30 Minutes After Applying Them Before Getting Wet.

After applying the strips, they must be kept from water for at least 30 minutes. Allow them to cure and settle on your nails.

Once they have dried completely, you may go ahead with any of your roles and responsibilities. But make sure to let it sit for 30 minutes straight.

Wrap Up

The durability of your color street nails depends on how you use and maintain them. If taken care of nicely, they may last around 10 days. So, the next time you try on that new set of color street nails, do not forget to keep these pointers in mind. And the results will speak for themselves. Try these hacks now!

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