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How to Package Press on Nails and Ship it to your customer

Last Updated on August 26, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

If you’re planning to start your own Press on nails business, you must know that the packaging and shipping of the press-on nails are equally important as the product quality.

It creates a positive impression on your clients and gives your brand an edge over your competitors. It also gives a sense of value for money on the purchase.

A package idea should appeal to the eyes, and the press-on nails must reach the client safely and soundly. The product idea in question is a bit fragile. Hence the kind of layering you provide is significant.

Apart from packaging, as a seller, you must be equally concerned about the shipping of your press-on nails.

So, if you’re wondering how to package press-on nails and how to ship them, we hope to help you with everything you need to know regarding the process through this blog post.

What you will need:

You must procure all the required items before you start packing. Keeping all factors in mind, we have created a list of essential items you’d need to prepare a cute pack of press-on nails. You must have the following items readily available:

  1. A little box or zip-lock bag
  2. Press on the nails box and a prep kit for nails
  3. Double-sided tape
  4. A printer along with sheets or paper rolls
  5. Bubble mailers

How to Package Press on Nails

Packaging plays a very vital role in branding and presenting the press on nails in an innovative manner in the market. There may be many press-on nail sellers in the market, but what sets your business apart is the product quality and, of course, the nail packaging ideas.

You may use quirky little boxes and stuff them with personalized thank you notes, a list of tips on using press-on nails, and free manicure gifts they may wear along with the press-on nails and kits. These tiny gestures may not bring in high costs but would help you build your clientele.

Displaying your nails in a false nail packaging box

A good display plays a vital role in appealing to the customers. So, to begin with, you’d need a box with a sheer side to display the press-on nails. It ensures to help differentiate between multiple styles and sizes easily.

Once you place the nail set inside the box, use double-sided tape to keep it in place. Also, it makes the first look more exciting for the customers.

Packaging in an opaque box with no view of the product might not look very appealing. So, you may purchase such boxes with trans-windows to give primary packaging to the press-on nails.

Apart from boxes, you try looking for zip-lock bags or cute pouches that align with the theme of the press-on nails or your brand to establish a standard packaging idea.

Prep Press on Nails Kit

A Press-on nails kit may include various products used while applying press-on nails. Still, you must decide on the items depending on the price you set up for the clients.

A high-budget set would expect to include a variety of products such as a nail clipper, nail buffer, cuticle pusher, cuticle oil, sticky tabs or mounting tape, nail filer, and multiple sets of press-on nails with a variety of designs (solid colors, nail art or fancy press-on nails), a base coat, good quality glue, etc.

However, for low-budget kits, you may decide to include sets of press-on nails along with adhesive tape or nail glue, at the very least. Rest products may be added based on the price you set for the kit.

Free gift for your customer [optional]

This step may be optional but plays a crucial role in making the clients happy and retaining them as your regulars.

There may be various press-on nail dealers in your locality and other places. And the competition goes way too high online. But what sets your services and products apart? Small ideas can help tie up some clients by adding value to your services.

You may decide to add some small accessories as salon-based gifts for your clients, like nail polish, nail kits, nail sets, tiny storage boxes, etc.

Bubble wrap the package

As the products we’re dealing with are pretty fragile, the packaging should also be protective enough to ensure the products are delivered to the clients intact.

The pretty boxes would not be helpful in terms of protection, so to aid with that, we may use bubble mailers on top of the packaging box.

It’d act as a secondary package that can be removed and disposed of once it reaches the end client.

Ship it

Once the products are packed nicely, along with the second layer of bubble wrap, we need to weigh the package using a weigh scale. This weight needs to be mentioned on the label as well as on the receipt of the purchase.

Talking about the labels and receipts, we now need to print these and include them in the packaging. The label would include information such as the brand name, the company address, the recipient’s name, address, the weight of the package, etc.

Stick the label outside the wrapping to help in shipping the package.

On the other hand, the receipt must be inclusive of all details included in the label, as well as the index of all the individual items inside the package, their quantity, and the rates. The receipt must be placed inside the package for the customer to use as an invoice.

The Etsy shop website can create and print these labels and receipts.

Once the package is ready, you may drop it at the post office to the mail clerk or put it inside the postal box. The box will be picked up, and the shipping will be completed in 1-2 weeks.


Search for innovative ideas to wrap the press-on nails. The packaging ideas should be protective and look amusing at the same time. Also, ensure safe shipping of the press-on nails.

You may search for ideas and seek advice for inspiration. The internet browser may have a lot of ideas in store for you.

Use boxes or pouches to store the press on nails and the prep kit items. Do not forget to add good quality nail glue even in the most basic package. Add a receipt inside the pouch as well.

Once the press-on nails kit is ready, use bubble mailers to add a second layer of packing. It ensures safe delivery of the press on nails to the end-user.

And lastly, stick a label on top of it. Once done with the packing, drop the mail at the post office or inside the postal box to ensure the shipping process is initiated correctly.

Good luck with your new press on nail business venture, and we hope to see you going places!

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