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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish with Sugar at Home from Natural Nail

Last Updated on April 27, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

Gel manicures are highly preferred by women nowadays, they last long and look elegant. However, the removal process of gel manicures is quite harsh as it involves the use of Acetone that damages natural nails. And thus, people keep looking for DIY gel nail polish remover that doesn’t involve Acetone for removing the gel polish.

In this article, I am going to provide a method to remove gel nail polish that you can perform at home with Sugar. The process is pretty easy and surprisingly effective. The prerequisites of this method are a cotton ball and some fine granulated sugar.  

How to Remove Gel Nail Polish With Sugar? 

You can get your gel manicures at a nail salon or do it by yourself at home, they last for at least 2-3 weeks without chipping or peeling.

And when it’s time to change gel nail color instead of using acetone-based nail polish remover, use this DIY nail polish remover made of sugar. It will not cause any damage to your natural nails or cuticles.

Sugar is considered to be an effective ingredient in body and face scrubs because it is coarse.

Let’s have a look at How to Remove Gel Nail Polish with Sugar at Home.

Create a DIY Gel Nail Polish Remover With Sugar 

Some of the ingredients that we are going to need during the process are – 2 tbsp sugar, cotton ball, cuticle oil, and a bowl.  

1. Use a grinder to grind at least 2-3 tablespoons of sugar to get a fine-powder version. Grind it for 10-15 seconds only, don’t overdo it.  

2. Then, put the grinded sugar into an empty bowl. Make sure that the bowl is pat dry before you transfer sugar in it, any moisture left in the bowl can melt the sugar and the process will not work. 

3. Now, take a cotton ball and gently dip it in the sugar. Try to stick as much sugar as you can on the cotton ball and then, rub the cotton ball over the gel nail polish. Gently rub nail polish with the cotton ball and sugar.

The scrapping of the cotton ball over the gel polish will help remove the gel nail polish eventually. Remember to be gentle and not harsh as you don’t want to damage your cuticles. 

4. Take breaks in between, don’t keep rubbing the same nail continuously.

Don’t hurry the process, take your time, you can also switch between fingernails so that you don’t hurt your nails. You have to rub until all of the nail polish comes off.  

5. Lastly, it is crucial to nourish your nails with either cuticle oil or moisturizing cream. When all of the gel nail polish has come off, use cuticle oil and gently massage on all of your nails.  

We recommend you to use CND Cuticle Oil

Does Sugar Soak up Nail Polish? 

Yes, sugar soaks up nail polish and clumps it. When sugar is rubbed against gel nails, the abrasion between the two helps remove gel nail polish without damaging natural nails underneath.

Many people use sugar to wipe nail polish when it accidentally falls on the floor, and trust me that works like magic! 

Can we Remove Gel Nail polish by Heating Sugar and then Holding your nails in it? 

No, I’d not recommend you to do that. Sugar when heated up gets sticky and that kind of heat should not be used on nails. You can end up hurting your skin and your nails. So, please don’t consider heating sugar and then, holding your nails in it, that could be very dangerous.  

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