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Remove Gel Polish from Toenails at Home: Fast and Simple

Last Updated on April 13, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

You most certainly don’t want to visit a nail salon to remove gel polish from your toenails, it’s such a waste of time especially when you’re preoccupied with other work.

Let’s assume it’s time to get rid of gel nails from your toes as it has been 3 weeks but you don’t want to use Acetone and still want a fast process.

So, don’t worry we have got you covered, as, in this article, I am going to tell you how you can remove gel polish from your toenails at home easily and quickly.  

how to remove gel polish from toes

Things you need to Remove Gel Polish From Toes: 

These are some of the prerequisites that you will need to perform the removal process: 

  • 2 gallons of warm water 
  • A large container that can fit both of your feet, you can use a plastic tub 
  • A pair of tweezers 
  • A dry towel 
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Foil paper
  • Cotton pads
  • Nail File

3 Methods to Remove Gel Polish from Toenails at Home without acetone 

1. Warm water method 

Soak both feet in warm water 

The first step is to fill a plastic container with warm water and then, place both of your feet into the container.

The water level should be above your ankles and the water should be warm enough to remove gel nails but not too hot. Keep your feet in water for at least 15-20 minutes. 

Peel Gel polish using Tweezers 

Now, check once after 10 minutes to see if the gel polish starts to curl up and if it does then, follow this step. Use a pair of tweezers to gently peel off the gel polish, starting from your tiniest toenail still being submerged in water.

Remember to be gentle and if some part of nail polish is too stubborn then, leave it to be removed later. 

Repeat the process on all nails 

You have to repeat the second step on all of your toenails, and gently tear off the gel polish using a pair of tweezers once they start to curl up. Do it on both of your feet until the gel polish is removed completely. 

Use a Nail File for the remaining nail polish 

In case, if you are unable to remove all parts of gel nail polish from your toenails then, you can dry your feet using a towel and then, make use of a nail file.

Scrap off the remaining part of the polish by gently rubbing the nail file on your toenails until the polish comes off completely. 

2. Soak Off Method or Tin Foil Method 

The first thing to do is use a nail file to remove the topcoat or the shiny coat from your toenails. Most people skip this step but it is quite crucial to do this as your first step while removing gel polish from your nails and toenails.  

Wrap cotton pad around toenail dipped in gel polish remover 

Take a few cotton pads or cotton balls and dip them in gel polish remover. Do not make use of Acetone as it can damage your natural nails and cuticles. I would recommend this acetone-free nail polish remover from Mineral Fusion

Now, take the soaked cotton pad and wrap it around your toenail gently. Make sure that the toenail is completely covered with the cotton pad; follow the same step for all nails.

Wrap foil around toenails to soak them off 

Cut small squares out of foil paper, and then, wrap the foil over the soaked cotton pad covering the gel toenail. Make sure that the foil paper covers the cotton pad tightly so that it doesn’t come off. Let the foil paper and soaked pads around your toenails for at least 15-20 minutes. 

Now after some time use a nail pusher to remove gel nails from the toe 

Lastly, start removing tinfoil from your toenails one by one, and then, use a nail pusher to peel off the gel nail polish. Use the nail pusher gently as you can hurt your cuticles if used with high pressure.  

Gently peel off the nail polish from your toenails, it will come off very easily as it was already loosened up in the previous step. After removing gel polish from all nails, you can make use of cuticle oil to condition your nails and cuticles.

You can get a Revlon nail pusher from Amazon; they are pretty affordable.

3. Electric Nail file  

Take off Gel polish from toes with help of an electric nail file 

In this method, we will make use of an electric nail file or nail drill machine to remove gel polish from toenails. It is a more professional way of removing gel polish which is used in nail salons.

You can perform this at home as well, you will need to get an electric nail file. I’d recommend this one from RenoJ, it’s a portable electric nail file – easy to use and carry.

Simply turn on the electric file, it’s a pen-like tool, and bring it closer to your toenails and then, gently move it over the polish on all sides. It will file off the gel polish in a few seconds.

Clean toes with Sanitizer and it’s done 

And once you have filed nail polish from all of your toenails using an electric file, use a sanitizer on your nails to clean them.

Make sure you remove gel polish from all parts of your nails and then, spray some sanitizer and use a cotton pad to clean your toenails and that is it! 

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Don’t use Acetone on Toenails

Avoid using Acetone on your nails as Acetone is a harsh and skin-drying chemical that can damage your nails if used constantly.

I would recommend that you avoid the use of Acetone in your nail polish removers and choose non-acetone-based nail polish removers like this one from Mineral Fusion

Benefits of Soaking Toenails in warm water 

If you soak your gel toenails in warm water, you will be able to peel off the gel polish without using Acetone. Warm water loosens the gel polish and after a while, it becomes easy to peel it off without damaging your natural nails or cuticles.

Also, the process takes a lot less time, I’d recommend that you do this process after having your shower, it hardly takes 15-20 minutes.  

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