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How to Store Color Street Nails

Color street nails have challenged conventional nail polish brands. Color street strips have become a hot topic among all the manicure fanatics, with so many options available at the convenience of staying at home.

No more regular salon visits to keep up with the trend. But we all secretly want to make the best out of what we have, don’t we? Only if we could make the color street nails last a bit longer.

And what if we tell you there might be a few ways to make it possible? And what if these cheat codes are also available at the convenience of your home?

As per our research, the mentioned methods have helped save the color street nails from staying usable for a relatively long period.

Through this blog, we’re going to share a few hacks that will help you make the most efficient use of your color street nails.

So, let’s get into the details without any further ado…

How Long Do Unused Color Street Nails Last?

Color street nails are already dry when inside the sealed package. But once the seal has opened, it needs to be sealed back within 30 minutes to prevent them from drying entirely and stay usable.

Additionally, they need to be stored well to prevent drying. Few such effective methods have been shared in detail for you.

How to Store Color Street Nail Strips

The plastic packaging of the color street strips is designed to keep the nail polish strips fresh and prevent them from drying unless opened.

So, to re-use the unused color street strips, you need to store them back into the original plastic sleeve.

Packing the color street strips might be a task, as you need to ensure the nail strips are at the bottom of the package, giving you enough space to re-heat the pack from the top to seal it properly.

Either tear the nails in pairs or fold them down at the bottom.

After that, you must remove all the air inside the packet. Place the packaging on a flat surface, press your fingers, and push it from the bottom to its top.

Now the most crucial task is to seal the plastic packaging. To seal, we have the following options. You may select either one as per the suitability.

Vacuum Sealer Method:

Once the air has been removed from the package, use tape from the front and then fold it to the back. It’d also create a vacuum. Ensure that the pack has been sealed tightly, ensuring no entry or exit of air to keep the nail strips re-usable.

Hair Straightener/Flat Iron Method:

Once the air has completely been removed from the original packaging, ensure that the nail strips are at the bottom.

The color street strips have a composition of 100% nail polish and are highly flammable. So, it is required for them to be kept at a distance from the heat.

Let the hair iron warm up a bit. Now hold your iron at the open end for 2-3 seconds. Do not forget to see if the seal is tight.

If not, hold the hair iron for another 2-3 seconds, and it must be sealed well.

Do not hold it for longer than this duration unless you wish to ruin your hair straightener or flat iron.

Clothes iron method:

If you don’t own a flat iron, you may use your clothes iron to seal the original packet.

Ensure the air has been removed from the package, and nails are kept at the bottom. Now warm up the iron for a while, place it at the open end of the packet for a few seconds and lift back.

Check if it has been sealed well. If not, repeat the process without having to melt the plastic.

Freezer Method:

Should I store my color Street nails in the freezer?

Once sealed back tightly, color street strips can be stored in a freezer. The cold temperature helps them last longer.

For application, allow them to sit at room temperature before trying them on again. The strips work best at room temperature.

How long do color street nails last in the freezer

As per the brand, Color street, there’s no guaranteed application of the color street strips post refrigerating. However, as per more than half of the clientele and their experiences shared with us, storage can help save color street nails last for 6 long months.

Use Your Leftover Strips Soon

As mentioned, even post storage can last up to 6 months. So, it’s suggested that you use the remaining unused color street strips as early as possible to make the best use of your shopping.

Can You Store Color Street Nails in a Ziploc Bag?

Storing the unused nails in a Ziploc bag is a great idea to sustain them for a more extended period. If the original packaging was heat-sealed, it would provide a double layer to save the leftover strips.

And as for the un-heated packs, at least ensure to remove as much air as possible and then store them in the Ziploc bag.


What Are Some Other Ways to Store My Color Street Nails?

Display boxes and clear plastic bags can be a savior for manicure lovers and regular color street strip users.

Apart from the previously mentioned ideas, you may store unused strips in a cosmetic bag, jewelry box, plastic pouches, etc.

You may even slide them into a photo album to maintain a vacuum.

You can even organize them into multiple categories in a stationery file with separators and seal those with a flat iron.

Categories such as nail art designs, glitter patterns, french tips, color street solids, glitters, and lighter and darker colors can be maintained separately. It can be an official nail file. It can even help you search for your required patterns in no time.

Where Is the Best Place to Store My Color Street Nails?

There are no guaranteed results to it. But to keep the strips re-usable, it is recommended to seal them in their original packets. Ensure there’s no air sign, seal with a flat iron and then store them directly in the freezer.

To add another cover, you may put the original packet into a Ziploc before putting it in the freezer.

Should I Store My Color Street Nails in the Freezer or at Room Temperature?

It is better to store the strips in a cold and dry place. Hence, once sealed with a flat iron or a straightener, store them in the freezer immediately. And let it sit at room temperature and defrost before application.

Instead of booking a manicure appointment session, give these ideas a try. Just a matter of heat and seal, and see it for yourself. Users have already verified that color street leftover strips can push their lives to 6 months if stored well.

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