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How to Properly Store Your Press-on Nails

Last Updated on September 21, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

Press-on nails are an excellent replacement for acrylics, gel ones, and salon-based manicures. The former has multiple pros over the latter two. However, the only drawback comes into the picture if not stored well.

To be presentable enough for the application, you must ensure these are stored separately in a systematic arrangement. It will prevent the nails from getting lost and keep them durable.

Through this blog post, you will find out how to properly store press-on nails in detail.

How to Store Press on Nails

Press ons are mainly famous for their convenience for your last-minute plans. So to keep them readily available and in good condition, you must keep them in their original packaging at the very least.

You may buy a nail organizer to store them in a much more organized manner. It offers different compartments to keep a different variety of press-ons separated, safe, and free from dirt. 

Get a Good Press on Nail Organizer

Nail Organizers are available in a wide variety to suit the requirements of varied customers. These organizers or containers are available in different shapes, sizes, qualities, and designs. But most importantly, you would need to choose the organizer based on the number of partitions it has and the press-on sets you own.

Suppose you are a regular press-on nail user or have a fetish for it. In that case, you may want to buy a high-quality nail case or container with good packaging and ample spaces in the partitions. 

Also, it is vital to go for a beauty products organizer. The dividers allow you to store the nails in a more organized manner. These can be stored based on shapes, sizes, colors, or patterns. 

Whichever suits you the best. 

Ways you can organize your nails:

As we referred to storing the nails in your container or organizer, let’s find out how we can effectively arrange them to add to our convenience:

  • By color:

Now, if you have a single or two sets of nails with similar colors, you may segregate and store them based on their colors or patterns. These may be arranged from light to dark colors, pastels to neons, sheer to shimmery, etc.

  • By shape:

Suppose you have press-ons in multiple shapes, such as round, oval, squared edges, or almond shapes. In that case, you may want to keep them separately based on their shapes. It will help you make choices more quickly based on the shape you require for any specific event.

  • By length:

Another criterion could be the length measurement of your nails, as these are available in long or medium lengths. However, some are available in short lengths as well.

If you like to keep experimenting with lengths of the press-ons, you may want to segregate them accordingly. It will help you prevent mixing up different lengths and applying incorrect falsies.

Also, measure press-on lengths well before application with glue.

How Do You Store Reusable Press on Nails?

It is a smart move to keep reusable and non-reusable press-ons nails separately. It will help you treat both sorts of nails accordingly. Reusable press-ons need to be stored just like any regular press-ons.

Before removing your press-ons, soak your hands in warm water for 10-15 minutes. It allows the glue to loosen up, and you can try taking them off quickly.

Next, remove any excess nail glue before placing them back in the storage container. After removing the glue, you can place them back in the concerned partition.


Press-ons can be more convenient if stored effectively. It would not only save your time when you have to apply them. However, it also ensures that their quality remains at par. And this way, the nails will be relatively more durable.

The best storage method for your press-ons is to buy a beauty products container from reliable websites, such as amazon, using the cart add option. These containers are worth the money and also help you while starting a press on nail business.

Try these for yourselves and protect your press-on nails by using proper storage options.

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