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How To Use Builder Gel for Beginners – Complete Guide

Builder gel has become a popular product for nails recently. It can be used to create a variety of designs and is a great way to get started in nail art. This tutorial will show you how to use builder gel for beginners.

There are a few things you need to know before getting started.

First, be sure to read the instructions that come with your builder gel kit. This will tell you the temperature range that is best for your specific product.

Second, always use a primer before applying builder gel. Primer helps the builder gel adhere to the nail and makes it last longer.

Finally, be sure to seal your design with a top coat for maximum durability. Good luck and have fun!

Do You Need a Base Coat for Builder Gel?

The type of brand you are using will impact the way you will use builder gel polish. While using some brands you will for sure require the base coat while using others u might not.

Builder gel polish can be applied and built up to the desired thickness and shape if you are applying them to the natural nails only. Simply just apply your natural nail tips before applying the gel polish, creating the length of the nail extensions.

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How To Apply Builder Gel

You will be able to create stunning manicures right from home if you know how to use builder gel yourself and thus you will be able to save so much amount which otherwise you would have spent on your nail tech for their services.

Here we have shared with you some steps of applying builder gel(both hard gel and soft gel) yourself in your own home. Let’s jump straight into them:

Prepare the nail: 

The very first thing you have to do whether you are applying the hard gel or soft gel is to make your nail surface ready. You have to do the following:

  • First, remove any nail polish which is on your nails
  • File your nails with a nail file to the size and shape that is suitable for you.
  • Take a cuticle pusher and push back your cuticles.
  • Buff them for better consistency and shine.

Apply a nail dehydrator to each nail’s surface: 

Removing the unwanted moisture and natural oils from your natural nails is very crucial both in hard gel and also soft gel. This can be done by using a dehydrator. If you will not remove the unnecessary moisture then the builder gel will not properly stick to the nail surface or nail plate.

Apply base coat or primer: 

It is another important step to be done to maintain the longevity of the builder gel later on as no wall can stay there for long without a strong foundation.

Apply the builder gel: 

Now is the time finally to apply the builder gel which is the fun part. Just use a nail brush simply and apply it like you apply regular nail polish from the nail base to the nail tip. Once you are satisfied with what you have applied now let itself level up in some time.

Cure under LED/UV lamp: 

When all the free edge are covered and the appearance gives you satisfaction then comes the time to place your fingers under a UV lamp or LED nail lamp for about the time duration of almost 1-2 minutes. This step has to be followed commonly while applying both the hard gel and soft gel.

Apply a second coat: 

After all this process when you feel it has now dried you can this time carefully apply the top coat for perfection and strength of your build nail extensions.

Clean the nail: 

Wait for the nails to dry for some time and then go for alcohol-soaked lint-free wipes to clean up all the tacky areas or layers.

File the nail: 

At this stage, you might be seeing some uneven areas now is the time to even them out with the help of a nail file.

Apply color or top coat: 

You are still not over yet for longevity there is still a need to apply a normal nail polish using a normal brush. Once it dries out you can apply another coat.

Finishing touches: 

Is there still anything left?. If there is still any part or area left where you forgot to apply the nail polish then this is the time to apply it. Then you can wipe off all the remaining tackiness with a cotton ball soaked in nail removing solution.

Now your nails are perfectly glamourous and ready to flaunt your builder gel nail extension in front of everyone.


You might still be having some doubts in your mind related to the builder gel nail extension. Here in our FAQ section, we have tried to answer some common ones. Let’s go through them one by one.

How many coats of builder gel do I need?

There is only a need for one to two layers of a builder gel, not more than that to get those gel nails. The reason behind it is that this type of gel polish is thicker than the other nail polish varieties so there is no need of applying too much of it.

How long does builder gel take to cure?

In most cases and maximum gel polish builder gel brands, it takes a time period of only 60 seconds to cure. However, you should not skip reading the instructions as some gel nail brands might even have a different time duration for curing out.

Does builder gel stay sticky?

No, not at all. Builder gel never stays sticky. But in the case you are still feeling any amount of stickiness in any areas then in that case you can use normal wipes to clean it out.

How to remove builder gel?

In the case of soft gels, you just need to wipe them off with a cotton ball dipped in acetone solution. But to remove builder gel which is hard is not as simple as the soft gels. You will require an electric drill or e-file to remove the hard gel nails.


After reading all about builder gels above we are damn sure now you have very well aware of them and will now be able to make better decisions while purchasing and recommending these builder gel polish.

Now you will also be able to apply it yourself saving the extra bucks you would otherwise spend on your nail tech. Hope this information on builder gel polish helped.

So next time don’t just jump into booking an appointment with nail techs as you might now be able to create nail extensions by yourself and save a lot of your time and money. All the best!

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