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Should you Match Nails and Toes in 2022?

Last Updated on June 23, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

It’s the age-old post-manicure debate: should you paint your fingers and toes the same color of nail polish? It seems that the color matching nail style has a cult following among celebrities.

When pedicures are added to the equation, the opportunities for nail polish become even more infinite. It’s difficult to know where to begin when it comes to choosing a color for your toes that will match the one you’ll use on your fingernails. 

Your nail polish can reveal a lot about your personality, and the color choices of your nails — put on your fingers and toes — can flaunt your fashion sense.

Do You Need to Match Your Mani and Pedi in 2022

Should Your Nails and Toes Match in 2022?

Nail paint is a fashion accessory that can be worn alone or with other statement pieces. Messing with colors is a fun addition to more bold nail art.

It’s not necessary for your manicure and pedicure to synchronize. It used to be compulsory to match the shades of your fingernails to your toenails, but this style has now become conventional and a touch dull over the decades.

In today’s world, where there are so many different colors, tints, and nail art patterns to pick from for your mani-pedi, complementing your nails feels like a more antiquated alternative.

It’s worth noting that matching your mani-pedi can still look trendy and is a choice of many people. This can be accomplished by using nail polish in matching colors on your fingernails and toes.

This is excellent if you want a more traditional style, but with so many bright colors, patterns, and styles to pick from, your nails may become your most coveted item.

Our Top Mani-Pedi Nail Polish Color Combinations to Try in 2022

The most prevalent panic-choose items formerly were restaurant dinners and nail paint combos. People spend hours contemplating their options, and then, without a miss, at the last possible moment, they go with the one they don’t actually want and totally regret.

You can go for matching nails and toes ideas, but choosing distinct but complementary colors might be a lot of fun mixing.

And, luckily for us, it’s almost sandal season, which means the toes will be out and about, perhaps revealing different color combinations.

Looking to get your summer manicure and pedicure in 2022 off to a good start? Pick these kinds of tried-and-true matching nails and toes ideas:

Famous Red And Nude Combo

Red nails are considered the classic choice for a manicure. It’s a dynamic appearance that can be dressed up for a formal occasion, a workday, or a special evening. You may let your red nails distinctive by experimenting with different tones, topcoats, nail shapes, and ornaments.

Nude Pedi is one of the most popular styles. The explanation for this is that it is simple to design and maintain. It is, on the other hand, more than just a set of tones.

The combination of a nude pedicure and a red manicure creates an opulent yet refined appearance.

Different Pastel Shades For A Chic And Minimalist Look

You’ll enjoy pastel nails if you’re somebody who is constantly looking on Pinterest for the hottest and trendiest nail ideas. Without a doubt, pastel pink has always been a classic.

However, there are a lot of plot developments to attempt right now. Consider light blues, quirky greens, and milky lavender.

Pastel nails look brighter than ever when matched with fashionable nail art like a checkerboard and French tips or stretched acrylic nails. 

Different Shades Of Green Paired With Gold

Vintage nail colors have their timeline, but if you’re looking for a fresh take, green polish is the way to go. Green nail polish is fantastic as there are many varying shades to select from, from rich and sumptuous hues like jade to vivid and flashy neon and limes.

Additionally, you can pair it with gold. These two hues work well together to give a stunning look.

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Blue And Gray

Gray and blue have just always worked well together. They both seem to have a laid-back vibe to them and mix in seamlessly.

These nails combine a vibrant blue with a metallic gray that, while being many degrees apart, works nicely together. They add a beautiful silvery-blue mosaic nail as a finishing touch that puts the whole look altogether.

Beige and Neon

Isn’t neon among the most disputed color combinations out there? However, it is undeniably a fashion trend — particularly for summertime 2022.

If you’re afraid of wearing nails that are as vivid as the sunshine, use a touching-up tool to add a patch of brilliant orange neon on a neutral base. Neon French manicure is a popular choice.

By balancing the neon shades, beige enhances them. It’s the ideal combination for summers.

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Simple Pastels

Pastels are a style that straddles the line between natural nails and more bold designs like funky sparkles and shining manicures.

Professionals are showing that it is not really sickeningly sweet. Plus, matching nails and toes with pastel nail polish creates a basic beautiful effect.

Color Blocking

Color-blocking is just arranging two solid shades next to each other, and it’s simple to apply on your fingernails with Miracle Tape.

It is fashionable and has a large following among teenagers. It draws a lot of attention.

Mint and Silver

For hot weather, mint is a gorgeous color. The mint manicures are getting increasingly trendy as summer approaches.

When you use a mint and silver nail polish combination for a mani-pedi, it looks much more stylish. This mint nail design looks great with the glittery silver nail polish and is a great choice for parties and gatherings.

Shades of Blue

Celebs like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, and Jennifer Lopez have always been fans of the blue hue family, with varied degrees of azure, teal, and baby blue adorning their fingers.

It’s a blatant deviation from pale pink neutral shades and intimate, shimmery tones generally held in trust for the wintertime of every year, and people love the cool blue shades in their nail art design when they are trapped somewhere in the hot sunny days.

Complementary Tones

Swapping out your matched mani-pedi for two separate but related shades is a terrific way to refresh your nails for summer.

On the feet, a darker shade is desired, and on the fingernails, a lighter but complementary shade is a wonderful combination.

Ocean Shades

Pick a light, beach tone on the fingers and a rich, marine azure on the feet to make a statement.

The ideal method to see both tints is in direct sun, which is more encouraging for you to go to the seaside.

Warm and Sunny

Rolling the dice to choose bold nail colors during this season of the year is crucial.

You could be amazed at how delighted a warmer tone makes you. Rather than the traditional neutral pink, it is recommended to use beige on the fingertips and vivid orange or red as a pedicure. During the hot season, this combination compliments your summer outfits.

Conclusion – Do Toes And Nails Need To Match?

Perhaps you’ve discovered a fantastic color for your toenails. However, this raises the question of whether or not the nail paint on your toes and fingers must be the same.

There had been a period when matching nails and toes was the norm. However, it’s no longer applicable.

Style is, indeed, more imaginative than it has ever been. That covers your selections for mani-pedis!

Proceed to match if you like a uniform, homogeneous group of nails. But in today’s day, no such rules are compulsory to follow.

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