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21+ Trendy Nail Color Combos for your Manicure

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Choosing the right combination for manicure and pedicure is a true headache once you have stepped into the nail salon. When you’re introduced to a new option during the hot months, it’s magnified twice.

People frequently seek manicure ideas, and so many wish to experiment with different nail combinations.

We will explore some stunning nail polish colors and patterns that you may have not imagined once you’ve got the basics of mixing and matching.

We will additionally show you specific instances of which shades blend seamlessly.  As a result, you won’t have to stress about finding the appropriate pearly white, bright yellow, lime green, or pale lavender.

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21+ Trendy Nail Polish Colors Combos for your manicure

Selecting the correct nail polish scheme, as well as matching nail polish pairings, is far more important than the style. To gain a lot of praise for your manicure, you may not need a great design.

You just choose the ideal nail polish combos for you if you know a fair bit about color matching and have a basic understanding of what shades go well together.

You may apply your color combinations skills to create nail polish pairings that are both simple and fashionable. You can also determine which shades go best with which outfits.

You can also save time & expense by avoiding nail colors that conflict with your outfit’s dominant shades.

Let’s explore what nail color combinations succeed now that we’ve addressed the necessity of mixing the appropriate tones.

Navy and White

Navy and white are wonderful examples of basic nail complementary colors combinations.

This is a classic manicure combination. Deep navy blue is a versatile hue that goes well with a variety of greens, browns, shades of reds, golds, and even pastels in varying colors and tones.

Imagine whitecaps rising above bright blue oceans, and you’ll understand why whites and navy blue go so well together. White mani is typically a high-contrast counterpart that brightens deep navy color and brings off the rich shade.

Denim Blue and Muted Pink

A classic complementary colors pairing of denim blue and a creamy pinky-peach looks lovely throughout all the seasons.

People enjoy sporting alternate nails as a mani-pedi set or perhaps even single hand and single hand.

Pale dusk and a calm morning created this calm combo. The dynamic duo offers a narrative that is edgy yet nonetheless elegant. The chilly denim blue is balanced by a milky pink tint.

Black and Mint Green

Here’s yet another creative and bright color combination with a sleek and elegant aesthetic.

The combination of mint green and black creates a striking and unexpectedly fun look. These vibrant hues are ideal for pool parties and summer.

Sand and Glitter

Do not really overlook the glitter polish while talking about color pairings.

Try painting a glossy glitter line over the sand tone, use the sparkle as the nail art color, or combine the hues. This creates a stylish appearance.

Black and Lavender

The blend of chalk pastels and darker, powerful shades is one of the best choices for nail polish combos.

As a result, tones of lavender that pair well with black are ideal. It enhances the appearance of any outfit.

Nude and Tan

The neutral color palette is a pleasant mix of hues that produces a relaxed look.

Nudes’ delicate, desaturated shades are an excellent addition to more dramatic tones like tan and dark brown, which are pleasantly contrasting and look great when combined.

White and Charcoal

Spruce up a black shade with a splash of fresh white while maintaining an edgy vibe of your outfit. A touch of charcoal adds a bossy touch without seeming too gloomy or dull.

Tonal Shades of Pink

Once you realize what tint you want but can’t really decide on only one, opting for complementary color combos is a simple answer. You can either choose two different hues or a distinct hue for each nail.

With the contrasting bright tones and delicate pastels, pink is a particularly nice shade to mix things around for this style.

White and Bright Orange

Adding bright orange to your white is another bold and cheerful option. It’s quirky, one-of-a-kind, and full of character, making it an excellent choice for manicures.

Olive Green and Taupe

When paired with taupe nail polish, olive green tips create a rich and attractive appearance.

For a relaxing manicure pattern, combine textured taupe nail polish with olive green tips.

Neutral Shades

The most popular manicure shade is neutral. They not only complement one another, but neutrals also complement every other tone.

Choose any one or two of your preferred neutral shades and combine them for a classy appearance.

Peach and White

Why not capture the essence of summertime on your nails?

Isn’t it sparkling and welcoming?

Apply a slight bit of peach to your manicure and finish with a glimmer of white to balance out the color’s vibrancy.

White can allow you to maintain balance, while peach can help you boost your style quotient.

Brown and Green

People who want an earthy and rustic vibe will love this mix of brown and dull green. This delicate color scheme makes the dress stand out while also giving the manicure a basic appeal.

Purple and Gray

This is another nail color combo that can make you feel regal. Purple in a vivid tint can convey vitality, but gray can moderate purple’s overbright appearance.

Gray and Yellow

Gray and yellow are unusual and appealing manicure combo.

It’s a unique combination, so it’s the ideal palette for showcasing your bold personality.

Lime Green and Pink

You might use these two hues if you want to draw in some enthusiasm and freshness. These shades are ideal for wearing as a summer or springtime nail polish.

Red and Yellow

For a boho style, this is the ideal manicure combination. You can match it with the beach nail paint you choose to wear.

To get the right combination, the red must be muted and the yellow should be subtle.

Blue and Gray

The basic shade of gray is wonderfully complimented by this fresh hue of minty blue for nail polish.

This moderate combination’s distinctiveness makes it an excellent choice for office parties.

Olive Green and Dusky Pink

These shades are seldom combined, but they work wonders in each other’s presence.

This manicure, which features a lush grass green and a dusky blush pink, is ideal for a dinner date.

Beige and Burgundy

Burgundy has a nice tone that might make you feel fired up, while beige has a relaxing impact on your eyes. For a manicure, such a combination of colors is appealing.

Pink and Gray

Pink and gray give out the feminine tint in a basic yet classy way.

While a pink and gray nail combo on its own isn’t particularly appealing, this two-toned look is.

Peach and Black

Peach is a neutral, sweet, and easygoing shade to mix with practically any shade, but the consequences are beautiful when paired with a bold bright hue like black.

The addition of black to these stunning peach nails almost straight away lends a sense of elegance.


Gray is a classic choice that combines well with its own hues, making it an excellent choice for a monochromatic manicure.

It’s a beautiful manicure that goes well with white clothing.

Blue and Yellow

These two cheerful tones, including blue, make a vivid nail color combination that exudes enthusiasm and positivity.

The sunny yellow will brighten your day and make you feel like you’re in the middle of the summer.


The current nail polish trend is a purple two-color combo, which debunks the myth that a few nail polish tones are just for the brave and bold.

How do you paint your nails with 3 colors?

3 color combinations for nails

Why not experiment with two or three shades rather than one single hue the next time you manicure your nails? The polar opposite of monochromatic is the cosmetic trend you’ve undoubtedly seen already all over this springtime.

Mix-and-match, ombré, or just gradient – you can carry it any way you like, and it’s now trending on Instagram. You can use any combination of three complementary colors in your manicure. You can paint each nail with a distinctive color or mix them together in vivid patterns and styles.

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