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What Color Nails With Black Dress?

Last Updated on September 12, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

The fetish for black dresses among females is universal. And we do not see a reason why that should not be. There’s no other bolder color that boosts you up with so much confidence and sets your class apart.

But in a room full of people, would that be enough to make you stand out? A perfect shade of nail polish color can definitely work it out for you.

Selecting a nail polish color to go with your black dress could be the least of your concerns. But it can actually make or break the entire look. Nail polish might be a tiny detail, but it holds the power to add that much-needed oomph to your ensemble.

Is it a formal event or an informal get-together? Is it a day function or a late-night party? What kind of a look do you wish to create? You need to check with yourselves in order to find that one suitable color to paint your nails and to create magic with for the event.

This blog will help you through all the latest fashion trends and know-how to decide on one suitable shade to pull off an all-glam, chic look.

What Are the Different Shades of Black Nails Polish Available on the Market Today?

For minimalists, who wish to create an all-black look and are looking for the perfect shade of black among multiple nail polishes, we may have something for you. 

There are numerous brands in the market offering black nail paints. To save your time, we have enlisted a few matt and gloss finish, highly popular options, considering the quality and ratings:

  • Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Long Wear Nail Enamel, Black Blackjack
  • OPI Black Onyx
  • O3+ Plunge Nail Paint Polish Lacquer Black Colour
  • Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint Blackout
  • Lakme Fast and Fabulous Nail Paint-Night Desire
  • Verymiss Premium Matte Nail Polish – Black
  • China Glaze Liquid Leather
  • DeBelle Gel Nail Polish Luxe Noir
  • Faces Nail Enamel, Black Beauty
  • L’Oreal Color Riche Black Swan Nail Polish

Do Red Nails Go With a Black Dress?

Red and black are a classic combination of colors. It is evergreen. So, pairing up your elegant black dress with red nail polish is always a win-win situation. Do not miss getting red toenails to complete the look.

No other color can complement your black dress so well as the red nails do, especially for the late-night events, whether formal or informal. It is eye-catching and the safest option to go with in case you’re nonplussed or running low on time.

You’ll get back home bagging a lot of praises and compliments for sure.

How To Choose The Right Nail Colour For a Black Dress

Choosing the right nail polish can be a struggle for real unless you have some friends who are also stylists. But that’s what we are here to help you with. It is always good to know the kind of vibe you want to give out.

It is always better to pick your nail polish colors on the basis of:

  • The kind gathering – For a formal event, you can explore more of the subtle color palette. You may want to experiment with deep glossy shades of maroon, blue, green, violet, peach, beige, white, etc. In the case of informal events, you do not have any limitations.

    You can play with loud nail colors giving a bold look like yellow, red, orange, and pink. You may want to try a little color blocking with your nail polish colors, accessories, and the black dress, of course.
  • Time of event – For daytime events, you may go for neutral tones like nude, white, or beige, with undertones of purple, blue, pink, and brown. It adds a very elegant yet smart touch to your attire.

    Also, very soothing for a daylight gathering. However, for evening parties or events, you may go bold with your choice of colors like dusty rose, classic red, deep purple, candy apply red, etc.

    You may also want to try certain manicures adding some shimmer or jewels to your plain-colored nails.
  • Focusing on the attire – If the black dress in question is a plain black dress with no textures, you may want to add a bit of flavor to the nails. You can play with nail art patterns and get design ideas from your nearby salon.

    However, if the dress has some pretty prints on it, then you might want to go for plain colored nails without any print patterns on your nails, as it would not stand out as much.
  • Focusing on the extras – If you do not wish to match your nails with the dress, then go for nail polish colors that complement your accessories. Gold-shimmery nails to go with your gold accessories or an iridescent grey shade to match with your silver-platinum jewelry.

Apart from the jewels, you may want to match the color of your nails with your pretty eye makeover. It would be a lot of fun to experiment with the colors for this duet. Add a certain pattern for the eye makeover, and get something similar done on the nails as well.

For instance, the Leopard print eye shadow is very much in trend this year, with very subtle makeup. So, a similar print nail art can be customized for your long or short nails.

Nail Colors to Wear With Your Black Dress

To help decide on a suitable nail color for a black dress, we have categorized the colors into three categories. Basis the look you wish to create, you can choose the color from the desired category. These categories are:

Neutral Colors And Whites

Neutral colors, by and large, include white, beige, grey, black-brown, mint green, pale pink, and blue colors. It also includes undertones of any bright colors like yellow, pink, purple, etc. If you wish to serve a decent morning look, these colors can be taken into consideration.

Also, these shades are preferable for formal events. Even french manicure can help you achieve a neutral yet classy look among the neutral colors. In this, white tips are painted along with a nude shade of your choosing.

Red, Purple, And Burgundy

These colors are safe to play with, as these can be worn in formal and informal events, morning or late night events as well. These will help you maintain the balance without going too bold with your choice of colors and also not being very neutral.

You can match the nail paint color with your footwear, accessories, or even the handbag.

Bolder Colors

This category is inclusive of all the bright shades of blue, yellow, purple, pink, red, orange, neon, etc. This is a good alternative for informal night events. There is no set of restrictions in this category. The bolder the color, the stronger the style statement.

You may also use metallic nail polish colors like silver, gold, rose gold, aqua, electric blue, etc. These colors have a separate fanbase altogether and can never go wrong with a black dress.

Which Shades of Black Compliment a Light or Dark Skin Tone?

If you have a lighter skin tone, you may want to go with jet black nail paint. However, for darker skin tones, you may want to experiment with variants like holographic gray or matt black nail color.

Should Your Nail Color Match Your Black Outfit?

Matching the nail polish color to your black dress is definitely a decent go-to combination. The nail polish blends in well and adds a bit of formal touch to your entire look. You can wear light pink gloss with beige and light pink makeup to create a balanced daytime look.

However, you may go for deeper shades for lips like chocolate brown or deep red for a party look.

Even under black nail polish color, you have multiple options such as glossy, matt, shimmery, or metallic black colors for your nails. Apart from that, manicures can make a lot of difference to your nails by giving out round or square edges.

Examples of Popular Black Nail Polishes That Will Complement Any Outfit Perfectly

The Top 10 black nail polishes have already been listed. However, to further filter out the best options among gloss and matt finish black nail colors, you should go for:

  1. China Glaze Liquid Leather. It has been rated 4.5/5 among the most recommended black gel polish with a gloss finish. And with the application of just two coats, it gives you an amazing gloss finish manicure at the convenience of sitting at home.
  2. Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint Blackout. The formaldehyde-free formula makes this matt nail color chip-free for at least a week. This has been rated as 3.8/5, making it one of the most reliable matt finish nail paint.


It’s always good to experiment with your nail colors instead of just going conventional. Try out more earthy colors with a white outfit. You should also try wearing light pinks and bright purples on your nails along with a red dress. Go by the mood, match your nails with all your clothes and create your own looks, and make your nails pop!

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