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What Nail Color Goes With A White Dress

Last Updated on September 12, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

White dresses are classics and most nail colors usually look fabulous with a white dress. But there are multiple shades of whites even though you can’t always tell the difference. So, what nail color fits the absolute best with which shade of white, can be tricky to figure out.

But don’t worry because we are here to help you decide what nail color goes best with a white dress and makes you look gorgeous.  

How to Find the Perfect Shade of White for Your Dress

Choosing the perfect shade of white depending on your skin tone, the occasion, the length of the dress or the time of the day is important if you want to look your best. If you want to style your white dress in a fun colorful way the shade should be closer to sparkling white. Sparkling ivory white goes well with almost all skin tones.

Based On The Occasion

If you want to go on a lunch date and want to look classy choose an undertone white, bordering on cream. The length for this kind of dress should be just below your knee. You can choose the shape of the dress according to your body type. A-line suits pear-shaped bodies well. You can also opt for a fit and flare dress that suits almost every body type. 

White dresses are bound to remind us of wedding dresses. Well if it is the perfect white shade you are looking for to brighten up your wedding day, go with cream or ivory whites. These white shades suit all skin tones and are especially warm.  

Based On Your Skin Tone

Keep in mind your skin tone while choosing a white shade. If you have a cool skin tone, bright white shades with silver accessories are your best option. For bronze or olive skin tones, creamy white is a fabulous choice. And for warm skin tones, ivory white might be the best option. 

Nail Colors That Go Well With A White Dress

As we have said before, white dresses usually go well with all the nail colors but below are listed some colors that will look gorgeous depending on the shade of white or the occasion.


Red nails, like white dresses, are a classic. But there are multiple shades of red that work accordingly with multiple shades of white. Red nails can look marvelous with a classy evening white dress. 

Depending on what occasion you can choose the shade of white. But classic wine red goes well with all the whites if you want to make a bold statement. To make it even bolder pair it with classic red lips

Red will make you look more confident and feminine but if you want to style your white dress in a fun way or for a girls’ day out red might not be the best choice. 

Red can also be fun if you choose a shade more vibrant than a classic red. If your white dress is meant to be worn at a party or a rave you can pair it with vibrant neon red to look classy yet fun. If you want red nails in day time go with a pastel shade. 

Shades of red nail polish


Lavender and red both are really elegant colors. But the quality of elegance they provide is very different. Lavender is more subtle while red is more pronounced. If you are getting ready for a beach wedding with a white flowy dress that shines warmly, lavender is the best nail color for you.

Lavender will compliment your dress but not steal the spotlight. Red nails can be a show-stopper. So if your dress has intricate details and beautiful cuts, in short, if you want people to notice your dress first, go with lavender nails.

Lavender nail polish 


Pink is also a classic. But it can also be versatile. Depending on the shade of your dress pink nails can make you look fun or classy. A hot pink shade goes well with the ivory white shade. Pair it with some funky jewelry and you are ready for a party

For a lunch date opt for a pastel pink which will make you look classy and delicate yet youthful and fun. For a fun day out with your girlfriends try wearing glossy baby pink nails and a classic bright white dress. 

Pink shades of nail polish 


As with pink, you have a lot of options when it comes to blue nail polish. Blue nails make you look confident and bold but in a workplace-appropriate way. Yes, if you want to look confident during a presentation try wearing the darkest shade of blue(royal and midnight) nail polish and your classic white blouse or dress. 

But blues can also be fun and adventurous. A neon blue shade of nail polish paired with an ivory white dress paired with box heels is perfect to go clubbing. Again, a pastel blue shade(baby blue or cornflower blue) looks magnificent with a cream-colored dress for a lunch date on a spring day. Royal and midnight blue are shades that go well in winter.  

Shades of blue nail polish


Yellow nails do not go with everything. But you do have a lot of shades if you choose to paint your nails yellow. If you are going for a fancy dinner or an elegant dinner date, wearing yellow nails with a white dress might not be the best choice. 

Yellow nails look best during summer or fall. It can also look good in winter if paired with a cute sweater dress. Vibrant shades of yellow like neon yellow are great to wear at a rave party. But during a spring or summer day with a flowy cream-white dress it is best to go with a sunny yet pastel shade of yellow. 

You have to be careful while wearing yellow because yellow can change depth and shade depending on your skin tone. For olive and warmer skin tones even light yellow can look bright and shiny. So opt for a pastel yellow color. 

Shades of yellow nail polish


During spring you can wear shades of cantaloupe and ginger to give your look a subtle grace. But during fall you can wear coral, squash, or carrot to brighten up your look. Avoid wearing pink nails with white dresses during a dinner date or a family dinner.

Like yellow, you have to choose the shade of orange carefully depending on your skin tone and what occasion it is. 

Shades of orange nail polish


Beige, Neutral, Black, and most other colors go well with white dresses. Neutrals and beige are a really good choice for the daytime and the season of fall. But pairing neutrals with an ivory shade of white would not be a good idea. But black nails on the other hand, with an ivory white dress, will make you look mysterious and gorgeous on a dinner date. 

Silver and gold nails are great if you plan to wear minimal accessories with your white dress. 

Should Your Toenail Polish Match Your White Dress?

It is not a very good idea for your toenails to match your white dress if your fingernails are a completely different color. Rather you can match your toenails with your fingernails to create a put-together yet fun look. 

If you want to create a monochromatic look by matching both your finger and your toenails with your dress, it can look cool on occasion. But for a fun party or a date, it is not advisable to match your white dress with the color of your toenail polish.  


White dresses might look easy to style but it is easier to get confused with so many options. This article goes through each of your concerns about white dresses and nail-polish colors to give you a thorough understanding of how to style your nails with white dresses. 

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