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What Color Nails With Blue Dress?

Last Updated on September 12, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

When deciding on a suitable nail polish color for a blue dress, the struggle is real. With ample options available in the market, selecting that perfect shade to pair with your blue attire could become a heavy task.

Are you also going through the same phase? To your rescue, this blog will help streamline your prospective matches.

By sharing a few tips, we’re confident you’ll be able to pick the perfect color option that simultaneously compliments you and your blue dress. So, let’s get started!

What Are the Different Shades of Blue Nails Polish Available on the Market Today?

With the availability of various cosmetic brands in the market, numerous tones of blue nail polish are manufactured. Variants of the blue like pastel, cobalt, navy, metallic, royal or electric, and many more variants blue are there to suit your varying needs. 

We have enlisted good quality and assorted shades out of multiple such options to save or at least reduce your labor. Have a look at the below options, just in case any specific color matches your blue dress:

  • Olive & June 7-Free Nail Polish in CNH – Periwinkle blue
  • LeChat Dare to Wear Goodnight Moon – Navy Blue
  • Côte No. 66 – Light Pastel Blue
  • Paintbox Nail Lacquer Like Rain – Slate gray-blue
  • Tenoverten Austin Nail Polish – Dusty hue
  • Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish in Front Page Worthy – Cobalt blue
  • JINSoon Peace Nail Polish – Pastel blue
  • Base Coat Tulum Nail Polish – Azure
  • Sundays No. 45 Sky Blue – Bright Baby Blue
  • Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Nail Color in Blue Blue Ocean – Blue shimmer
  • Essie In the Cabana Nail Polish – Tiffany blue
  • China Glaze Electric Nights Nail Polish in DJ Blue My Mind – Electric blue
  • LeChat Dare to Wear Starstruck – Royal blue
  • Zoya Charla Nail Polish – Green-blue shimmer
  • Smith & Cult Exit the Void Nail Polish – Semi holographic
  • Essie Butler Please – Cobalt blue
  • Essie Juicy Details – Cerulean blue

If you’re looking for any of the blues mentioned above, order the same, as these are a few of the best-rated gel nail polish colors.

These might cost you some extra dollars, but it’s worth the price as these would last longer, dry up quicker than usual and stay chip-free.

If any of the above fits your requirement, valent good but if you’re still unsure, read on further.

Do Blue Nails Go With a Blue Dress?

There’s no set of rules to be followed. Blue nails would go well with a blue dress. The only question is how you wish to style it? Three ways you can with blue on blue:

  • Match your nails with the same shade of blue as the dress. It would subtly blend the nail polish color with the outfit. You can never go wrong while matching the two.

    To add variation and to maintain balance, use footwear or accessories of contrasting or neutral colors.
  • Use darker tones of blue on your nails with a light blue dress. Say, navy blue nails can go well with a pastel blue or pale blue dress.
  • Likewise, you can pair undertones of blue with darker blue-colored dresses. For instance, minty blue or cobalt blue nails can give a lovely accent to your royal blue dress.
  • Multiple combinations can be experimented with similar intentions to achieve some bold and beautiful results.

How to Choose the Right Nail Colour for a Blue Dress?

There can be multiple criteria for selecting a suitable nail polish color for your blue dress. But to make it easier for you to think and decide, we have streamlined those criteria into five generic categories:


Before looking for nail polish colors, you must know the occasion you need them for. The event you must attend plays a significant role in deciding an apt color. It should go well with your dress and be suitable for the kind of occasion it is.

Whether it is a wedding, a date, a formal party, or your friend’s bachelorette, every occasion has some unspoken prerequisites. Now based on the occasion, you will know better which color palette to pick your nail polish color from.

You must pick nude colors for formal events like a board meeting. And you may also pick some subtle colors from the pastels category or dark colors like navy.

On a date, you can wear colors that are bright and in contrast with your dress, adding a pop to your nails and keeping it fun, romantic, and playful at the same time.

Style Of Your Dress

The style of your dress greatly influences the choice of nail polish color you wish to pair with it. With numerous nail polish color options available in the market, you may go with neutrals, color-block, or even match it with your clothing.

However, even though multiple color options may go well with the dress, there is a particular style to your dress. And to ensure these two go well together, nail polish color needs to be chosen wisely.

For example, with a dark blue sheath dress, you would want to wear more pastel, neutral or decent shades, to maintain a formal vibe.

On the other hand, for a cotton blue, frilly-short dress, you may want to go colorful with different tones of pink, yellow, green, etc. This will add to the vibe of the dress you’re wearing.

This way, the suitable options may vary basis the style of your dress. Not all colors are suitable for all dress types. So, think about the dress before jumping onto a color and then decide accordingly.

Your Skin Tone

You must be aware of your skin color, whether warm, cool, or neutral. It will help you look for the color categories that suit your complexion type more than the other colors.

If you have a warm tone, colors like variants of corals, orange, wine, pink, yellow, etc., are good suits for you. Warm-colored nail paints go well with warm skin tones.

These complement your skin color and bring out the glow with the nails popping with rich colors.

For someone with a cool skin tone, nail paint colors on the cooler side are recommended. Variants of blue, lilac, purple, bottle green, etc., would suit your complexion better.

The Climate

The seasons can also be considered when selecting a nail polish color to pair with your attire. Your choices may vary from one climate to another for their suitability.

During spring, you may pick soft, pastel options like mint green, sky blue, baby pink, and even beige on that front. These will not only give a lovely accent to your dress but would be apt for the colorful season of spring.

For summers, you should wear fun colors on the bright and bold side like turquoise, cobalt blue, hot pink, red, orange, etc.

Else, for more gentle looks, you may pick pastel shades like lilacs, peach, and beige, as they would pair well with your blue dress and go well with the summer season.

Up next is the fall season. For fall, you may choose color options such as rust, mustard, orange, camel, burgundy, deep teal, etc.

Also, gold and reddish-orange color nails go well in the season and would look amazing with your blue ensemble.

For a winter look, we suggest you experiment more with colors on the cooler side. Deep and edgy shades like royal blue, wine red, and plum have the ability to enhance your winter look.

Also, colors like navy, black, maroon, sea green, rust, etc., would help achieve incredible styles with hot dresses.

Apart from the colors, you may try different prints as nail art, or even the addition of jewels in different shapes and sizes, and not to forget, a slight shimmer to add bling.

Personal Preference

Apart from all other factors, this one has no set of rules. It all depends on the mood you wish to create for a specific look and the kind of vibes you want to serve.

For a firm simplicity believer, you may go with neutrals such as beige, brown, white, or even colorful pastel shades such as undertones of blue, purple, pink, etc.

For days when you feel like going bold and sexy, you may want to use edgy tones of black, navy blue, and emerald green to go with your blue dress.

There may be times when you wish to flaunt your nails. Use popping bright shades like yellow, bright pink, and even neon. These would give you looks to die for.

Play with the colors just how you feel. There are no rules!!

Nail Color To Wear With Your Navy Blue Dress

A navy blue dress can be paired with nude colors like white, beige, lilac, minty green, light brown, and baby pink. And if you wish to give out a formal vibe, use colors like wine, black, wine red, deep violet, or black.

For casual daytime looks, you may use contrasting colors like hot pink, neon green, and yellow as well.

Nail Colors To Wear With Your Royal Blue Dress

Royal blue dresses can be worn along with simple french manicures, as the duo is charming. You may also use glitter nail polish in colors like grey or navy blue.

Opt for gold or silver color, as they go well if paired with gold or silver jewelry. Wearing red lips can help you complete the look.

Nail Colors To Wear With Your Light Blue Dress

The undertones of blue in an outfit can be paired well with shades of blue like periwinkle, cobalt, and azure. Go with pastel greens, browns, or pinks to explore more color options.

White nails look classic with any blue dress, and a french manicure can be a great alternative. It is an evergreen and safe option for you to create a lovely daytime or evening look.

Nail Colors To Wear With Your Dusty Blue Dress

As the color is very subtle, you may use happy colors like hot pink, orange, yellow, mustard, rust, silver, coral, and peach. These will give a nice striking look, complimenting your dusty blue dress simultaneously.

Which Shades of Blue Compliment a Light or Dark Skin Tone?

Females with lighter complexion may experiment with colors like cobalt blue, pale green-blue, azure, cerulean and periwinkle blue. These will help you create a striking impact and be the center of attention.

On the other hand, for females with dark or dusky complexion, you must get your hands on slate gray-blue, green-blue shimmer, navy blue, semi holographic blue, and metallic turquoise.

Try any of these colors with solid-colored outfits, and you’ll catch all eyes on you, girl.

Should Your Nail Color Match Your Blue Outfit?

There are no such restrictions when it comes to painting your nails. Nail polish can be matched with the color of your outfit.

In such a case, the nail would instead blend in than stand out. It gives out a brilliant yet decent feel to your overall look.

On the other hand, if you wish for the color of your nails to pop, then going for contrasting or complementary colors would be a big yes.

A blue dress can either be paired with some nude colors. You may want to try bold colors to make it more happening.

You have multiple shades of blue to play with, even if you wish to go blue on blue. Dark or bright blue dresses can be paired with pastel or coral blue nails.

And light or pale blue dresses can be worn with some striking blue hues on your nails, such as cobalt or metallic blue.

Examples of Popular Blue Nail Polishes That Will Complement Any Outfit Perfectly

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Bleu Pastel

The minty blue nail color is suitable for breakfast dates or morning wedding events. It goes exceptionally well if paired with white or grey-colored clothing. It looks pretty well with pastel-colored outfits like corals, especially.

Auda B. Beauty High Fashion

This metallic turquoise shade is trendy among millennial women. It goes well with party wear apparel. Looks supreme if paired with a black dress or even with a gold color outfit.

Chanel Le Vernis Longwear Nail Colour in Rhythm

This Dark blue Chanel color can serve real classy looks if paired with a red dress. Red lips would be perfect to complete the entire look. Apart from red, it can be color-blocked with yellow, pink, and deep maroon outfits.

Stick to these three ‘must haves’ if you want to rock your outfits for any event during the day or late at night. Another few highly reliable brands are OPI nail lacquer and Essie’s nail polish.


Try these hacks and see if they work for you. After all, playing with colors should be at your fingertips. Keep experimenting and happy styling!!

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