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10 Classy Nail Colors That Go With Everything

Last Updated on September 14, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

There are so many different nail polish colors on the market these days, that it can be hard to decide which one to choose for a special occasion. Try one of these ten classy shades if you’re looking for a color that will go with everything.

From light pink to deep purple, there’s something for everyone on this list. So whether you’re going to a formal event or just want to look your best, these nail polishes will help you do it in style.

Our 10 Favorite Nail Colors That Go With Everything 

No matter the outfit, there’s a perfect nail color to go with it. Here are 10 classy shades that will never steer you wrong.

 1. White Tip Nails/French Manicure 

First on our list had to be the most popular – French Manicure. It is considered one of the most elegant, classic, and, at the same time, the safest manicure choice out of all. Whitetip nails go with every outfit, from Indian to western wear; you can rock everything with these nails.

It is highly suitable for those who want to look professionally decent at their jobs. I am genuinely a fan of ombre French nails; whenever I am out of options, I go back to this shade.  These nails are perfect for both lighter skin types and dark skin tones. It can be applied to both fingers or toes. You can either choose from Color Club French Tip Color Club Nail Lacquer or Orly Nail Lacquer

2. Light Grey Nails 

Another versatile shade is light grey; it can go well with bright colors and neutral colors. The lighter shade of grey is suitable for the spring season, and darker shades of grey are highly preferred in the autumn and winter season. I will recommend this CND Shellac Gel Mystic Slate Nail Polish.

You won’t have to worry about changing color after getting light grey nails as they keep up with most of the color ranges and go professionally well.  

3. Beige Or Nude Nails 

Nude or beige tones are the most preferred shades in all seasons. They never go off the trend, and neutral nail polish colors are loved by more than half of the population.

So, whenever you get confused about which shade to get during a manicure, go for neutral nail colors – Beige or nude and pair them with some gold jewelry. This nail polish color will simultaneously make you look so well put together and classic.  

4. Blush Nails 

Not all shades of pink go with every outfit; however, blush pink is a lighter and more subtle shade of pink that goes gorgeously well with most outfits. 

So, if you are somebody who adores pink, this type of neutral nail will get you obsessed; no kidding! Also, they go perfectly well with any color of the dress in your wardrobe; I have experimented with this theory.

5. Lilac Nails 

Lilac, the most in-trend color of this year and one of the subtle shades in nail colors, goes well with everything. It is an underrated shade, and most people fear getting lilac nails as they are unsure if it would go with their outfits. 

Let me clear this doubt for you all, don’t get a dark shade of lilac to choose a more subtle version of lilac with undertones of blush pink, and you’ll be stunned to see how beautiful it looks.

6. Classic Red Nails 

Nothing can go wrong about classic red nails; they look sexy, elegant, luxurious, and suitable shade for all skin colors. Red nails instantly boost confidence as it is considered one of the bold nail colors representing femininity. 

So, whenever you feel low and under-confident, choose a bold red nail color and slay it with every outfit in your wardrobe.  

7. Bordeaux Nails 

On our list of timeless colors, Bordeaux is another shade perfect for nails in the autumn and winter season. Bordeaux is a shade of red commonly known as ‘Burgundy’; it’s a mix of red with undertones of purple/violet. It’s one of those bold and elegant shades that give you a royal and luxurious look over the nails. 

8. Chocolate Brown Nails 

This shade is a favorite and most used shade for teenagers and women in their 20s, including me. It’s an autumn-appropriate shade as it gives out very warm vibes. They look super elegant and stylish while styling with chunky sweaters and gold jewelry with rings. It’s a shade that looks classic with every color of outfit and is suitable for all skin tones.  

9. Navy Blue Nails 

Let us talk about another dark shade that rules over every other nail color and can be matched with everything. If you want to get a basic manicure but are bored of getting white ombre or brown nails, then navy blue nail color comes to the rescue. Keep this nail shade basic without getting nail art over it, and keep it subtle! 

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10. Short Black Nails 

Black is a universally loved color, and it can go with everything from neutral shades to darker shades. Black color in either nail paints or clothes can never go wrong. If you want a subtle and classic look, trim your nails short and pick the color black.  

Summer Nail Color that goes with everything

Summer is all about wearing bright colors and sipping mimosas on the beaches. This list includes all the potential nail colors for Summer manicures: 

  • Lime  
  • White Tip Nails / French Manicure 
  • Bright shades of orange 
  • Electric pink 
  • Pinky nude
  • Neon yellow 
  • Nude shades 
  • Pastel Lilac  
  • Baby Blue 
  • Peach  
  • light pink

Nail Polish Colors that go Together 

Nowadays, people are very fond of nail designs, and to get creative with nail colors, you need to know about the basics of color theory. Not every color goes well together, and therefore, we have created a list of colors that do go well together and are appropriate for nail arts: 

  • Black, white 
  • Gray and white 
  • Pink and red 
  • Beige and tangy orange 
  • White and bronze 
  • Nude and royal blue 
  • Mint green and pale blue or slate grey 
  • Lilac and teal 
  • Powder blue and hot pink 
  • Royal blue and white 
  • Black and shimmer copper shade 
  • Beige and blush pink 

Nails to go with Maroon Dress 

Nail colors that go elegantly well with a maroon dress are as follows: 

  • Whitetip nails 
  • Shimmery copper  
  • blush pink 
  • Grey 
  • Black 
  • White matte nails 
  • Nude shades 
  • Olive green 
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What Nail Color goes with Grey Dress 

Nail colors that go elegantly well with a grey dress are listed below. I would recommend these shades to you if you are planning to get a fresh manicure to match with your grey dress: 

  • Burgundy 
  • Matte black 
  • Blood red 
  • Hot pink 
  • Metallic blue 
  • Dark green 
  • Olive green 
  • Teal 
  • Chocolate brown 

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A bold burgundy dress reeks of confidence and feminism. A dress like this can make you stand out at any party or special occasion. However, what nail color to choose for your Manicure to wear with your burgundy dress could be confusing, so have a look at this nail color list for the burgundy dress

Long nails are not the preferred choice for most women due to the daily household chores, cooking, and rushing between their job. So, short nails seem to be an ideal choice, and these are the nail colors that look gorgeous on short nails.

If you have a navy-blue dress you plan to wear on your prom night; these nail polish colors go well with a blue dress.

Red is considered one of the royal colors that enhances your overall look. These are the Nail colors that can go well with a red dress.

I would recommend these nail colors for white dress if you are planning to get a fresh manicure to match your white dress.

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