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What Color Nails Go With A Green Dress?

Last Updated on September 12, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

Green is one of the most preferred festive colors. On Holidays like Christmas and New Year on the corner, choosing a perfect festive shade for your outfit is crucial. And what better versatile color than Green itself, there are so many shades of green and each one of them is so flattering. 

However, most people are unaware of the nail colors that go well with a green dress, and it’s so many different shades. So, in this article, I am going to guide you through different nail colors appropriate for different shades of green! 

Are Green Nails Fashionable?  

Yes, green is a very versatile color that is known to be a great choice for nails, dresses, and even heels. Green nails look flattering and eye-catching. There are distinct shades of green appropriate for every season and occasion such as hunter green, sage green, and many more.

The most used shade of green is Olive and Sage green that goes well professionally and is a very compatible shade as it can be paired with almost every outfit.  

Deep green nail gives a royal and luxurious look, goes well with both Indian wear and western wear. It’s the most preferred color for Christmas and New Year as it has a festive vibe appropriate for these occasions.   

What Neutral Color Nail Polish Goes With a Green Dress? 

 Neutral hues in nail polish are the best choice when you have no idea which shade to wear with a particular dress. The shades that I am going to list below can easily be worn with several other colors including green, they are considered to be universal shades and they would look very fine with a green dress.  

  • Pure Black 
  • White 
  • Gray 
  • Ivory 
  • Royal blue 
  • Sage green 
  • Tan  
  • Blush pink 
  • Beige  
  • Off white 
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What Color Nail Polish Goes With an Emerald Green Dress? 

Emerald green is one of the delicate shades of green, it’s neither too dark nor too light, it’s a shade somewhere in between. Emerald green is quite a rich color that goes well with both light and dark nail polish shades.  You can pair an emerald green dress with some silver jewelry to get a Boho look.

The most suitable nail polish colors to pair with your emerald green dress are as follows: 

  • Peach 
  • Aubergine or dark brownish purple color 
  • Navy Blue  
  • Deep blue 
  • Off-white 
  • Blush pink or rose quartz color 
  • Scallop seashell or light peach pink 
  • Orange 
  • Orange-red 
  • Rose gold 
  • Light brown shade 
  • Orange-brown shade 
  • Lime green 
  • Beige 
  • Yellow-green 

What Color Goes With Jade Green Dress? 

Jade green is another gorgeous shade of light green that is trending in the fashion industry. People are going crazy for jade green dresses, gowns, etc. If you want to get a unique outfit, look for a dress in the jade green shade. Most of the known celebrities wore jade green and mint green gowns in the gala this year.  

The nail colors that go well with a jade green dress are listed below, have a look: 

  • Caramel brown 
  • Black 
  • Lime green 
  • Blush pink 
  • White or off white 
  • Burgundy 
  • Ruby Red 
  • Aqua 
  • Hot pink 
  • Deep purple 
  • Grey 
  • Silver 

What Color goes with an Olive Green Dress? 

Let us discuss all the nail polish colors that suit an Olive green dress. It is a very gorgeous light green color and a choice of many. It’s a very subtle shade of green with a yellow undertone. Olive green is formed with 3 parts of green in 1 part of blue. 

It has a yellowish hue and thus, looks very elegant and flattering if worn as a gown or a coat professionally.  This color will pop out even more when paired with nail polish shades having cool undertones and blue undertones.

Some of the nail polishes that will go perfectly well with an olive dress are:  

  • Light orange (example : ‘Sawyer’ shade from Zoya) 
  • Bronze  
  • Gold glittery  
  • Violet (example : ‘meet me on the star ferry’ shade from OPI) 
  • Maroon 
  • Light grey 
  • Light purple or soft lilac 
  • Coral 
  • Royal or Deep blue 
  • Blush Pink 
  • Pastel yellow or bright yellow
  • Turquoise (example: ‘Talia’ shade from Zoya) 
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What Color Nail Polish Goes With an Army Green Dress? 

Army green is a dark version of olive green, it also includes tints of yellow. It has a dark yellow base and that makes it look more rich and energetic.  It comes under the sub-category of Dark green color.

Army green color is considered to be very sporty and loved by several people. All the nail colors that would go well with an army green dress are as follows: 

  • Snow White (example: ‘Alpine snow’ shade from OPI) 
  • Dusty sky blue (example: ‘Make a splash’ by Essie) 
  • Cream color 
  • Sage green 
  • Mustard 
  • Black 
  • Black grey 
  • Dark grey 
  • Magenta 
  • Caramel brown or camel 
  • Nude pink 
  • Tan (example: Kafi tan shade from Essie) 
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What Color Nail Polish Goes With a Forest Green Dress? 

Forest green goes well with almost all of the earthy colors like brown, grey, etc. This shade is so refreshing, it will make you think about trees and the smell of wood. A forest green long gown or one-piece would look so gorgeous and unique.

Several nail colors pair well with this sub-category of dark green shade, let’s check them out.  

  • Earthy hazelnut brown (example : ‘Chanelle’ from Zoya) 
  • Orange-brown shade  
  • Dark chocolate brown shade 
  • Dark and light gray 
  • Burnt orange (example : ‘Have your panettone and eat it’ from OPI) 
  • Terra cotta or muddy earthen pot shade 
  • Fuchsia 
  • Gold 
  • Dark nude 
  • Sparkly silver

What Color Nail Polish Goes With a Bottle Green Dress? 

The sexy bottle dark green color is an appropriate choice to be worn as a gown at a party. It will make you feel so confident, feminine, and unique. Bottle green color has a deep, bluish-green hue with cool undertones or blue undertones.  

It can be paired with some muted color and gold jewelry, let’s take a look at some of the nail polish colors that go well with a bottle green dress: 

  • Canary yellow (example : exotic birds do not tweet shade from OPI) 
  • Pink nudes 
  • Blush pink 
  • French manicure or white tip nails 
  • Greenish gray 
  • Sandy neutrals (example : ‘Sand Tropez from Essie) 
  • Lilac 
  • Peach 
  • Vampire reds or deep brownish reds 
  • Tangerine orange 
  • Bright yellow 
  • Light gray  
  • silver

Prom Nails That Go With Green Dress 

Prom is one of the most important days for teenagers both girls and boys. Everybody loves to look their exceptional self while going to a prom. A prom doesn’t come every year and therefore, you need to put your best-dressed self forward.  

Girls go crazy about prom nights, they buy gorgeous gowns and tiara but a prom dress is incomplete without a matching manicure. Green is the highlight color for prom dresses for it gives out a very royal and flattering look. So, here are some of the colors for your nails that will go perfectly well with your green prom dress :  

  • Rich Deep Red (example : raising the bar shade from OPI) 
  • Burgundy 
  • Deep Blue shade 
  • Metallic purple 
  • Metallic black 
  • Dark grey 
  • Shiny silver 
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What Nail Polish Colors Go Together? 

You can also create unique nail colors by mixing and matching different shades of nail polishes. You can make use of two colors or more if you want to have bold and not-so-basic nails. Here are some of the complementary colors that you can wear with your dress: 

  • Yellowish green and reddish-purple 
  • Mint green and cherry red 
  • Lime green and watermelon pink 
  • Deep green and deep red 
  • Emerald green and burgundy 
  • Deep green and black 
  • Black And silver
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Final Thoughts 

I think green is a very beautiful and subtle shade that can make you stand out in a crowd. A green dress looks flattering and if you will get a nail manicure with one of the colors that we have provided above, you are going to rock the gown.

We tried our best to provide suitable nail polish colors for different shades of Green and I hope you liked reading the article. You can also pair these nail colors with nail art on top to make your nails look more creative.

And also, try choosing a nail color that matches your skin tone, it is a very crucial point to consider.  

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