Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron Review

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Are you looking for a straightener to solve all your hair problems? Your search can end now as the Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth flat iron might exactly be what you are glancing for. You can create all those smooth and shiny hairstyles you have always dreamt of. It would make an excellent addition to your vanity as it is very sleek and incredibly stunning to look at. It makes your hair look like you have just walked out of a salon. 

The Paul Mitchell brand was started way back in 1980 by two friends and is still going extremely strong, with all its hair products being a primary choice for the customers. We agree that you will have to think twice before putting in so much money for a hair straightener but you won’t be disappointed like me after burning your hair with a cheap straightener. Stick to this article, we will give you all the details about the Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth straightener and why you should get it.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron Review

paul mitchell neuro smooth reviews
  • Heats up instantly in 30 seconds only
  • It doesn’t lose heat in between styling your hair.
  • It comes with a 9 feet long professional swivel cord with a hanging loop.
  • Straightens your hair in one or, at the most, two passes.
  • Will prevent frizz in even rainy or humid weather.
  • There are some concerns about durability
  • Expensive

This Paul Mitchell neuro straightener is a highly lightweight model of only 1 pound makes it a perfect companion for you. The 1.25 inches titanium plates come with a SmartSense microchip which helps in rapid heat recovery to reduce your hair damage. Let’s take a sneak at all the vital features and how they perform.

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Neuro Smooth Features and their Performance

What are the different size options available?

The plate size of flat iron is crucial, considering the different hair sizes and types. Neuro Smooth is available in 3 plate sizes, i.e. 1.25 inches, and 1.5 inches. 

Neuro Smooth Xl 1.5″ Styling IronCheck PriceFor Coarse, Thick hair
Neuro Smooth 1.25″ (Dual Voltage)Check PriceFor Fine Medium hair
Titanium Neuro Smooth 1.25″ Flat IronCheck PriceFor Thick Medium hair

Long Titanium Floating plates with snag freestyling

The 100% titanium floating plates of this flat iron make it very flexible and adjustable to grip it around. It also has cushioned plates with beveled edges. The plates are around 10 inches long. The long plates will cut down your straightening time to half compared to what you are spending with other flat irons.

Floating plates don’t pull or snatch your hair while straightening them and so you can have a snag-free styling experience. It evenly scatter the heat to all parts of your hair, so you don’t have to experience smooth and straight hair in one position and rough in another. 

The even heat distribution stops leading to overheated spots in some areas of your hair. Overall, floating plates on Paul Mitchell’s neuro smooth titanium flat iron help you achieve a comfortable styling experience. The plates don’t touch entirely, but it has not been a big deal to many customers as it still doesn’t pull or snag your hair.

The plates of this model are fully titanium so you don’t have to worry about them wearing off over time.

Does Neuro Smooth flat iron have rounded edges for curling?

Yes, the plates have rounded edges, so you can make loose curls, waves or flip your hair precisely only on medium length hair. You can not use this on thin or short hair to make curls. Even though it doesn’t get hot from the outside yet you can still curl your hair with it.

Is it dual voltage? Can we use it worldwide?

Yes, it comes with a voltage of 110-240 volts so that you can use it anywhere in the world with just the help of an adaptor. It can be perfect for you to travel with this iron as it is lightweight and weighs only one pound. So, it is easy to store this flat iron anywhere while traveling as well. 

What are the Temperature Settings?

It has digital temperature control settings, which range from 160°F-450°F. You can adjust the temperatures in an interval of 10. It has a (+) and (-) button and an LCD where you can see and adjust the heat. You can also choose how you want to select your temperature, i.e., in degree Celsius or degree Fahrenheit.

You should use a

  • lower temperature range from 160°F-300°F for fine hair;
  • 310°F-440°F should be preferable for medium to thick hair, and
  • 450°F should be used by professionals or if you have extremely coarse hair.  

Does it let you know when the desired temperature is reached?

Yes, the LCD screen lets you know when it has reached your desired temperature. It is a very viable feature for hair styling tools because you won’t have to waste your time figuring out if it is hot enough or not. Also, you can burn your hand while checking it has reached the optimum heat temperature sometimes if the display doesn’t show it. So, it has become a crucial feature of a flat iron.

Are the settings for the heat on the outside or inside of the straightener?

neuro smooth temp settings buttons

The settings are on the inside of this straightener. It comes with four different buttons, including the power button, the (+) and (-) for adjusting the temperature, and the mode button (M) for changing the features and going back to the main screen. Since they are inside, they will be protected more if someday the tool falls from your hand. You can adjust the settings easily as well.

Is it suitable for all hair types thin, frizzy, and naturally curly hair? 

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth before after

Yes, this hair straightener is suitable for all hair types starting from fine to thin hair and even curly or thick textured hair. It can even be a good option for your dry and frizzy hair as it will keep them moisturized and prevent the frizz from occurring for a long time, even in humid conditions. It is perfect for type 4b and 4c hair. It is advisable not to use this flat iron on wet hair as it can damage your hair to a great extent.

Since the titanium plates are known to get extremely hot, you have to be a little careful while adjusting the temperature. It is suggestive not to start with a high range of heat settings initially; know what is best for your hair. You may not want to use this straightener if you have colored hair, as it may wear off your hair color over time.

Does Neuro Smooth have an automatic shut-off feature?

Yes, you can customize the shut-off time according to your requirement between 0-120 minutes. It won’t leave you wondering about whether you have turned off your flat iron or not every time you walk out of your house. Also, it is a good thing for some people that it is customizable, as distinct hair types take un-identical amounts of time to style their hair.

Does it have a lock control setting to close it when packing?

A drawback of this product is that its edges don’t have hinge locks. So you can’t lock the plates while traveling or storing them. Although a few people desire it to come with a case or a protective heat pad, it cools down immediately after turning it off to easily store it and not fear burning anything.

Does the outside of the iron heat up?

The outside of this flat iron doesn’t get too hot, so you can handle it easily while straightening your hair. You won’t even need a heat-resistant glove to hold it because it won’t burn your hand without it.

Does this have a manufacturing warranty?

Yes, neuro smooth flat iron has a warranty of 2 years for all the manufacturing defects. Also, if you want a more extended warranty for your product, you can register it by its model number on their official website of Paul Mitchell. It is a safer option as you will be able to replace your products if they cause any defects for an extended period. Although, there are a few complaints that the brand doesn’t honor the warranty provided by websites like Amazon.

Special features 

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth flat iron’s unique and special feature is that it has a Smart sense Microchip that detects the product’s temperature and automatically lowers it when it tends to get too hot. It regulates the temperature 50 times per second, giving you instant heat recovery, so it doesn’t damage your hair. It means you have consistent and even heat distribution throughout your hair. 

This is even safe enough to use on extensions with the help of a thermal protectant. Unlike some products, the flat iron buttons are not on the handles, so you can’t accidentally change the settings someday. 

With this tool, you WON’T HAVE TO USE many heat protectant chemicals before straightening your hair. Over time, you will feel your hair softer and healthier after using this flat iron for a while.

What do the customers say about Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth?

There are mixed reviews about Paul Mitchell neuro smooth flat iron from customers on Amazon. There are a lot of people worldwide who absolutely love this flat iron because of its fantastic finish results and its ability to work with all hair types. They are in love with the design of this product. Customers love it because it can straighten your hair in only one pass. The LED display also works as an added advantage. According to them, unlike other flat irons, this one helps eliminate and prevent frizz and also makes their hair incredibly smooth and shiny. 

Also, many customers prefer it over their CHI flat irons, which cannot straighten their extremely coarse and curly hair. According to them, this product not only straightens their hair very smoothly but keeps it straightened even in extreme conditions for a long time.

paul mitchell neuro smooth customer reviews
paul mitchell neuro smooth customer reviews

Basically, the bad reviews are generally from the people who received a fake product. So, when you buy, don’t forget to register your product on the official website of Paul Mitchell to know about the authenticity of your model.

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth vs Neuro Style

The major difference between the neuro smooth and neuro style flat irons is that the neuro smooth one is designed to make your hair extra soft and straightened. But, if you are looking for additional styles like waves, different types of curls, or adding volume to your hair, you should go with Neuro Style flat iron as it comes with a contoured shape for a professional styling experience.

How to use Neuro Smooth by Paul Mitchell

My Opinion: A salon grade hair styling tool

I have always believed in the fact that you get what you pay for. So, if you are investing some money in a good quality flat iron like Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth flat iron, you are bound to get good returns. It is perfect for people who are searching for a product that performs like a professional salon-quality tool. The titanium plates heat up faster and are better than the ceramic coated plates on cheap products, which wear out over time and damage your hair. 

If you are someone with crazily frizzy hair that is extremely tough to manage, this neuro smooth flat iron exactly be the product you are looking for. The 450 professional maximum temperature setting helps you to get better results. The rapid heat recovery will not damage your hair even if you straighten your hair very frequently. If you trust our opinion, spend the extra cash on a good straightener rather than wasting your money on cheap hair straighteners available in the market, which damages your hair in the long run. 

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