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Pros and Cons of Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are a popular choice for many women. They can make your nails look longer and stronger, but there are also some pros and cons to using them.

Pros and Cons of Acrylic Nails

Here is a list of the pros and cons of acrylic nails so you can decide if they are right for you.


1. Suitable for every nail type

Acrylic nails are suitable for everyone, regardless of their nail type. Whether you have brittle, long, short, or any kind of nails, acrylics can be easily applied to them. Also, these are good options if you have a habit of nail biting because these are hard to chew off.

2. Highly durable

Acrylics are highly durable as compared to any other type of manicure. They last for about three to four weeks (approx 1 month). They require fill-up sessions. They last much longer than gel nails, press-on nails, or others. 

3. Well-trained nail technicians

Acrylic nails have been a part of the nail industry for so long. And hence, there are well-trained nail techs available in nail salons who take proper care of the products to be applied during the process. 

4. Can be fixed at home

If you unknowingly break any of your acrylic nails, it can be easily fixed up at home. No need to re-visit the nail salon. What you just need are the right tools and products.

But if you get them done at nail salons, you may pay $10-$15, depending on how bad the damage or crack is. 

5. Availability of design options

There are numerous design options available for acrylic nails. Whether it be nail art or nail charms, numerous designs are there to be picked for adding some extra punch to your nail extensions.

6. Protect weak nails

If you have weak nails that are more fragile and vulnerable to breakage, then acrylic extensions are your solution. These long-lasting fake nails form a protective covering on your natural nails. 

7. No repainting is required

You are not required to coat your nails with any nail polish again and again. The color stays as long as the acrylic nails stay. 


1. Damage your nail health

Since a thick layer of acrylics is applied to your natural nails, removing acrylic nails requires the use of material with harsh chemicals. It requires using 100% pure acetone to remove the thick layer of acrylic nails.

The harsh chemicals present in pure nail polish remover highly affect your natural and nail bed. This eventually leads to their thinning. 

2. Nails more prone to infections

Getting acrylic nails is an easy task, but taking good care is a hard task. If you do not go for regular fill-ups and moisture gets trapped in that area, it can become a breeding ground for fungal or bacterial infections that can damage your natural nail.  

3. OH…. that UV lamp!

Just please do not let your nail technician use it. Instead, you can ask them to use a LED lamp. This is because UV lamps emit a high amount of ultraviolet rays that can cause skin cancer in the long run and skin diseases in the meantime. 

But if your LED lamp is not available to you, go for UV curing, but only this time, please!

DO NOT forget to apply sunscreen (not below an SPF 50) before getting your nails done because you never know which lamp they will use. 

4. Regular refilling sessions

Acrylic nails require regular refilling sessions. They will become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi that may cause severe infections if you ignore them. 

5. Cause trouble while getting ready 

Acrylic nails definitely got stuck somewhere while you were getting ready. This happens due to the long tips of your nails. That additional length gets stuck somewhere or may even cause trouble while you are trying to do your makeup. The product may enter your acrylics, causing discomfort and mess!

6. Expensive

Even if you want your nails and fingers to look gorgeous with a basic set of acrylic nails, you will be paying anywhere between $10 to $30. This price eventually increases as per your requirements and usage of products in the treatment. 

7. They HURT so much…!

Trying to open a soda can with the acrylic nails on? Sorry, but this is not your cup of tea. 

If you still want to try, then you will definitely end up hurting your natural nails. Do not try excessively, or the nail may break and can even start bleeding. 


If you want to go for acrylic nails, definitely go for them. 

They are worth the price you may need to pay at the salons. 

Some changes can easily eliminate all the above-mentioned cons during the process. And obviously, we can not ignore the list of pros they have. 

They add more stars to the appearance of your hands in no time. 

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