PYT Flat Iron Review: Features Performance vs Cost

Don’t you wish that your hair looks extraordinarily shiny, sleek, and straight for all your important events? What stops you from buying the PYT, also known as Pretty Young Thing, flat iron. Their flat irons are enhanced with argan oil, vitamin E, and unsaturated fatty acids like omega 3 and 9 for your hair’s health and improved salon-quality results. You can also use the PYT  flat iron to curl your hair. Let’s read the detailed review of PYT ceramic flat iron in this article.

PYT Ceramic Pro Styling Flat Iron Review

pyt ceramic flat iron review

The expensive flat irons also come with top-quality advanced features. So, invest in this PYT Flat Iron once, and you will fall in love with your hair every time you step out. The PYT flat iron is recommended for all hair types, be it normal, curly, or thick. Even if you have extremely curly hair, this flat iron will straighten it quickly and add volume to your hair.

Even in humid or rainy conditions, your hair will stay frizz-free when you straighten it with a PYT flat iron. It comes in a pretty pink color which is an added advantage. You will also be able to curl your hair using this flat iron. Both tight and loose curls can be made using it depending upon how tight you hold your hair.

The flat iron won’t fry your hair and won’t pull or snag your hair while straightening. You can even straighten your thick hair at a comparatively lower temperature using it so that your hair won’t damage too much due to excessive heat. It will take so much less time to straighten your hair using this flat iron than the typical ones. 

The 1.25 inch wide floating plates make it easy for you to straighten your hair even if you have small or fragile hair. Even though it doesn’t have a dual voltage, you can still use it abroad using a power converter.

  • Adjustable temperature settings of 140°F-450°F
  • Nine feet long 360° swivel cord to keep your flat iron cord free from tangles
  • Floating plates to adjust the grip of your hair while styling
  • Far infrared heat technology that heats your hair evenly and gently inside out
  • It doesn’t leave any dents or marks like many other hair straighteners
  • It heats up pretty quickly
  • It doesn’t have an automatic shut-off feature
  • Not highly lightweight as it weighs 2 pounds

Features of PYT Flat Iron Ceramic Hair Styling Tool

Multi-purpose PYT flat iron

Ain’t you tired of the same hairstyle every time you go out. Well, then this PYT flat iron is undoubtedly like a rescue to your hair as it can both straighten and curl your hair in a single product. You can have any look in your mind, be it curls, waves, sleek hair, straightened hair; you can trust this flat iron to complete that look perfectly. It makes your job so much easier as you won’t have to carry both your curling wand and flat iron while going out.

High-grade Ceramic Plates

The PYT flat iron comes with high-grade ceramic plates for even heat distribution, minimizing hair damage and hair moisture loss. Also, the PYT flat iron ceramic plates will help protect your hair from frizz until you style it for the next time. Also, ceramic plates are incredibly smooth so that they won’t pull your hair.

Infrared Heat Technology

Infrared Heat Technology in the PYT flat iron has a lot of benefits for your hair. Infrared heat is different from traditional heat as it operates on a longer wavelength and penetrates more deeply into your hair, causing minor heat damage. It heats your hair inside out and leaves them more soft and relaxed. Also, you will feel that your hair has become healthier after using this flat iron.

Floating Plate Design

The flat iron comes with floating plates that are flexible and adjustable according to the texture of your hair. Floating plates doesn’t mean they can be detached from your flat iron. But, they will move along a little bit with your hair to make a proper grip to straighten your hair perfectly.

Ergonomic Body

This PVT flat iron comes with an ergonomically designed body that will help you to grip your flat iron in a better way. Ergonomic design in flat irons means the design, which will help you improve your styling experience and help you straighten your hair more efficiently. Ergonomic flat irons are designed to fit the people who use them.

Adjustable Temperature

The temperature range of the PYT flat iron varies from 140°F-450°F. The adjustable temperature range has become a crucial feature of flat irons as we all know how much damage excessive heat can do to your hair. And we don’t need to operate our flat iron at the highest temperature most of the time. Mostly, your hair can be straightened using an average temperature range. 

Swivel Cord

The 9 feet long 360° swivel cord of this flat iron makes your job convenient. You even have the comfort of styling your hair away from the electric socket if you want. The swivel cord means the cord will be free from tangles, so you won’t have to spend your time freeing your cable from entanglements every time you begin straightening your hair.

Customer reviews for PYT Ceramic Hair Styling Tool

Most of the customers on Amazon are in love with the PYT Ceramic flat iron. You can read PYT Flat iron reviews here. It has got 45 global ratings with 4.3 stars out of 5. Also, more than 72% of people have given it full five stars. And only 7% of people have given it 1 star because their flat iron stopped working due to some reason. Most people are thrilled with this flat iron’s life-span and have even said that it has lasted years for them. Some people have a problem with this flat iron’s heat as they feel like it doesn’t keep up its heat. It has become most people’s favorite flat iron, and they use it regularly.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the PYT ceramic flat iron depends on where you decide to buy yours. If you purchase it from a mall, it will easily cost you around $150 or even more than that at some places. But you will get the PYT Flat iron at half the price on Amazon. They also deliver the flat iron very fast, and you can even get additional discounts online without any shipping charges.

Does PYT hair straightener have a warranty?

Yes, the PYT hair straighteners come with a warranty period for manufacturing defects. You need to register your flat iron with their official website for availing of the warranty period provided by the brand. However, the brand doesn’t honor the warranty when the flat iron is purchased from an unauthorized seller. 

How can you tell if it is authentic or not?

For being extremely sure about your PYT flat iron’s authenticity, you can call the customer service number of the PYT brand and tell them the seller’s name and the registered model number of your product to check whether it is fake or not. Also, you can look at the logo on the handle of your flat iron to the PYT brand to check whether your flat iron is authentic or not.

What is the voltage of PYT flat irons?

The voltage of the PYT ceramic hairstyling flat iron mentioned above is 110V. It doesn’t come in dual voltage, allowing you to use your flat iron universally with just an adapter’s help. But some other PYT flat iron comes in dual voltage, which you can check out on Amazon. You may use the single voltage flat iron with a power converter.

Is this the full size or travel?

No, this flat iron is a full-sized flat iron and not a mini, lightweight flat iron used for traveling. The plate size of this flat iron is 1.25 inches, and also the weight of this flat iron is 2 pounds. It again doesn’t come with dual voltage for universal adaptability.

PYT straightener vs. CHI

Many customers on Amazon have reviewed it, saying they prefer this PYT flat iron over their CHI flat iron. This flat iron has become their primary choice, and the CHI has been kept as the backup. If you buy this from amazon, it will even cost you less than the CHI flat irons. The customers feel like this flat iron beats their CHI because they can go for straight two days without washing and straightening their hair again when styled with this flat iron.


We are pretty sure you would be hooked to the PYT flat iron once you decide to give it a try. Even though it doesn’t come with a digital temperature setting, customers are overall happy with all the features and working of this flat iron. Also, people feel like straight iron improves their hair’s health after using it rather than damaging it. What more do you require from your flat iron? Stylish as well as healthier hair. Definitely an indication to buy this flat iron as soon as possible.

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