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Soak Off Gel Polish: What It Is & Why You Should try it?

Last Updated on April 27, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

Ever heard about soak-off gel polish or soak off nails? Well, don’t worry as I got you covered with this guide that includes the introduction to soak off gel polish, how to apply it, and why one must choose soak off gel polish over regular gel polishes.

However, there is not much difference between traditional nail polish and this type of nail polish when it comes to the application but several differences in their features.  

With the increase in advancement in this world, we are falling short of time in our hands, and thus, everything needs to be quick and what we all can agree to is a long time that regular nail polish takes to dry.  

What is Soak Off Gel Polish? 

Soak off gel nails or soft nails are quite different from traditional nail polish. It is directly applied on the nail bed similar to regular polish but after each coat, it needs to be cured under a UV/LED lamp for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute.

It cannot be air dried, and thus, you won’t have to wait for soak-off gel nails to dry. They harden under UV lamps in 30 seconds. 

They last on nails for at least three weeks without chipping or peeling, the duration is longer than that of regular nail polish that starts to chip within a week.

Also, soak-off gel polish is easy to remove, the process is not complex, and neither does it require a lot of effort. 

How do you Use Soak-off Gel Polish? 

Simply follow the steps given below to apply the soak-off gel polish to your nails. The prerequisite of this process is a good quality soak off gel polish and also, a soak off UV gel base coat.

I have been using soak-off UV/LED gel polish from Beetles and the range is quite impressive.  
  1. Firstly, remove any excess oil from your nails using either rubbing alcohol, acetone, or a nail cleanser. 
  2. Then, apply the Soak off Gel base coat on your nails, it’s a very necessary step if you want your nail polish to stay longer and to keep your nails healthy. Cure your base coat under the lamp for 1 minute. 
  3. Now, choose a soak-off lamp gel nail color that you want to apply and then, apply the first coat of the nail polish on your nails. Cure your soak off gel polish under a LED/UV lamp for 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on the instructions for curing given by the manufacturer of the polish. 
  4. Apply the second coat and after applying each coat, cure your nails under a lamp.  
  5. Finish off by applying the soak off gel top coat for extra shine and for acting as a barrier between your nail polish, cure the final coat. 
  6. Lastly, remove the tacky residue from over your soak-off gel nails by wiping a soaked lint-free pad in alcohol to reveal the glossy finish. 

Why You Should Choose Soak-Off Gel Polish? 

Let us now answer the question of why must one choose soak-off gel polish by providing the list of features that it provides: 

  • It lasts longer than regular polish i.e., 2-3 weeks without chipping or peeling. It’s applied in thin layers and thus, feels lightweight. 
  • It takes hardly 30 seconds for soak-off gel nails to dry. All you need is a UV or LED lamp to cure your nails. LED lamps take 30 seconds to dry and UV lamps take around 2-3 minutes to dry soak off gel polish.  
  • Soak-off gel polish is considered to be safe and healthy for your nails. They don’t cause any damage.  
  • Doesn’t have an overpowering or harsh smell, unlike acrylic nails. Soak off lamp gel polishes are odorless and free from chemicals.  
  • The removal process is very easy, you simply need to soak your nails in Acetone for 10-15 minutes and the nails will start to come off on their own.  
  • You can apply soak-off gel polish on your own at home without any professional help. 
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What Is the Difference Between Gel Polish and Soak Off Gel Polish? 

Hard gel polish is pretty similar to soak-off gel nail polish except for the fact that the removal process of gel polish is quite harsh.

The application process of both of the polishes is the same, and both of them need to be cured under a lamp for drying, they both last for the same duration i.e., 2-3 weeks.  

But the removal process of gel polish is complex and not quite easy to be performed at home. The nail drilling method works the best for gel polishes as they are hard, or else, you’ll have to give them a very long acetone bath combined with filing.

All of these things can somewhat damage natural nails in the longer run. Whereas, soak-off gel nails are very easy to remove. 

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Does Gel Polish Have to be Soaked Off? 

However, soaking a gel polish in Acetone is not considered to be the most ideal way of removing gel polish. But yes, many people use this process with their gel nails; however, you must know that it takes quite long to remove gel nails with nail polish remover and might still not come off completely. 

Can Soak Off Gel Polish Dry Without Uv Light? 

Well, if you want to lessen the nail exposure to UV light then, you can make use of an LED lamp as well, it is proven to be equally effective. Or else, you can eliminate the use of lamps by using non-UV soak off gel polish, they are getting quite famous these days. 

I tried these nail polishes from the brand Eternal that don’t require curing under a UV lamp. 

Also, you can make use of nail polish drying spray, quick-dry topcoat, or use the DIY ice water method to dry your soak off gel nails.  

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