4 Best T3 Single Pass Flat iron Hair Straightener Reviews

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Enjoy styling your hair every time you step out of the house? In search of a flat iron that is most suitable for your hair type and comes with all the advanced technology and excellent features? Are you scared of burning your hair because you have to use your flat iron on the same section of your hair multiple times? Well, you have landed on the right page.

T3 micro is one of the best brands for flat irons, which strives to make the process of styling your hair a better experience for you. T3 single pass technology flat irons come with very advanced technology, which is designed to make your work less tedious by straightening your hair in only one effortless pass. According to your hair type, T3 single pass flat irons have an inbuilt technology that adapts their heat temperature. In this article, we will bring you the top 4 models of T3 single pass flat irons.

Top 4 T3 Single pass Flat Iron Reviews

1. T3- Single-pass X 1.5 -inch flat ironBest for Thick Hair

Present with 50% more power and wider plates, this T3 flat iron is designed with a 1.5-inch plate’s size to deal with thick, coarse, and kinky hair challenging to manage. Its tourmaline, ceramic and ionic technology helps keep your hair straight for a long time and gives you a frizz-free shiny look.

With the heat settings that can go as high as 410°F, this flat iron comes with five separate adjustable heat settings that make the flat iron look aesthetic. It makes a sound when the flat iron is ready to use after setting up the desired temperature, making it unique.      

The best thing about this flat iron is it remembers the temperature you set the last time you used the flat iron, so it adjusts to the same temperature every time you start the flat iron. The microchip technology adjusts heat temperature and allows the iron to achieve the best results in only one pass.

You can go for the 1st or 2nd setting if you have fine, thin, and chemically treated hairs. If you are someone with thick and long hair, settings 3rd and 4th are recommended for you. Setting 5th is for you if you have a coarse hair type. The 60 minutes auto shut-off feature is an added benefit that comes with this flat iron which can be handy to you if you often forget to shut off your electronic appliances.

  • Heats up very quickly
  • Ceramic plates for smooth and shiny hair
  • The voltage of the iron allows you to use it anywhere in the world
  • Nine feat swivel cord which helps to keep it tangle-free
  • Five heat settings ranging from 260-410°F
  • Single-pass technology to save your time and reduce the hair damage
  • Therma touch technology that doesn’t heat the handle to make it comfortable to hold during styling
  • Lightweight (10.2 ounces)
  • Longer plates
  • Little overpriced
  • Sometimes the hair gets stuck between the plates, which results in the pulling of your hair

2. T3 micro single pass ceramic 1″ straightening and styling flat ironBest for All Hair Types

If you are looking for a flat iron that will provide you salon-type professional results, this flat iron is the one for you. Designed in a pretty white and rose gold color, this flat iron comes with a single pass technology to straighten, wave or curl your hair in only one pass. 93% of women have agreed that their hair has felt extremely silky and soft after using this flat iron. After using this flat iron on your hair, you won’t feel like your hair is burning, which is generally the case with other flat iron.

As it does the job in only one pass, you would be able to touch your hair after straightening it as it won’t feel boiling. A single-pass means more minor heat damage as well as less time consumed. What more can you ask in a flat iron? 

It has a sleek design which makes it easy to hold and maneuver. The main part is that you won’t face issues like snagging or pulling with this flat iron, and it will glide smoothly through your hair without causing you any discomfort, unlike the T3 1.5-inch flat iron.

Dryness and split ends can’t be your concern if you are using this flat iron as it is designed to take care of everything. The 60 minutes auto shut-off feature works like magic when you are in a hurry.

  • Sleek and lightweight (though the weight is almost double of T3 1.5 inch flat iron)
  • It leaves your hair incredibly smooth after styling
  • It helps to control the frizz
  • The 360-degree cord which is free from tangles
  • Cera Gloss Ceramic plates for shiny hair
  • It makes a beeping sound when it is ready to use
  • Effective styling without hair damage
  • The plate’s size is small
  • It doesn’t have a temperature control

3. T3 single pass compact styling flat iron Best for Short hair

This flat iron is for the people who are traveling all the time and therefore need a very compact flat iron to carry around, which doesn’t take up a lot of space. Although it comes in a very travel-friendly size, it still has the full capability to straighten as well as curl your hair.

Due to the o.8-inch plate size, if you have concise hair and find all other flat irons in the market a little big for your hair, you can go for this one. The size of this flat iron also allows you to make smaller curves around your face.

It retails at a lower price than the standard T3 flat irons, so if you cannot afford the other T3 flat irons, you can purchase this even for your day-to-day use. You do not have to worry about blowing your electric socket as this flat iron comes with a 60 minutes auto shut-off technology. This iron’s only major setback is that the heat temperature is set at 410°F and is unadjustable, which sometimes is too hot for your hair. 

  • Extremely Lightweight (5.9 ounces) and travel-friendly size
  • Small but powerful
  • The small size allows the flat iron to get close to the root of your hair
  • Perfect for people with short hair
  • A microchip for consistent heat and straightening your hair in a single-pass
  • It comes with a heat-resistant cap to store the flat iron conveniently
  • It helps to straighten as well as curl your hair
  • A dual voltage which allows you to use the flat iron from anywhere in the world while traveling
  • It doesn’t have the option to adjust the heat settings as it only comes with a heat setting of 410°F
  • The smaller size of plates will take you comparatively more time to straighten your hair
  • Because of the extremely high heat settings, you will always have to use a lot of heat protection before styling your hair

4. T3 Micro Single-pass Luxe Professional straightening iron – Best for Straightening and Curling

This flat iron is included in T3 micro’s limited edition Desert Grey collection. T3 micro single pass luxe is an all-in-one flat iron as it does the job of adding volume to your hair or curling your along with the straightening option.

You can also get this in a pretty mint, lavender, and pink color, which can also reduce the cost of this flat iron. This flat iron’s heat settings are designed to cover all hair types with its five different and adjustable heat settings.

The custom blend ceramic plates help to glide this flat iron smoothly throughout your hair without burning or pulling your hair. After styling your hair using this flat iron, you can feel the enhanced smoothness and shine in your hair.

The plates of this flat iron are 1 inch wide, so even if you have thin hair, this plate size will be suitable for you. The lowest heat setting in this flat iron is 260°F, and the highest goes as far as 410°F.

  • Internal microchip which helps to maintain even temperature
  • Five adjustable heat settings (260°F to 410°F) for all hair types
  • Dual voltage for worldwide usage
  • 9ft professional swivel cord
  • Promises to deliver smooth, shiny, and frizz-free hair in a single pass
  • It can help to add volume, waves, and curls, along with straightening your hair
  • It takes more than a single pass for extremely coarse and wavy hair
  • The flat iron doesn’t last for a long time

How do I use my T3 single pass?

Before using a T3 flat iron, always make sure that your hair is dry and detangled. Brush your hair correctly before starting to iron hair. If you have natural hair, follow this guide to straighten natural black hair.

  • Switch the on button on your T3 flat iron.
  • Adjust the heat settings according to your hair type. Generally, all of the T3 flat iron comes with five heat settings in which settings ranging from 260°F to 300°F are for fine, thin, or chemically treated hair. The hair settings, which vary from 300°F to 410°F, are for normal to thick and coarse hair.
  • Your flat iron will be ready to use when the lights turn solid after choosing your desired setting.
  • Clip the top part of your hair using a sectioning clip provided with the T3 flat iron. Then, assemble the rest of your hair while using another clip while only leaving a tiny section of your hair.
  • Smoothly glide the flat iron through the unclipped section of your hair in the direction of your hair growth. Repeat the above steps whilst unclipping a tiny section of your hair from the clipped hair till all of your hair is straightened.


Is T3 a good straightener?

Yes, the T3 micro brand designs excellent hair straighteners, which celebrity makeup artists even prefer for their clients. They create flat irons with single-pass technology, which helps to straighten your hair in one single pass, reducing the overall heat damage to your hair while leaving your hair smooth, silky, and frizz-free throughout the day. Even if you have incredibly thick and coarse hair, the T3 flat iron will straighten your hair very quickly to make your life easy.

How hot does the T3 single pass get?

The highest temperature setting of T3 flat iron goes up to 410°F. It also comes with five different adjustable heat settings starting from 260°F in case you don’t want your flat iron to be scorching. Even though the heat setting of T3 flat irons doesn’t go as far as 450°F, which is available in a lot of other flat irons in the market, on most days, you can trust it to do the job for you.

Does the T3 straightener turn off automatically?                            

 Yes, it comes with an inbuilt 60 minutes auto shut-off technology, which helps reduce electric accidents. Many people forget to shut off their flat iron sometimes before walking out of the house, which can lead to many mishappenings. So, to relax everyone’s mind, it comes with an auto shut-off feature.

 Is T3 flat iron worth it?

Yes, T3 flat irons are worth every penny of yours if you are looking for an elegant high-end product. Not only do they perform the job of straightening your hair in a single pass, but also they provide a very smooth, shiny, and silky finished look after you style your hair. You can also use the T3 flat irons to add volume to your hair or even curl and wave your hair. Although, there are many other affordable alternatives of this kind of flat irons available in the market for you if you don’t have such a handful of money to spend on a flat iron. But, T3 is the only brand that designs the single-pass technology flat irons in the market.


If you were skeptical about buying a T3 flat iron, then I am sure that we would have convinced you to buy one as soon as possible after reading this article. The T3 micro brand retails one of the best flat irons available in the market. The T3 flat irons are specially designed in a way that will reduce your hair damage while making your hair extremely smooth, shiny, and frizz-free for a long-lasting period.

If you trust our choice, then the T3 single pass 1.5-inch flat iron is one of the best flat iron as it comes with a plate size of 1.5 inch which is pretty useful for people with thick and coarse hair. This flat iron heats up quickly, remembers the temperature you set, and straightens your hair perfectly in one single pass. 

Also, if you travel a lot then, the T3 single pass compact styling flat iron is the best choice for you as it comes in a petite travel-friendly size and dual voltage, which allows you to use your flat iron anywhere in the world. I do agree that the T3 flat irons retail for a slightly expensive budget, but it is worth it for all the features it comes with.

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