Tourmaline Vs. Titanium Flat Iron – What’s the Difference?

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Women have been struggling daily about what kind of straighteners for their hair. Since the inception of flat irons in 1990, the manufacturers have brought in various kinds of plate materials such as Tourmaline vs Titanium.

Both of these materials are effective in taking care of your hair. 

Now the major question that pops up in your mind is, “Should I buy a Tourmaline or a Titanium flat iron?”.

But do you even know why it is essential to check the plate material?

Well, that’s because the effect of both of these materials varies depending on your type of your hair. For some types, Tourmaline hair straighteners give outstanding results, while for others, Titanium straighteners work better.

Today we will go in-depth about the use of Tourmaline and Titanium hair straighteners. And also breakdown the benefits and drawbacks of Tourmaline and Titanium hair straighteners. That said, let’s dive in!

Comparison Table Tourmaline Vs Titanium Head to Head

Heat distributionEvenlyMuch better
Ionic generationHigherLesser
TechnologyInfrared-heat and IonicIonic
Hair type suitabilityThin, dry, dull, damaged, frizzy, naturalThick, curly, type 4, African American
Ideal forBeginners and ProfessionalsProfessionals

About Tourmaline Flat Irons –

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone yet less costly than Titanium straightening irons.

A Tourmaline flat iron generates twice the amount of negative ions produced by a Ceramic flat iron. These negative ions seal the hair cuticles’ moisture to cut down frizz and deliver shiny, healthy, straight locks.

These hair straighteners heat evenly and penetrate the hair without causing any damage, as they use infrared heat.

Besides, Tourmaline straighteners are much gentler on the hair. You can use them to style delicate, damaged, thick, thin, or even colored hair, and stay assured to get healthy, glossy tresses.

One thing to note is that Tourmaline hair straighteners wear out much faster than Titanium and Ceramic straighteners.

The Benefits:

  • Ideal for daily use
  • Tame frizz
  • Make the hair shinier
  • Do not snag or pull the hair
  • Suitable for sensitive hair
  • Can reach higher temperatures
  • Protect hair from heat damage

The Drawbacks:

  • Easily chip or wear out

Do 100% Tourmaline Straighteners Exist?

Tourmaline is usually ground into a fine powder and infused into Titanium or Ceramic plates. Hence, you find Ceramic-Tourmaline straighteners or Titanium-Tourmaline hair straighteners and not Tourmaline only straighteners.

You can call these straighteners hybrid versions of Ceramic or Titanium straighteners (because they contain the benefits of both materials).

Ceramic-Tourmaline straighteners heat up quickly and don’t harm your hair. In contrast, Titanium-Tourmaline straighteners reach high temperatures and cause less heat damage to the hair (compared to Titanium ones).

Our Top 3 Tourmaline Products

RUSK Engineering Heat Freak

This RUSK straightener is a Tourmaline-Ceramic flat iron that can turn thick curly hair into a sleek straight look within seconds (it reduces your styling time significantly).

And it’s available in 1-inch and 1.5-inch plate sizes, making it ideal for styling both thin and thick hair. Besides, it heats quickly and can reach up to 450F temperature.

Skin research Institute Infrarose Styler Flat Iron

The Infrarose Styler iron is a premium-looking hair straightener with a velvety non-slip finish.

You can create different hairstyles without worrying about heat damage as it features infrared heating technology that locks the moisture in your hair. 

Plus, you can use the straightener at the heat setting that’s best for your hair as it offers variable heat settings!

FHI Heat Platform

The FHI Heat Platform Straightener is by far the best Tourmaline straightener for long hair. Its 1.25-inch wide Tourmaline and Ceramic plates glide through the strands effortlessly. 

The straightener is lightweight. So it won’t cause trouble to your wrist even when used for a long time. And the extra-long swivel cord gives you the freedom to stand far from the socket while you style your hair.

Take a look at top FHI Flat Iron Reviews

About Titanium Flat Irons –

Titanium flat irons heat much faster than Tourmaline, and the heat distribution is also more even. (You just won’t find any cold spots while using it!) That’s why it’s ideal for styling hard-to-manage, thick curly, or coarse hair. Moreover, they are the best tool to straighten keratin treater hair.

Unlike Tourmaline, which’s likely to break and wear out easily, Titanium is way more durable. It can last for years (even when you use it at high temperatures) without any wear or tear.

Nevertheless, styling with Titanium hair straighteners is not a beginner’s cup of tea. It gets hot enough to burn your hair (if held on one hair section for a long time). That said, we don’t recommend first-timers to use Titanium flat irons.

The Benefits:

  • Heats up instantly
  • Capable of styling hair in one pass
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Great for professionals
  • Ideal for thick, curly, Afro-American, type 4 hair

The Drawbacks:

  • Not suitable for daily use
  • Pricey

Our Top 3 Tourmaline Products

BaByliss Nano-Titanium Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

Straightening thick and long hair with a straightener consumes lots of time and gets your hand tired.

Luckily, with the BaByliss Nano-Titanium straightener, you can get your hair straight 40% faster. And its ultra-thin lightweight body will save your hand from getting tired.

Also, this straightener is suitable for all hair textures as it has a wide range of heat settings.

INFINITI PRO By Conair Rainbow Flat Iron

This conair flat iron produces negative ions while styling. So, you always get frizz-free, shinier, pin-straight locks after every glide!

Hot Tools Professional Titanium Flat Iron

The Hot Tools straightener is a compact, lightweight straightener. Its curved-edged plates let you create waves and curls in addition to straightening. The tool can work at a high temperature of up to 450F and has a digital display for precision reading.

Storing this flat iron is easy due to its compactness. And you can also use it in abroad countries, as it is dual voltage operable.

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How to Choose between Tourmaline vs Titanium

Now that you know the difference between both a Titanium and Tourmaline flat iron, it’s time to discuss the factors that would affect your purchase decision.


All straightening irons are not the same, and that’s why their prices vary. A Titanium flat iron is expensive, but not all hair types can withstand the high temperatures it delivers. And it’s not ideal for daily use.

Hence, you shouldn’t decide on your straightening iron based on the price only. But also check whether it’s safe for your hair and fulfills your styling requirements.

Hair Type

Choosing a straightener based on your hair’s type is crucial to prevent heat damage. Tourmaline straighteners are ideal for sensitive, dull, thin, dry hair. And Titanium straighteners are for coarse, thick, curly hair.

Do you need quick heat up?

Straighteners that heat up faster and reach a high temperature take less time to straighten the hair. Titanium plates heat up faster than Tourmaline plates. Further, they don’t leave any cold spots. So, you can pick a Titanium flat iron if you want quick results, otherwise go for Tourmaline.


Most companies do clever advertising to sell cheaper products that may ruin your stunning tresses. Therefore, you should be careful while choosing the hair straightener’s brand. Select a reliable brand like BaByliss, FHI, HSI, FURIDEN, Remington, T3 single pass, or GHD flat irons etc.

Ease of Use

Not all straightening irons are beginner-friendly or easy to handle. Titanium flat irons reach high temperatures instantly. And that makes it hard for newbies (and sometimes professionals) to use them. So consider buying a straightener that you can use comfortably. 

Other Things To Look For:

  • Durability: Tourmaline straighteners are less durable than Titanium ones. They are prone to breakage if dropped accidentally. But Titanium ones last much longer and are scratch-resistant.
  • Technology used: A Tourmaline flat iron uses infrared-heat and ionic technology, which prevents heat damage up to a greater extent. A Titanium flat iron use ionic technology, which eliminates frizz from the hair keeping the hair healthy.
  • Cleaning Process: You must also check whether the material is cleanable. In this case, you can easily clean both Titanium and Tourmaline flat irons with any hot tool cleaner.

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