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Types of Acrylic Nails Shapes

Acrylics nail are one of the most preferred types of manicures. They are available in various nail art, colors, sizes, shapes, etc. 

Some people stick to classic round shapes while getting manicures because they are unaware of the other nail shape options available.

So whenever you plan for your next manicure session, re-read this blog post beforehand to get the list of all the nail shapes piled up with you. 

The 7 Most Popular Shapes for Acrylic Nails

Some people are fond of the classic round shape, whereas others love to experiment with their nails and may give a chance to stiletto shape. 

Let us learn about the 7 most popular acrylic nail shapes that are widely available. 

1. Round acrylic nails

These are one of the oldest and simplest forms of nail shapes available for acrylic nails. They are best for those who want to keep their nails short and trendy. 

Round nails start with the straight side but curve gently at the edge to get the natural nail-like shape. These shapes are much easier to maintain and are perfect for everyday wear. 

Round nails are a perfect fit for every activity or occasion, either office look or party. The color that you prefer may vary accordingly. 

People with short fingers prefer these shaped nails more, giving them a more comfortable look. 

2. Square acrylic nails

Square-shaped nails are another very classic nail shape that looks great with both long and short nails. People with narrow nail beds prefer these more because square nails give their fingers an attractive look. 

A square-shaped nail is flat on top with a sharp, straight corner with a squared-off tip. 

These, too, are a low-maintenance nail shape and may look perfect for family events and parties.

3. Oval acrylic nails

Oval-shaped acrylic nails have a bit thinner curve and are a modern idea as compared to round nails. Its corners are curved inwards. 

Oval nails create an illusion of long nails. Also, since the nail plate is filled enough to create such an oval shape, your nails are at a higher risk of breakage. 

These tips need extra care to be taken off, or else they may break. 

4. Squoval acrylic nails

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This nail shape combines a square nail shape and oval nails. Most of the time, people confuse square nails and squoval nails. The only minute difference is the edge. The edge of a squoval nail is slightly flat and curved. 

Squoval is perfect for everyday and office looks. This is a perfect nail shape if you have wide nail beds and long nails. This nail shape balances everything. 

This shape acts like a canvas on which you can either paint your imagination or go for the classic colors. 

5. Almond acrylic nails

These nails are a bit sharper than oval nails. Almond nails are widest at the base, slightly round at the sides of the edge, and pointed at the tip. 

This is the reason why this shape looks best on medium-length nails. 

If your natural nails are too short, it can be difficult for your nail technician to form an almond shape. 

Almond shaped nails require a strong base of your natural nail, and hence they are mostly made up of gel or acrylics. Any neutral-colored nail polish looks the best on these nail shapes.

6. Coffin acrylic nails

Coffin nails are the ‘Kylie Jenner look.’ With a straight edge tip and angular bent at the edge sides, nails attain the exact shape of a coffin. 

Lighter nail shades look good on these shapes. But again, since coffin nails have a straight-edged shape, they are more prone to breakage. 

7. Stiletto acrylic nails

Among different nail shapes, stiletto nails always change the nail game for everyone. Stiletto-shaped nails are unique nail shape that looks the best on long and slim fingers. 

These spikey nails look so dramatic and catchy that they can grab anyone’s attention easily.  They look a bit similar to almond nails from the nail bed but start becoming pointer as you come towards the tips. 

You must remember while having coffin nails that the tip should not be too sharp or pointed. Else you may end up harming yourself only. 

Bold colors or colorful tips are a good choice for this nail shape. 


Numerous other acrylic nail shapes are available such as ballerina nails, lipstick nails, soft square nails, flare nails, edge nails, and so on.

The choice of the best nail shape for you completely depends on your personal style. 

You will decide whether you will go for round-shaped nails, square style, or some other nail shape. 

The ultimate aim of a nail salon is to give you a stylish look and some extra length that you can flaunt around everyone. 

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