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What Does Purple Nail Polish Mean? Things You Need to Know

Many women prefer the shades of violet over bright red or pink shades as it not only suits any skin tone but also gives a class-apart accent to your entire ensemble.

Safe Horizon, a non-profit organization, urged everyone to polish their fingernails purple color for spreading awareness about domestic violence and supporting the survivors. We will learn more about it through this blog and the significance of purple colored nails in various other situations.

So, let’s dive right in without any further ado. 

What Does It Mean When You Paint Your Nails Purple?

As per a generalized opinion, purple colored nails imply an artistic person, as it is a pretty unusual combination of red and blue color. Wearing purple color on your nails shows that you’re an independent, creative, and confident woman who stands out in a room full of people.

Is Purple Nail Polish Meaning Domestic Violence Awareness

Yes, painting your nails purple signifies spreading awareness regarding Domestic Violence. The ideology was put across by Safe Horizon, a non-profit organization, to support domestic violence survivors and spread awareness regarding the cause. 

According to this NPO, one out of four women and one out of seven men fall victim to heinous domestic violence. At the same time, 67% of the US population does not even discuss the issue with their peers.

Hence, to eradicate the issue, the first step was to spread knowledge and awareness among the society about the things happening in their neighborhood that they’re probably unaware of.

Hence, they made it a part of their #PutTheNailInIt social media campaign. We know that just putting purple nail paint on a fingernail would not help support the cause in reality.

So, the organization urged celebrities, advocates, and influencers to promote their campaign to promote awareness, raise funds and extend support to the survivors. 

Anyone from the general public is also welcome to support the cause. You may start with painting your left ring fingernail purple. However, that would not be enough. Talking to your friends and sharing your thoughts could significantly impact you. 

To support Safe Horizon, you may donate funds to the survivors’ welfare.

What Does Purple Nail Polish Mean in Relationship?

Purple-toned nails are a combination of bright red color and blue. For females in a relationship, the shade reflects the warmth and passion of the color red and the calmness of the shade blue. 

The shades of violet represent a fancy evening planned with your significant other in a high-class restaurant or resort accompanied with red wine—the deep purple shade points towards luxury and richness.

Applying a purple color on your nails may imply your fantasy of such thoughts.

What Does Purple Nail Polish on One Finger Mean?

As recommended by the NPO, wearing purple nail enamel on the ring fingernail implies one’s pledge to support domestic violence survivors. The oath can be showcased by wearing purple-colored nails.

However, the actual task starts when you enlighten people about the cause, talk to people who require assistance, and help collect funds that would further aid the survivors.

What Do Purple Nails Say About a Woman?

Women wearing purple nails are perceived as confident females ready to conquer the world. Such women are considered to be benevolent and bold simultaneously.

It’s a notion that they have a powerful and fearless personality. And they’re always serving top-notch looks. Hence, pleasant to the eyes.

What Does Purple Nail Polish Mean to Guys? Do Guys Find Purple Nails Attractive?

According to guys, when women paint purple color polish, it looks feminine and bold simultaneously. They perceive any girl wearing purple nail polish as an independent woman with class.

Hence, they automatically find the color purple very charming and attractive simultaneously. 

They prefer purple-colored nails over many shades such as green, pink, maroon, black, yellow, and even nudes, for that matter.

Final Remarks

Purple is a very stylish and trendy shade to apply to wear. It reflects a high sense of fashion. And guys love it on their significant others, even better than shades of pink and red.

Moreover, this beautiful color has a social cause awareness associated with it. It promotes knowledge about domestic violence and offers help to those in need. All the details regarding participation are mentioned in detail in the blog. 

This time, use fashion for a noble cause. It gives a sense of compassion to you and benefits society.

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