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Where to Buy Color Street Nails- Best Places

Last Updated on July 31, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

Color Street has revolutionized the cosmetic industry by creating color street nail strips. The beauty brand has challenged all salon-based manicures with a package of nail color strips.

The nail strips are available not only at your home’s convenience but also relatively hassle-free application. You no longer sit in a salon for hours to get your nails done. You get a wide array of colors, shimmers, patterns, and overlays.

The combinations can be played with and experimented with, giving you thousands of possibilities to go with your looks.

The product has been accepted widely by the public.

But the main question is from where and how to buy the color street strips? 

In this blog, we will tell you the best places where you can find color street nails. 

Are Color Street Nails Sold in Stores?

Color street nails are not sold usually in cosmetic stores. However, these can be purchased from their assigned stylists, aka color street reps, either online, through their branded website, or in-person during sales parties.

Even though you can’t buy the product directly from a store, there are tons of Color Street Reps in different areas.

You can try to put a post on your local Facebook group to see if any rep is close to you. Else, there are services online that can connect you with one.

Where to Buy Color Street Nails?

  1. Suppose you’re interested in purchasing color street nails. In that case, the below-given link is your one-stop shop for a colorful array of nail polish strips: https://www.colorstreet.com
  1. Before you begin shopping, you need to find a stylist available in your nearby location. So, when you open the link, on the top left corner, it reads ‘Your Stylist: Mary Gelbman’; below that, there would be a ‘not my stylist’ link. 

      The link will lead you to a pop-up wherein :

  • If you have a stylist – You can directly out in their name.
  • If you don’t have a stylist – You can put your current ZIP code, which will provide you with Color street reps. And you need to select one basis of your choice.
  1. Once you choose a stylist, it will lead you to the stylist’s Color street page. Then you are free to explore the available options under the ‘shop’ category.

    The categories have been divided to offer convenience. You may go through different categories to select the kind of nail strips that might suit you better.
  1. The same webpage also offers a catalog that enlists the current options in different solid colors, glitter, nail art designs, Color Street Nail Combo Ideas, and clear nail art designs. It also has certain offers that you might be eligible for. 
  1. The website also has a ‘Become a stylist’ section. It talks about how you can start your venture by becoming a stylist and find your purpose or even support your dreams.

    It allows you the freedom of selling the product by becoming a specialist, however, at your own pace.

    They even have training guides, assets, modules, and regular video calls to help you prepare to become a specialist with the required expertise.
  1. Apart from this, there’s another opportunity offered to you. Hosting a Nail bar party can unlock certain benefits and offers.

    The party is, by and large, similar to a salon’s manicure session only. However, you are inviting a few manicure fanatics and getting certain benefits.
  1. The website also has an instruction guide for first-time users or clients struggling with getting the desired output while using the product.

    It gives instructions from top to bottom that you need to follow while using Color street strips.
  1. In case of queries, there is a ‘contact me’ option on the homepage. It offers your stylist’s contact information which you may use in case of any help or recommendations that you might need.

Can I Buy Color Street Nails Without a Stylist?

The product has been made available so the purchase can be made only through a stylist in a nearby location as per your current address. The product is not available in the market through any other means or a direct website.

Hence, the instructions need to be followed, and you need to get a stylist assigned to proceed with a purchase. 

There are certain offers available. Go avail them now!

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