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5 Best Curved Edge Flat Irons – Buying Guide & Reviews

Last Updated on October 19, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

Why buy a curling iron and a flat iron separately, when your flat iron with rounded edges can do both, curling and straightening for you?

Though the word “flat” in flat irons suggests that the tool is used for straightening the hair. It does not necessarily do that only. 

Flat irons, especially those which have curved edges pretty much do a great job when it comes to curling. This means you can save some space in your bathroom and a few bucks by not bringing home two separate tools for styling your hair.

But the real question is – which is the Best Curved Edge Flat Iron in the market? Well, the answer to this, is given by our in-depth reviews below. Check it out!

What is a Curved Edge Flat Iron?

As the term speaks itself, a curved edge flat iron is one that has curved plates rather than straight. They usually have slightly downward curved edges that make it easy to curl the hair and help in avoiding crimps.

With a round flat iron, you get the freedom to effortlessly curl your tresses in any direction, inward or outward. And their plates are made of titanium, ceramic, or tourmaline, just like the normal flat irons. 

Besides, curved flat irons are ionic, wet to dry, and universally usable. Therefore, you can always get silky smooth curls at any time!

Who Should Use a Curved Edge Flat Iron?

Curved hair straighteners are a savior for professionals and non-professionals. As they provide versatile styling options for all hair types. These hair tools allow you to achieve flips, curls, waves, and many more within a few minutes. They are also super-easy to operate.

Hence, whether you are in a hurry, or have just switched to curved flat irons, this is the best tool to achieve quick and long-lasting results.

Advantages of Using it

Now that you know how a curved edge hair straightener differs from the regular one. Let’s get to the advantages of using these types of hair straighteners. 

Apart from allowing you to curl your tresses, there are several other benefits of using curved straighteners as mentioned below:

  • Flexible to use: Curved flat irons allow you to freely and easily move the plates across the hair strands without pulling them. They let you curl, flip, twist, or spiral your hair. And there are really simple to operate. Hence, even if you are a beginner you won’t face any trouble while styling.
  • Add volume: A curved flat iron gives you voluminous bouncy curls, no matter whether you have fine or thick hair.
  • Versatile styling options: With the traditional flat irons you are limited to only straightening your locks. Whereas these curved edge flat irons let you achieve a variety of other styles including beach waves, tight curls, flips, and many more.
  • Glamorous look: As the plate of these irons are mostly made of ceramic and titanium you get stunning, healthy, frizz-free locks. Also, it protects the hair from damage due to high heat.

Best Curved Edge Flat Irons

1. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium C Styler Curved flat iron – Best Overall

When it comes to hair styling tools, BaByliss is the most recommended brand by professionals and its Nano Titanium C styler hair styling tool is one of the best curved flat iron.

With this curved straightener, you can achieve stunning curls, beach waves, fringes, or simply sleek straight hair in no time!

The flat iron comes with incredibly curved plates at a 60-degree angle which is perfect for curling. And its upper body is covering sideways, so your safety is taken care of.

Again, the BaByliss C styler features extra-long five-inch plates and 1.5-inch wide plates that get the job done within seconds, literally! Even if you’ve got thick hair you can get ready for that all of a sudden planned night party, in just a few seconds.

Also, you get three different temperature adjustment settings up to 450F. This means you can use it depending on your hair type, and save your tresses from burning.

To help you style more comfortably the prolonged bars are only a half-inch thick. And they hold the curls and waves perfectly. So that you don’t get annoyed while styling.

  • Heats up rapidly
  • 8-feet long swivel cord
  • Titanium plates for high heat and prevention of corrosion
  • Adds volume
  • Concave inner body style
  • Not dual voltage
  • Does not sleep automatically

2. Karmin G3 Salon ProfessionalBest Travel-size Curved Flat Iron (Runner-Up)

The Karmin G3 Salon Professional Flat Iron is a go-to option for salon-grade styles at home.

Unlike other flat irons that have only ceramic plates, this Karmin G3 hair straightener comes with tourmaline-ceramic plates. To ensure more than perfect styling along with shinier, silkier tresses.

Again, the edges are curved at an angle of 45 degrees, to provide versatile styling options. And the smooth bars allow easy gliding of the hair strands.

Furthermore, this beveled edge flat iron is great for those with medium to fine hair as the plates are 1-inch wide. Hence, those with coarse or thick hair might not be much satisfied with the gripping.

If you are one of those who frequently wanders across the world, you can carry this hair straightener with you on your trips too! It is lightweight, compact, and has a dual voltage feature. So you don’t have to struggle with your hair look while traveling!

Talking of the pricing, this Karmin Hair Straightener is not quite expensive, and for the features, you get with this flat iron. The price is totally worth it.

  • Available in four cute colors
  • Heat mat and carrying case included
  • Shuts-off automatically if not used for 1 hour
  • Extra-long swivel cord
  • Not suitable for long hair

3. CHI Miss Universe Curved Flat Iron – Best for Short Hair

If you want a hair tool that not only provides glamorous results but looks adorable itself. The CHI Miss Universe Volumizing Iron is an ideal pick!

This curved hair straightener is lightweight, compact, and comes in a beautiful pink color, which is the fav of most women. Perhaps yours too!

Due to the 0.75-inch plate, this tool is best for those who love to walk with tight, voluminous curls. And it’s beyond perfect for women who want to enhance the look of their short or fine hair. 

It’s got titanium plates angled at 60-degrees and curved sideways to save you from burns and damages. Also, for quick and efficient styling the heat gets evenly distributed across the plates.

Additionally, this CHI hair straightener is built with ionic technology. Hence it not only styles your locks but also ensures shiny and healthy results.

However, the CHI Miss Universe Flat Iron comes at a relatively higher cost. If you have a bigger budget you can definitely go for it!

  • Slim and travel-friendly design
  • Reaches up to 410F temperature in seconds
  • Easy-to-hold bar design
  • The body gets hot while in use

4. Andis Rounded Plate Flat IronBest for Salon-Grade Results at Low-Cost

The Andis Rounded Plate Flat Iron provides outstanding results at a pocket-friendly rate! It is loaded with lots of features that make this product rank on our list.

This hair tool gives you the flexibility to achieve different styles including sleek straight, loose curls, flips, voluminous locks, and even waves. And you don’t have to compromise with the health of your hair. The ionic technology ensures the heat doesn’t damage the hair and their shine remains the same.

Further, the 1-inch curved plates are ideal for smoothly curling the tresses without leaving any lines or dents.

For more versatility, you get 20 heat adjustment settings up to 450F. You can check the settings and set to the option that would suit your hair type the best.

Additionally, this Andis curved hair straightener comes in three different color combinations, which enhance the beauty of this product.

  • Universally usable
  • Sleeps automatically when not in use
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Gets hot when used for a longer time

5. DUVOLLE Rendezvous Titanium Styling IronBest for Thick Hair

If you have really thick or long tresses, then without any further thought get the DUVOLLE Rendezvous Titanium Styling Iron. This one has got super-long 4.33 Inch Plates with curved edges.

Besides, the plates of this c shaped flat iron are made of titanium. To help your hair strands glide through smoothly without getting tangled or pulled. 

And frizziness? Well, that’s going to stay far from your tresses as the titanium plates lock the moisture and give you shinier, smoother styles. 

But what makes this product even more easy-to-use and operate is the adjustable heat settings. With this flat iron, you get 5 temperature settings ranging from 270F to 450F, which can be changed in one-click. So you can set it to the optimum temperature depending on your hair type and start styling right away!

Also, you won’t have to sweat to reach the trickiest parts of your head, as the flat iron comes with a flexible, long, 360-degree swivel cord. 

  • Comes with heat resistant gloves
  • Floating plates
  • Great for thick and curly hair
  • Not dual voltage
  • The body is not much durable

Curved Edge Flat Irons Buying Guide

Although curved plate flat irons look similar to the regular ones apart from their plates. They do possess additional features that make it worth it to purchase these flat irons. 

If you are already looking to purchase a curved plate hair straightener, here’s what to look for in them.

Beveled Edges

As you now know that the curved flat irons have curved plates, what’s important to know is that the curves can range from an angle of anywhere between 15 – 70 degrees. These curves help in achieving your desired curls flexibly and smoothly. 

The best curved flat irons are those that are angled at 45 – 60 degrees. Whereas those having less than 30 degrees curve are not recommended.

But why does that matter? Well, when you have a well-rounded flat iron you don’t have to struggle much to curl your locks. They also give natural-looking curls without any dents or lines. Hence, it’s better to stick to a curved flat iron that is angled at 45-60 degrees.

Covering Sideways

Covering sideways is truly an amazing feature that allows safe styling. These are nothing but edges that are bent down sideways, which cover the lower part of the flat iron. They mainly help in even heat distribution across the plates.

Also, many-a-times you might have accidentally burnt your cheek while using a flat iron. This is usually due to the heat at the edges of the plates. 

However, with a round-edged flat iron that comes with covering sideways, the chances of getting burnt are significantly reduced.

Plate Shape Variations

Just like the regular flat irons, curved flat irons come with various plate shapes. Some curved hair straighteners come with plates that are steep in the middle part whereas others have plates inclined in any one direction. And there are some that have leveled plates.

The choice is yours! You can pick the curved straightener that would serve your purpose the best.

Additional Features

In addition to the features mentioned above, here are certain other things to check before buying a flat iron with curved edges.

  • Ionic technology: Flat irons built with ionic technology result in shiny, smooth styles that last longer.
  • Plate material: The material of the plates should be ceramic, titanium, ceramic tourmaline, nano-titanium, or titanium-tourmaline. These materials are capable of heating up quickly and retain heat for a longer time.
  • Plate size: The plate size of curved flat iron also varies. Generally, flat irons with a 1-inch plate size are best suitable for tight curls. And those with a wider plate size work well for loose curls.
  • Easy-to-handle: Flat irons which have a proper handgrip and are lightweight allow you to style without getting your hand fatigued.

How to Use a Curved Edge Flat Iron

As mentioned earlier, using Curved Edge Flat Irons is no big deal. They are pretty much easy-to-handle and operate. If you are an absolute beginner, then here’s how you can get started:

  1. Before beginning to style, make sure to apply a heat protectant serum or thermal spray. This will hold your style for a longer time as well as save your tresses from heat.
  2. Once you are done spraying the heat protectant, divide your hair into two equal parts. Then tie up one part so that it doesn’t come your way as you style the alternate side.
  3. Now divide the hair of the first side into a one-two-inch section and lay it on your flat iron.
  4. To create waves, wrap it around the beveled edges, hold it and bring it down through the hair.
  5. If you want large curls, wrap the hair strand around the edges and turn the iron over while going through the hair.
  6. Lastly, for a natural look, comb your tresses in the same manner as you are flat ironing towards the tips. And shape them as you like.

Take a look at the some of the best flat iron for beach waves.


Hopefully, by now you must have understood how you can achieve both straight and curly locks using only a single hair tool. 

However, it’s not only about getting a curved straightener, it’s about getting the best curved hair straightener that gives the desired results. And with all of the flat irons listed above, you will be able to get your desired look instantly.

Our most favorite pick is the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium C Styler. This one delivers excellent results in a few minutes and suits all hair types. Plus, it’s not quite costly!

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