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Best Nail Color for Asian Skin – A Complete Guide

Last Updated on September 12, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

Asian skin is not homogenous. Just like westerners we Asians have a variety of skin tones which makes choosing the best nail color a little difficult.

Most brands that make nail polish have been so preoccupied with the western idea of skin tones that Asians used to have really limited choices.

Now there are a number of conscious brands that curate colors with the Asian variety of skin tones in mind. But it can still be confusing. So, let’s look at the best nail colors for Asian skin tones in this article.  

How to Pick Nail Polish Colors for Tan Asian Skin Tones

Being tanned and gorgeous is an everyday thing for Asians but not all nail colors suit our skin tones. There are varieties of skin tones in the Asian ethnicity. And you have to be aware of whether your skin tone is warmer, cooler, olive, or just neutral, in order to choose the right nail color. 

Best Nail Polish Colors for Warmer Asian Skin Tones

Warmer skin tones are more common in the South Asian territory while in the eastern and northern part, skin tones are usually cooler. Here are some colors that suit warmer Asian skin tones well. 

Colors that have a hint of red in them like orchid orange or coral orange go really well with the sunkissed warm skin tones of Asians. If you want lighter shades you can go for peach or red with golden hues. Of course, classic red works too. 

Shades of nail colors that suit warmer Asian skin tones 

Best Nail Polish Colors for Cool Asian Skin Tones

Classic red works with well both warmer and cooler skin tones. But if you really want to make your nails pop you should try painting your nails with colors that have a hint of blue or green in them like–

Try to use the darker shades during nighttime. Using darker shades of blue and green nail polish during the day can make the contrast seem too drastic and not pleasant for the eye.   

Best Nail Colors for Indian Skin

Indian skin like we said before is not a homogenous entity. The variations of Indian skin tones can be roughly divided into Olive, tan, and Fair. The nail color you choose to wear will only look good if it complements your skin. 

For Olive Skin Tone

Those who have olive skin tone are quite fortunate because most of the nail colors suit them well. But there are some colors like brown or golden that really don’t look good on olive skin. So if you have olive skin tone stay away from anything that has gold glitter.

Here are some colors that look gorgeous on olive skin. 

For Tan Skin Tone

Tan skin tone is the most common Indian skin tone. For those who have tan skin tone, it is all about making the golden glow of your skin more vibrant. Here are some colors that can do that. 

For Fair Skin Tone 

Fairer or cooler Indian skin is not as pale as westerners or North-Asian countries. So choosing suitable nail colors can be a little tricky. Here are some colors that go best with fair Indian skin tone

Best Essie Colors for Asian Skin

Essie is one of those brands whose pastel and light shades are just as good as their vibrant ones. Here are some of the Essie nail polish shades that suit warmer and tan Asian skin tones perfectly.

For cooler shades, we will look into Essie’s gorgeous collection of pastel shades. 

Best Opi Colours for Asian Skin

Let us look at the best suitable colors for Asian skin tones that Opi curates

  • Strawberry Margarita: This is a shade of Fushcia pink suited for tan skin tones. 
  • Can’t Find My Czechbook: This is a shade of blue suitable for cooler skin tones. This collection includes gorgeous shades of blue that will go with cooler Asian skin tones very well, including midnight blue and teal blue. 
  • Dutch Tulips: This is a vibrant pink suited for warmer Asian skin tones.
  • Chicago Champagne Toast: This wine red color suits all Asian skin tones well, especially tan skin tones for its pearl finish. 

Best Red Nail Polish for Asian Skin

Classic red always looks fabulous on Asian skin tones. But if you want to further customize your red according to your skin tone you can follow this guide.

Still Can’t Decide? Go for Neutral Colors

As human beings, we tend to gravitate toward colorful things easily but let’s not forget the neutrals because they are gorgeous. Neutral colors are always an option if you cannot decide upon a darker or more colorful shade. Here are some neutral shades that go with every skin tone. 

  • Mademoiselle by Essie is a gorgeous nude pink shade that goes with all skin tones. 
  • Bubble Bath by OPI is a similar color but a little darker and with a sheer finish. 
  • Kim Nude by Beetle Gel Polish is one of the most perfect neutral shades to ever exist. 
  • Vishine’s #11 Clear Nude looks like your very own nails only glossier and more fabulous. 

Key Takeaways From Best Nail Color for Asian Skin Tones

Having a lot of options and choosing just the right one for your skin is tough. It is tougher when each skin tone in a region is different from the other. Asian skin tones have so many varieties that it becomes important to know your skin before you choose your nail polish. 

This article aims to guide you so that you never get confused about your own skin and always know what looks good on you. 

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