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What Does Blue Nail Polish Mean? Things You Need to Know

Last Updated on October 4, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

Blue color has a cool tone, which suits all hair and skin types. But it goes exceptionally well with pale skin tones, allowing the color to pop. All hues of blue nail polish are linked with varied character traits. 

And you may also have come across men who had their nails painted blue. If you’re wondering what could be the possible reason people wear blue nail polish, you will definitely have answers to all your queries through this article. 

Any possible significance of blue nails and features of the color blue has been mentioned in this blog post. By the end of the article, you’ll What Does Blue Nail Polish Mean.

So, let’s dive right into the details, shall we?

What does It mean If You Wear Blue Nail Polish?

As per the TikTok vocabulary, light blue colored nails imply your committed relationship status. However, on a generalized front, it may have varying connotations.

The blue color represents a person’s intense, quiet, and creative trait. And it may also talk about sophistication, royalty, and class.

If you go with the deeper color options, it also represents gloominess, discipline, and depression.

What Does Light and Dark Blue Nail Polish Mean?

Light Blue nails talk a lot about you as a person. The baby blue shade denotes a person’s peace, tenderness, and patience. It is also often related to intuition, calm, and spirituality.

Besides these behavioral takeaways, wearing light blue nail polish has a specific meaning on TikTok. As per a recent viral trend, light blue nails are used to communicate one’s commitment to one significant other. It signals any other guy to stay away from the female as she already has a boyfriend.

On the contrary, dark blue nails carry high intensity and give a formal accent to your look. It basically denotes intellect, strength, and integrity and adds class to any of your attires. Dark blue nails also resonate with focus, courage, and ambition.

Navy is a deep shade of blue that denotes drama, dignity, power, and boldness. It is suitable for people who love having the spotlight on them. Shades like cobalt or electric blue go well when you wish to make a striking fashion statement.

Deep indigo shade of color blue is often used to reflect on feelings like depression or gloominess.

What Does Blue Nail Polish on One Finger Mean?

Blue nail polish on one nail depicts that one in five children falls victim to sexual abuse and violence. It is a part of spreading awareness about the social cause as per the ‘Polished man’ campaign.

It may not directly impact the cause but helps spread awareness and initiate discussions and debates on the grave concern.

What Does Blue Nail Polish Mean on Guys?

Don’t be surprised if you ever find a guy wearing blue nail polish. The person must be a part of the ‘Polished Man’ movement. And the reason behind the blue nail polish would be to spread awareness among society about how every one child out of five falls victim to child abuse and sexual harassment.

Reasons Why Someone’s Fingernails Are Painted Blue

One major cause for painting nails blue is to spread awareness about child abuse and harassment. It is called ‘The Polished Man’ movement. It urges men to paint one of their nails blues to depict how one out of every five children suffers abuse at home or in their respective institutions.

For the population on TikTok, light blue nail polish is used to communicate that the woman has a significant other, AKA boyfriend, and is not available anymore. It is a signal for guys to stay away from female.

Apart from these two reasons, girls may also color their nails with blue shades because the concerned shade resonates with their mood or character. Different shades of blue are associated with varied feelings so that they may pick accordingly.

And What If A Man Has One Blue Fingernail?

You may have encountered one or more men with one of their nails painted blue nail color. It may have been a rare sighting, but have you ever wondered what that means?

It is a campaign called ‘The Polished Man,’ which focuses on spreading awareness around the number of children who fall victim to sexual abuse.

It was founded by Elliot Costello, a young man traveling to Cambodia after he met an amazing little girl named Thea. Thea, unfortunately, had such a terrible abusive story.

What is Blue Nail Polish Tiktok Trend?

Female TikTok users noticed that their boyfriends always chose to paint their nails light blue whenever they asked for a suggestion. After realizing a common choice among multiple couples, female TikTok users initiated this trend.

Even though the color suits better in the summer season, the trend goes well year round. 

All committed females would paint their nails blue to communicate their relationship status without the need to talk about it.

The motive is to show that they have a boyfriend now. And indirectly signal other guys to stay away from her as she already has a better half.

However, it is just a code language among the TikTok populations, not in real life. So, be careful while you judge, or you may miss out on many pretty and intelligent females.

Final Remarks

Blue color can be associated with various characteristics, moods, and feelings. These associations may differ based on varying situations, the shade of blue you’re wearing, and the perspective of the onlookers.

While the color denotes calmness, power, integrity, loyalty, and a creative mind, on a positive note, it also resonates with dullness, anxiety, and depression on the other.

On TikTok, the shade implies if a female has a boyfriend. But, outside the TikTok world, it may have a wide variety of connotations linked to it, whether negative or positive. This blog post will teach you about the various implications of the blue color.

So, if you and your friends love to wear blue, this blog may interest you, and you may want to explore more about it. You’ll find a deeper meaning and purpose in coloring your nails blue. 

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