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Can You Play Sports With Acrylic Nails?

Playing sports at a professional level need to follow some preparedness. Even if you are playing for fun, you need to be cautious of certain things which will save you from getting unecessarily injured.

If you are into regular sports but love to wear acrylic nails, then the question can you play sports with acrylic nails?” might be bothering you a lot.

We can understand your situation. Here in this article, we have discussed everything related to ‘playing sports in acrylic nails,’ So continue reading further to know everything in detail.

Can You Play Sports With Acrylic Nails?

The answer is yes; if you take care of certain things, you can easily play sports with acrylic. What are those things that you need to stay cautious about? Well, that is mainly the length of your fake nails.

Long acrylic nails may create a lot of problems while playing. Like they can easily chip or break or pull out, causing injuries. 

In some sports, the referee might ask you not to have them while playing for your safety and safety and the safety of the players playing with you. 

But you can mostly wear them playing any sport if you keep the length short.

Can You Play Softball With Acrylic Nails?

Yes, you can play softball with acrylic nails if you are cautious about some specific adjustments that have to be made.

You will have to make certain adjustments as softball is a very active game involving many hand movements.

Things to make sure in terms of your fake nails while playing softball include:

  • Ensure your nail technician and the nail salon you choose to use good quality acrylic nails and acrylic nail products.
  • Ask your nail technician specifically to keep the length of your fake nails short.
  • Take care of your acrylic nails if you want to increase their life span, want to keep infections at bay, and want them to look beautiful for a long time. Keep them always moisturized by regularly using cuticle oil and moisturizer.
  • Keep going for timely fill-ins. Regular refills and very important to keep acrylic nails strong. If you do not go for regular refills, then there are high chances they might break or come out while playing softball.

Can You Wear Acrylic Nails While Playing Volleyball?

Volleyball is another game in which you should look presentable and be a good player. It is another game that involves a lot of hand movement, and they are always on display, so what you wear on your hands is extremely important. 

The player has to ensure whatever they are wearing should look not only pretty but also not cause any interference with their game. Hence wearing acrylic nails which are long is a big no while playing Volleyball. 

Long acrylic nails have high chances of breaking off along with your real nails while playing the games in case they get hit by the ball etc. That would be really problematic and painful, and nobody wants to experience that unbearable pain, isn’t it?

So always go for short-length acrylic nails instead of the longer ones, and you can play the game tension-free with pretty hands.

Can You Play Basketball With Acrylic Nails?

Well, you will be glad to know that you can play basketball with long and short acrylic nails. The only thing to ensure is to go for the special kind of acrylic nails specifically designed for basketball players. Then you just require to take some practice on them, and you will be sorted.

As long as you pick the right acrylic nail set and get some practice on them, you will have just the same effect.

Can You Play Tennis With Acrylic Nails?

Well, unfortunately, no. If you have long artificial nails or long claws like the acrylic nails that are not your own, then they will not let your play to your full potential. If you are a casual or a novice player, there is surely no point in wearing acrylic nails while playing tennis.

Acrylic nails are made available only to professional tennis players. To have more control, the nails of tennis players should be quite thin. Thin nails help them to push their fingers under their racket strings providing better control.

But exceptions to the rule are always there; those who love some aspects of having false nails can try them before while practicing and see how they work from them.

Some tennis players experience greater playfulness with the ball when they put on false nails. Players can incorporate new strategies while playing if they figure out more ways to handle the ball.

But if you want motivation, Serena Williams is a nail art superstar who happens to play tennis with acrylic nails.

Serena Williams at the 2014 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 13, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia

Are Fake Nails Allowed in Soccer?

Well, the good news is there is no such game rule of soccer that says players cannot wear acrylic nails while playing soccer. If they like it, then they can surely go for it.

But no player can avoid what the referee says. What they say is the most important when it comes to playing any game. So if your referee says no to long and very sharp acrylic nails, then players might have to trim them or completely get rid of them as they can be dangerous.

So you can play soccer with acrylic nails if your referee permits or might have to compromise with its length.

Why Would Soccer Players Wear Nails?

Soccer players would want to wear fake nails for the same reason you would want them to wear them. Soccer players are also human and would love to have pretty-looking hands. 

Soccer players want to have artificial nail extensions just like they love to have any other jewelry, hair color, or makeup. They would also like to express themselves with pretty-looking hands.

In fact, many soccer players have been sported wearing gel nails just like any other sports player.

Can Goalkeepers Wear Long Nails?

Again, no such rule restricts goalkeepers from wearing long artificial nails. But it wouldn’t be a good choice to do so as a goalkeeper.

The reason is pretty apparent that goalkeepers are exposed to handling the ball more than the other players. Goalkeepers can have very high chances of getting a severe injury, and the nails may also not fit appropriately in their gloves. 

When a goalkeeper is attempting a save, then at that point, there are very high chances of the nail getting broken or bent. All the experienced goalkeepers and players advise the players to have short nails. It is fine till the players paint their nails or use gel nails.

Risks of Wearing Acrylic (or long) Nails in Soccer

Until your acrylic nails are not harmful to the other players, you can wear them in the game of soccer. But as discussed earlier, wearing them is not a good idea. Here are the risks involved:

  • The referee may not allow them to wear them if they are sharp and long in length.
  • There is a risk of scratching the other players and, of course, yourself as well.
  • There are high chances of your natural nail getting damaged if the ball hits your acrylic nails.
  • The players cannot play to their best potential because they will constantly have this fear that they might end up damaging their natural nails.
  • Players with longer nails have difficulty wearing their shoes and holding other game pieces of equipment.

How to Wear Acrylic Nails in Soccer? 

Even after knowing all the risks involved, some players still want to go for acrylic nails. If, as a soccer player, you are going for them, then be careful about the following-

Consider Gel/Dip: 

Gel nails, nail polish, or dips are a safer substitute for acrylic nails for contact sports like soccer. They also come in many designs, give prettier-looking nails, and last longer for up to two to three weeks.

Keep Nails Reasonably Short:

Even if you are going for acrylic nails, then consider wearing them short. Short nails are safe as they have fewer chances to break, get stuck on things, and hurt other players and players wearing them.

Plan Acrylics for the Offseason:

If you want to enjoy acrylic nails completely because you love them, then it is best to wear them when you are not playing soccer. Plan to get them done during the off-season when you do not have any matches lined up or during your holidays.

Rounded Nail Shapes:

Sharp nail shape might be a big no from your referee’s point of view, as sharp nails are dangerous. But if you opt for round shapes instead of pointed ones, then your referee might miss noticing them.

Wear Gloves:

In order to protect other players from your nails, it is best to wear gloves. Your referee might also allow them this way, and there will be fewer chances of them getting scratched.

What are Sports Length Nails?

Nails that are oval or pointed lack structure and have high chances of injury. So keep your nails length short and straight on top. Request your nail technician to the nail salon you go to give you sports-length nails.

It is best to opt for nail polish or gel nails over acrylic nails as they are more durable and flexible while playing sports and come in many designs to give you a beautiful-looking nail look the way you desire.


So now it would be clear to you how you can go for acrylics if you are into sports. Just take care of certain things as discussed in this article, and you will be sorted while wearing artificial nails or wearing fake nails.

Sports players can also enjoy pretty-looking nails if they are taking care of the factors discussed here. 

So what are you waiting for? Go get them done today from your nearest nail salon and flaunt pretty-looking nails and the best game. All the best!

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