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How to Measure Press on Nails?

Last Updated on August 26, 2022 by SulaBeauty Staff

The last thing you’d want while purchasing Press-on nails is to buy misfit nails. The Press-on nails are now available in different sizes to provide a comfortable experience with the product.

Different Press-on brands use varying measurement techniques. But they do provide the measurement guides on the websites and along with the products package as well. It makes the purchase more convenient, the application process hassle-free, and reduces the chance for returns.

But the questions here arise, how do we measure Press-on nails? And how do we measure our nail size? And what should be the appropriate nail size that is a perfect fit for you? 

Through this blog post, we’ll answer all these questions so that the next time you buy yourself some Press-ons, you get the apt size.

So, let’s dive into the details.

How to Measure Press on Nails?

Press-on nails are mainly available in standard sizes such as extra small, small, medium, and large. To find a perfect fit for your nails, you may want to use a measurement tape to ascertain the accurate size of the Press-on nails manually. 

Otherwise, you may also use nail measurement tools available in the market. They help in determining the sizes pretty quickly. 

Press on Nail Size Chart Template

The size charts may slightly differ among varying brands. Hence, you may want to use the chart for the same brand as the press-ons you’re planning to order. However, for reference, we have given below a sizing chart template.

Thumb / Index / Middle / Ring / Pinky

Size XS: 3-6-5-7-9 / 15mm / 12mm / 13mm / 11mm / 9mm

Size S : 2-5-4-6-9 / 16mm / 13mm / 14mm / 12mm / 9mm

Size M : 1-5-4-6-8 / 17mm / 13mm / 14mm / 12mm / 10mm

Size L : 0-4-3-5-7 / 19mm / 14mm / 15mm / 13mm / 11mm

How to Measure Your Nail Size for Press on Nails?

Before you learn how to put on press-on nails, measuring your nails’ sizes can be done relatively quickly at the convenience of your home. It is just a 5-step method, and the steps are further explained below: 

  1. Place a strip of transparent tape over the broadest part of your nail plate.
  2. Using a marker, mark your nail’s beginning and end point to get the maximum width required to cover your natural nail.
  3. Remove the tape strip, and place it over a ruler. Now, measure the exact size in millimeters (MM) with the help of the ruler. And note the measurements in a notepad.
  4. Now, repeat the same steps for all your nails. It is suggested that you measure the fingernails of both hands separately as the nail sizes vary most of the time.
  5. Once completed with all the nails, compare the sizes you’ve noted with the brand’s sizing guide or size chart.

How Should Press-on Nails Fit?

As per the professionals, the edges of your Press-on nails must fit and cover the edges of your natural nails. The size should neither be too small nor too huge to fit the nails. 

If you opt for a size down, the Press-on won’t stay for long as it would pop off as soon as it gets stuck in your clothes or some external factor. 

If you go for a size up, it could be painful and irritable for your cuticle skin. Also, the glue would reach the skin area, which may lead to itching, irritability, and pain.

Hence, if the Press-on turns out to be too big for your nail bed size, you may file it using a nail file to suit the size of your natural nail and avoid such issues simultaneously.

Nail Measurement Tool

A nail measurement tool called Nail Gauge is available in the market. It helps you measure the size of your nails and the shape and size of the nail arch. It is pretty tiny in size, hence comes in handy. 

It is primarily used in salons by professional nail technicians or artists for quickly measuring the nail size of their clients. And it is mainly used for preparing customized Press-on nails to suit the client’s needs.

How Do I Know What Size Press on Nails I Need?

To determine the size of Press-ons you need, you must first take complete measurements of your natural nails. Once you have the measurements for both hands, you should review the nail sizing chart of the same brand. 

You may place the order accordingly for whichever category the measurements fall into, whether XS, S, M, or L. Any slightly big nail can be filed later to help you with a comfortable and more natural-looking fit. 


Before placing any order for Press-on nails, it is a pre-requisite that you must be aware of your nail size requirement.

It is crucial to be done beforehand, as it helps prevent pain, infections, and damage to your skin surrounding the cuticles. Also, a well-fitted nail would last longer than the misfits.

So, if you’re planning to buy a set of Press-ons, follow the instructions and good-to-know information in the blog post. And you’ll surely love the experience with well-fit falsies. 

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